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Test your knowledge about the comedy-drama following Joy Mangano, inventor of the Miracle Mop, who overcomes many of life's obstacles to make millions overnight.

Who directed this film?

David O. Russell also directed and produced the "Silver Linings Playbook" and "American Hustle." Both were nominated for Academy Awards.


Who plays Joy Mangano?

Jennifer Lawrence has been deemed "the most talented young actress in America" by "Rolling Stone" in 2012. "Time" magazine also called her "one of the 100 most influential people in the world" in 2013!


We first see Joy wearing:

Before becoming a successful entrepreneur, Joy is unsatisfied by her career as a booking clerk for Eastern Airlines. She has bigger dreams!


How many kids does Joy have?

Joy is a divorced mother with two young children. At the beginning of the film, she is struggling to make ends meet for her family, but she shows us that hard work and determination pay off!


Who plays young Joy?

Young Joy enjoys inventing things, such as the origami house she is building at the beginning of the film. Isabella Crovetti-Cramp was in the TV show, "The Neighbors," which ran from 2012 to 2014.


What was Joy's first invention?

When she was a teenager, Joy invented a fluorescent collar for dogs and cats, to make them more easily seen at night. Joy neglected to patent this idea but vowed to patent her next one, after a similar product was brought to the market by a different inventor.


What year did the film come out?

This American biographical comedy-drama came to theaters December 25, 2015. It was distributed by 20th Century Fox.


This film can be described best as:

Critics had mixed reviews about the film when it was first released, calling it poorly scripted, especially in the first half. Many viewers would disagree with this claim, however!


Who played the character Neil Walker?

"Joy" was the fourth film collaboration for Bradley Cooper and Jennifer Lawrence. They were both in "Silver Linings Playbook," for one.


What color is Joy's hair?

Jennifer Lawrence was blonde in this film. She received news that she landed the part of Joy in a 4 a.m. phone call from the director.


Who does Joy live with?

Joy works very hard to support her dysfunctional household. Despite living with her mother and grandmother, Joy is truly the house "mom."


What is Joy's sister's name?

Joy and her sister Peggy do not get along so well. In fact, Peggy tries to sue Joy - not a very sisterly act!


A great deal of conflict in the film is spurred by:

This is one of the many real-life issues the film touches on. Divorced parents are often the cause for argument in families and Joy's parents are a great example of such hostility.


What does Terry constantly watch on TV?

Joys mother watches soap operas as a mechanism to escape reality. This leaves Joy to run the household, as her mother is too distracted and depressed.


Joy can be best described as a:

Joy is a divorced Long Island mother who breaks barriers and follows her dreams. After all, this real-life entrepreneur inspired a movie!


How does Joy meet her first husband, Tony?

Joy's ex-husband, Tony, is played by Edgar Ramirez.


Who is Joy's biggest inspiration?

If it weren't for these two women, Joy may not have pursued her dreams and invented the Miracle Mop. It takes a village - or at least a pair of supporters.


What was the highest level of education Joy received?

Joy gave up on college and worked as an airline reservations specialist, a rather unsatisfying career. Eventually, her career as an inventor and entrepreneur began to escalate.


What sparked Joy's invention of the Miracle Mop?

While mopping up red wine that had spilled, Joy cut her hand on the broken glass when wringing out the mop. This sparked her idea fora detachable, self-wringing mop.


Where does Joy create the Miracle Mop prototype?

Joy tries several materials and ideas before she settles on the thick, liquid-absorbing rope fashioned with a detachable head. She has true determination, coupled with creativity.


How does Joy advertise her mop?

Joseph Segel founded QVC in 1986 in Pennsylvania. It specializes in televised home shopping.


How many times has Joy's father been divorced?

After his third divorce, he starts dating a woman named Trudy, a rich Italian with experience in the business world.


When she first sells her Miracle Mop on TV, Joy must overcome:

When the camera starts rolling, Joy suddenly gets the deer-in-the-headlights look and can't seem to get her message across. Just when she thought the hard part was over!


What was the audience response to the first Miracle Mop infomercial on QVC?

Sometimes a second chance is all we need to redeem ourselves. Luckily for Joy, her persistence payed off and her mop became a huge hit.


Who called in during Joy's first live infomercial?

Jackie called in pretending to be an interested customer, which sparked interest and excitement in the audience. This kind and well-played gesture may have saved Joy's career!


Joy sold her company to:

The real Joy Mangano remains on the Home Shopping Network to this day, with her company, Ingenious Designs.


Who plays the executive at QVC that Joy has a working relationship with?

Bradley Cooper is the sexiest man alive. (At least, according to a 2011 issue of "People" magazine!)


Where does the film take place?

The movie was actually filmed in Wilmington, MA, despite its New York setting.


Who unsuccessfully sued Joy for ownership of the company?

Joy is forced to file for bankruptcy after a chain of unfortunate events unfolds. This includes fraudulent patenting of her original design.


How many mops does Neil tell Joy to manufacture?

Joy's mop becomes an overnight success after going on QVC and she becomes a self-made millionaire. Those 50,000 mops were valuable.


Who dies at the end of the film?

Mimi's death was sudden and tragic. Movies and real life force us to cope with both the highs and the lows.


When was the Miracle Mop invented?

Jennifer Lawrence was born the same year the Miracle Mop was invented! A child prodigy! Or not.


Touissant is a:

Touissant is played by Jimmy Jean-Louis. He is the plumber that comes to Joy's house to fix water damage caused by a clogged sink. Terri later falls for him, despite her uneasy feelings when they first met.


Who says, "You know what you are, Carrie? You’re like a gas leak. We don’t see you, we don’t smell you, but you’re silently killing us all"?

The poor relationship between Joy's parents, Rudy and Carrie, has caused Joy great anxiety her entire life. The hostility was even a factor in her not completing college.


Who said, "So I want to tell you, don’t ever think that the world owes you anything, because it doesn’t. The world doesn’t owe you a thing"?

Joy has strong ambitions and doesn't let her dysfunctional family get in the way of her dreams. She goes to great lengths, including putting herself in massive debt, in order to pursue success. She believes in taking ownership of her own life.


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