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Are you fierce and fabulous? The four leading ladies of "The Cheetah Girls" surely were! How much do you remember from the first movie? Find out with this quiz!

What is the first song that plays in the film?

At the opening of "The Cheetah Girls," we see them performing "Together We Can" at a birthday party for Chanel's brother.


While the girls are performing at the birthday party, who gets their heel stuck?

In the opening scene, while the girls are performing, Aqua gets her heel stuck in the ground. When Chanel goes to help her, she falls and Dorinda falls after doing an aerial.


What are the girls auditioning for at the school?

After their mess up at the birthday party, the girls are hesitant about auditioning for the talent show. Galleria convinces them that they're ready to try out.


Aqua is taking trig classes at a university. Which one is it?

Aqua explains her frustrations about having to take the subway to her trig classes at NYU. She then needs her friends' help to hail a cab.


What's the name of the music producer the girls are hoping to work with?

After their performance at the birthday party, the girls mention a few producers they'd like to work with. On their way home, they pass a poster of Jackal Johnson and a girl he made famous with her singing career.


What's the name of Galleria's dog?

Galleria has a white Bichon Frise that she named Toto. He joins the girls on stage for their talent show audition.


What's the name of client who Galleria forgot to tell her mother needed to be rescheduled?

After the performance at the birthday party, Galleria is late coming home and forgets to pass an important message off to her mother from Constellation Jones.


What's the name of the school that the girls attend?

The Cheetah Girls attend Manhattan Magnet High School where Jackal Johnson, their hopeful music producer, also attended.


What's the name of Chanel's mom's boyfriend?

Chanel doesn't approve of her mother's rich boyfriend, Luc, mostly because he takes her mother's attention. Luc even asks her mother to move to Paris.


What's Galleria's nickname?

Chanel's nickname for Galleria is Bubbles. Galleria's nickname for Chanel is "Pucci."


What song do the girls perform at the talent show audition?

The Cheetah Girls perform "Cinderella" at the talent show auditions, and when Jackal Johnson notices them, Galleria is quick to announce herself as the founder of the group.


What does Aqua carry around in her bag?

When Galleria tells the Cheetah Girls that they have to clean up their act, she also tells Aquanetta that she needs to get rid of her hot sauce.


What is the name of the record company that Jackal Johnson owns?

When the girls go into their meeting with Jackal Johnson, we see "Def Duck" records hanging outside the building.


What state is Aqua from?

Throughout the film, Aquanetta constantly refers to her southern roots. When she starts bonding with Jackal Johnson, he mentions that his father is from Dallas and she mentions that she too is from Texas.


Who rips outfit designs from Galleria and throws it in her face?

When Galleria has a problem with the way Dorinda dresses, she gives her a few ideas. She tells her that she can't look 'torn up and chanky' the next time they meet Jackal.


What's the name of the dancing company Dorinda might go on tour with?

After Dorinda impresses a dancer at an audition, he asks her to join their dancing crew on tour for 10 weeks.


Who is the first person to find out that Dorinda is a foster kid?

After Chanel goes on a shopping spree, she decides to visit Dorinda at home. She soon finds out that Dorinda's been lying about where she lives and finds out that Dorinda is a foster child.


Finish the lyrics: Shoot the moon / Stop the rain / Even ride a hurricane / If we wanna / Together we can?"

"Together We Can" is a song performed on the soundtrack by The Cheetah Girls. The song is performed in the opening scene of the film.


What's the new name that Jackal Johnson gives the Cheetah Girls?

When the girls show up to their meeting with Jackal Johnson, they show up with the concept of having the girls wear animal masks.


Which "Cheetah Girl" gets the panda Global Get Down mask?

When Jackal Johnson brings out the masks for the Cheetah Girls to wear, he gives the panda to "sweet Dorinda."


Which Cheetah Girl gets the snow leopard mask?

Jackal Johnson's workers hand the cheetah mask to Galleria before giving the panda to Dorinda. They then give Chanel the snow leopard mask.


What song do the girls perform for Jackal Johnson at their meeting?

After Jackal Johnson tries to convince the girls that Global Get Down is the move, they decide that they need to prove to him the power of the Cheetah Girls with their song "Girl Power."


Finish the lyrics: "I've made mistakes before / but I know I'm not perfect / It's okay 'cause who could ever be?"

"Girl Power" was another song on The Gheetah Girls soundtrack. The song was performed for Jackal Johnson in the film.


Who is the first person to leave the Cheetah Girls?

After Jackal Johnson tells the Cheetah Girls that he wants them to change their name, wear masks, and lip-sync, Galleria decides that they need to drop their deal with him and she walks away from the group.


Who interrupts Galleria while she's playing "Cheetah Sisters" on the piano?

When Galleria goes to the school auditorium to play her song "Cheetah Sisters," Derek walks in. He convinces her that even though the Cheetah Girls are broken up, she can still make it on her own.


What shape earrings does Galleria wear throughout the film?

Throughout the film, Galleria can be seen wearing silver star earrings. Clearly, someone knew they were meant to be a star.


Where is Galleria going when she loses control of Toto?

As Galleria and her mother walk down the street, her mother suggests going home to watch "The Wizard of Oz." Galleria turns this down because she plans to go to the talent show to support Drinka.


Which of these words finishes Drinka's stage name?

Earlier in the film, after the girls audition for the talent show, Drinka reminisces when her name was "Drinka Champagne." She starts singing a song with the lyrics "Champagne bubbles of love. You're the one I've been dreaming of."


Finish the lyrics: "It always was about a princess in distress / And how a guy would save her."

The Cheetah Girls performed "Cinderella" for their talent show audition. The song can also be found on "The Cheetah Girls" soundtrack.


What was the name of Derek and Mackerel's group?

Friends Derek and Mackerel have a group together and perform at the talent show before the city lights go out. Together they are "Sonic Chaos."


Who comes running from a hair appointment to help with Toto at the end of the film?

When Toto falls into the hole, the Cheetah Girls see it on TV. While Dorinda runs to the scene and Aqua takes the subway to get there, we see Chanel and her mother coming from the hair salon.


Which of the Cheetah Girls was wearing a blue jumpsuit at the end of the film?

"Ironically" enough, the Cheetah Girls all happen to be wearing the same jumpsuit set on the day of the Manhattan Magnet talent show (even though they weren't performing). When they all get to the scene, Aqua is appropriately wearing a blue jumpsuit.


What song do The Cheetah Girls sing to get Toto out of the hole?

While the firefighters attempt to get Toto out of the hole, they ask the girls to get his attention. They decide to sing "Together We Can" to get Toto to react.


What song to do the girls perform at the end of the film after Toto's rescue?

After the rest of the girls walk away from Galleria after Toto's rescue, she gets help from Derek to perform "Cheetah Sisters" to make her friends return and forgive her.


Who wins the talent show?

After The Cheetah Girls perform for the whole city after saving Toto, Drinka awards them as the winners of the talent show.


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