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Are you cheetah-licious?! After the success of the first Disney Channel original movie, "The Cheetah Girls" came out with a sequel about the four best friends. Let's see how well you remember the movie!

What is the theme for the graduation dance at the intro of the film?

At the beginning of the film, we see a "Congrats Grad" banner hanging up with "Welcome to the Jungle" next to it.


What song do the girls perform at the beginning of the film?

At the beginning of the film, the girls are seen performing at a party for the graduates. They perform their song, "The Party's Just Begun."


What's written on the cheetah banner while the girls perform "The Party's Just Begun?"

While the Cheetah Girls are performing at the dance, inside the gymnasium hangs a cheetah print banner with the words "Growl Power" written on it.


"The Cheetah Girls 2" begins at the end of what school year?

After the Cheetah Girls get off the stage, they are heard saying that junior year is finally over. The girls continue talking about SATs and applying to NYU.


Where is Galleria's family supposed to be going for summer break?

When Galleria speaks to Chanel about summer practices, her mom nips her plans in the bud when she reveals that they have plans to spend a few weeks in Martha's Vineyard.


Where is Chanel's family supposed to be vacationing over the summer?

After Mrs. Garibaldi tells Galleria that they're going to Martha's Vineyard, she lets it slip that Chanel is supposed to be traveling to Barcelona with her mother.


What artist made Aquanetta love Spain and its culture?

While the girls are talking about going to Spain, Aqua mentions that she has loved Spain and its culture since attending an Enrique Iglesias concert.


What song do the Cheetah Girls sing on the phone to get into the Barcelona Summer Music Festival?

When the girls miss the original deadline for the music festival, they audition over the phone.


Where has Galleria's dad gone on business?

When Dorothea questions the girls' ability to fly to Spain, Galleria mentions that she spoke to her father and he agreed to give her his airline miles. Her mother then reveals that she called her father in Hong Kong.


What's the name of the cathedral that Aqua wants to visit?

In the film, Aqua mentions she wants to go to La Sagrada Familia, a cathedral that was designed in 1882 but has yet to be completed.


Finish the lyrics: "Party 'cause you know the future's all yours / Dance till your feet don't touch the floor / Celebrate the day you've waited for."

"The Party's Just Begun" was one of the singles released on the "Cheetah Girls 2" soundtrack, and was the first song performed in the film.


What's the second song the girls perform in the film?

After a day of shopping, the girls settle at a restaurant when a guitarist comes in. They then frolic around Barcelona performing "Strut."


What's the name of the Spanish guitarist who accompanies the girls during "Strut?"

After the girls perform "Strut," accompanied by an unnamed guitarist, Galleria asks for his name. He tells her it's Angel.


What song do the girls perform when they meet with the festival director?

When the girls meet with the festival director, he prompts them to perform immediately. They choose their go to "Cheetah Sisters," and are allowed into the festival.


What's is Luc's summer intern's name?

When Luc asks his "associate" to help the girls around town, he gets his godson, Joaquin, who also happens to be a dancer.


What's the name of the restaurant where the girls are going to check out their competition?

When Joaquin meets the girls for the first time, he invites them to The Dancing Cat to check out their competition for the festival.


To what song does Dorinda dance with Joaquin?

"Dance With Me" is a song recorded by Drew Seeley and Belinda. It appears in the film and on the "Cheetah Girls 2" soundtrack. The song is played during Dorinda and Joaquin's dance.


What's the name of the Spanish contestant that performs "Why Wait" at the Dancing Cat?

Joaquin explains to the girls that Marisol is Barcelona's best chance at winning the festival. The character is played by Belinda, who sings other songs on the soundtrack as well.


Who begins singing "A La Nanita Nana?"

When Angel gets on stage and starts playing a lullaby, Chanel begins singing the words. Belinda and the rest of the Cheetahs soon join her.


With which Cheetah Girl does Lola Duran want Marisol to team up?

After Chanel and Marisol perform "A La Nanita Nana," Lola Duran wants Marisol to get close to Chanel so they can team up and take over the music industry.


What dance is Joaquin teaching Dorinda?

When the girls attend the day party with Joaquin and Belinda, Dorinda reveals that she's teaching Joaquin hip hop, and he's teaching her the tango.


What school is Joaquin expected to attend?

Joaquin is expected to attend Oxford, but he tells Dorinda that dancing is his real dream.


Which Cheetah Girl designs the outfits for the festival?

When Aqua goes off with Dorothea to visit with her designer friends, she designs the Cheetah Girls' outfits for the festival.


Which song begins with the lyrics: "Four voices perfectly blending / Right from the start / Oh, I'm afraid that's ending / And my world is fallin' apart."

When the girls got distracted, Galleria decided it was time to leave Spain instead of staying for the competition and possibly embarrassing themselves.


What song do the Cheetah Girls sing at the train station?

When the girls realize Galleria is serious about leaving Spain, they head to the train station in their pajamas and sing their newest song, which was written by Galleria.


Finish the lyrics: "Step Up / It's now or never / All the Cheetah Girls / Say it loud / Right here together."

"Step Up" is the song the girls perform when they finally get to rehearse before the competition.


In what city is the competition where Joaquin asks Dorinda to join him?

After Dorinda and Joaquin make up, he asks her if she could be his partner for a dance competition in which he is participating in New York in the fall.


What song do the girls perform at the Dancing Cat?

After the girls begin rehearsing, the scene changes and they are transformed to performing on stage at the Dancing Cat.


Who sabotages the girls from performing in the festival?

After the Cheetah Girls perform at The Dancing Cat, and are paid for their services, it disqualifies them from performing in the festival.


Who intervenes so that the Cheetah Girls can still perform in the festival?

After The Cheetah Girls return the money to The Dancing Cat, Angel intervenes and gets them back into the competition. He just so happens to be the festival director's nephew.


When Marisol is seen skipping her peformance, what is she eating?

After it's discovered that her mother is trying to sabotage the Cheetah Girls, Marisol drops out of the competition and decides to eat a few churros.


Whose face is displayed on the music festival's banners?

When The Cheetah Girls go to perform at the festival, the camera pans over the banners and Angel's face is featured on one of them.


Who ends up playing the trumpet during the Cheetah Girls' performance at the festival?

During the performance, the Cheetah Girls invite Marisol and Joaquin on stage to help their performance. The festival director is seen joining them on stage to play the trumpet.


Finish the lyrics: "Amigas cheetahs / Friends for life / The rhythm and each other."

"Amigas Cheetahs" is the last song in the film that the girls perform at the music festival. Marisol, played by singer Belinda, is also featured on the track.


Who wins the music festival?

The film ends with the girls dancing off the stage after their performance. The music festival's winner is never revealed!


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