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Tweety Bird! Pepe Le Phew! How can we ever forget these hilarious characters? But the best character of all, of course, is the confounding Bugs Bunny. A meek, cuddly rabbit who just wants to eat carrots. His escapades with a hunter and Yosemite Sam are legendary. Ah, but there were so many other cartoon stories to tell in T"he Bugs Bunny Show." Such as a coyote who chased a roadrunner with a knack for never getting caught. A skunk who was passionately in love with a cat, and so much more. Now's the time to test your trivia knowledge by taking this quiz. Just click below. 

Bugs Bunny, along with his fellow Warner Brothers cartoon stars, ruled the airwaves for kids from 1961 to 1963. There were 53 episodes and millions of laughs from children the world over. Mel Blanc, the "Man of 1000 Voices," voiced almost every male character on the show. Bugs Bunny was created by Leon Schlesinger Production in 1940. The show's fame grew over the decades culminating with a star on the Hollywood Walk of Fame. Now that you know the history, are you ready to take the quiz? As Speedy Gonzales would say "Arriba, arriba, andale, andale!" Hurry, complete the quiz now. 

Who does Sylvester often try to eat?

Sylvester always tries to eat Tweety. Tweety usually outsmarts him!


What is the name of the yellow bird?

The yellow bird is named Tweety Bird. He lives with Granny and Sylvester, who always tries to eat him.


What is Pepe Le Pew known for?

Pepe Le Pew is always looking for love. He often chases a cat that he thinks is a skunk.


What character does Wile E. Coyote often chase?

Wile E. Coyote chases the Road Runner. Wile E. Coyote is fast, but the Road Runner is faster!


What is Bugs Bunny's catchphrase?

Bugs Bunny's catchphrase is "Eh... what's up, Doc?"


What is Elmer Fudd's favorite pastime?

Elmer Fudd's favorite pastime is hunting. He loves to hunt Bugs Bunny and Daffy Duck.


What character can turn into a tornado?

The Tasmanian Devil can turn into a tornado.


What character is Granny's pet cat?

Sylvester is Granny's pet cat.


What is Marvin the Martian's catchphrase?

Marvin the Martian's catchphrase is " You're making me very angry."


What character has a stutter?

Porky Pig has a stutter, that adds to the personality of his character.


What animal tries to eat Foghorn Leghorn?

Henery Hawk attempting to catch and eat Foghorn is a recurring theme throughout the cartoon.


What does Tweety Bird say when he thinks he seen Sylvester?

Tweety Bird says "I twat I taw a puddy tat" when he thinks he seen Sylvester. When he realizes he did, he says "I did, I did taw a puddy tat."


What is Sylvester's catchphrase?

Sylvester's catchphrase is "Sufferin' succotash!"


What sound does the Road Runner make?

The Road Runner makes the sound "Meep Meep!" when he runs.


What does Yosemite Sam carry with him?

Yosemite Sam carries two revolvers with him. He often shoots at Bugs Bunny.


Why can't Pepe Le Pew find love?

Pepe Le Pew has trouble to find love because of his odor. His love interests always want to escape him because of this.


What does Wile E. Coyote call himself?

Wile E. Coyote calls himself a super genius.


What animal is Daffy?

Daffy is a crazy duck that fights a lot with Bugs Bunny.


What vegetable does Bugs Bunny eat?

Bugs Bunny eats carrots. He often eats them while he says his famous catchphrase.


What does Marvin the Martian want to do to the Earth?

Marvin the Martian wants to destroy Earth because it blocks his view of Venus.


What is Elmer Fudd's catchphrase?

Elmer Fudd's catchphrase is "Be vewy, vewy, quiet."


What is the name of the giant, hairy, orange monster?

The monsters name is Gossamer. The word Gossamer means something light or thin, which does not describe the monster himself!


Who did many of the voices for the characters in the show?

Mel Blanc did many of the voices for the characters.


What does Tweety mention that he doesn't know in the song he often sings?

Tweety sings that he doesn't know his age.


What is Foghorn Leghorn's catchphrase?

Foghorn Leghorn's catchphrase is "Ah, shut up!" He often hits the person he says this to.


Which character has a star on the Walk of Fame?

Bugs Bunny has a star on the Walk of Fame!


Speedy Gonzales is known as "The _______ mouse in all of Mexico".

Speedy Gonzales is the fastest mouse in all of Mexico.


What is Daffy Duck's catchphrase?

Daffy's catchphrase is "You're despicable."


What color is Yosemite Sam's beard?

Yosemite Sam's beard is red.


What type of accent does Pepe Le Pew have?

Pepe Le Pew has a French accent.


Where does the Tasmanian Devil come from?

The Tasmanian Devil comes from Tasmania.


Who is Foghorn Leghorn's rival?

Foghorn Leghorn's rival is the Barnyard Dawg.


What is the name of the large rooster?

Foghorn Leghorn is the name of the large rooster. He's named because of his loud and obnoxious nature.


What is Speedy Gonzales' catchphrase?

Speedy Gonzales' catchphrase was "Arriba, arriba, andale, andale!"


What company do the explosives in the show come from?

ACME Corporation is the name of the company that many of the backfiring explosives come from.


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