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If you grew up in the 90s, there's no chance that you haven't heard of the Backstreet Boys. If you were screaming to their music videos or heading to your nearest fast food spot for a copy of "For the Fans," you might just be 'The Perfect Fan." Let's find out!

As of 2016, how many official studio albums have the Backstreet Boys released?

As of 2016, the Backstreet Boys have released 8 studio albums in 20 years.


What was the name of the Backstreet Boys first album?

The Backstreet Boys released their first album internationally in 1996 which was named "Backstreet Boys."


Who's the youngest member of the group?

Nick Carter is the youngest member of the group. He was 13 years old when the group formed.


What state did the group form in?

Backstreet Boys was formed in Florida. Howie, AJ, and Nick were both living in Florida at the time when Kevin moved to Orlando and Brian flew to Florida to join the group.


What was the name of the groups' first single?

The first single the Backstreet Boys ever released was "We've Got It Goin' On" on September 5, 1995.


Which country was the first BSB album not released in?

The first album that the Backstreet Boys released was an international version and was not released in the United States. Later in 1997, the singles from the 1996 album were released on the US version of the album "Backstreet Boys."


Which two members of the group are related?

BSB members Kevin Richardson and Brian Littrell are cousins.


Which BSB member starts the song "Quiz Playin' Games (with My Heart)?"

Although Brian can be heard starting the ad-libs on the track, he also sings the first verse.


Where does the "Quit Playin' Games (with My Heart)" music video take place?

The music video for the song takes places on a deserted basketball court.


In which video do the boys get stuck in a haunted house?

At the beginning of the "Everybody (Backstreet's Back)" music video, we see the boys get stuck at a haunted mansion.


Who sings the lyrics: "Am I sexual?"

A lyric often emphasized by the fans of the group, Nick Carter sings these lyrics in the song "Everybody (Backstreet's Back)."


Which member met their future wife on set of the "As Long as You Love Me" music video?

Brian met his wife, Leighanne on set for the music video and the couple have been married since September 2000.


What year was the album "Millennium" released in?

The album "Millennium" was released in May 1999 and received 5 Grammy nominations.


What was the first single released off of the "Millennium" album?

Possibly the groups biggest single to date, "I Want It That Way" was the first song released off of their 1999 album.


Which of these songs wasn't on the "Millennium" album?

"All I Have to Give" was released on the "Backstreet's Back" album in 1997.


Who sings these lyrics: "Life goes on as it never ends. Eyes of stone observe the trends?"

Kevin Richardson sings these lyrics and in the music video, we see him watching home videos of himself and his father, who has since passed.


Which of these songs did Kevin Richardson write?

Kevin is credited with writing "Back to Your Heart" and was often seen playing the piano during the Millennium tour.


Which album does "More Than That" appear on?

"More Than That" is the third single off of the "Black & Blue" album.


Which BSB music video appears in the colors black and blue?

Rather than the normal black and white, the "Shape of My Heart" music video appears in an interesting black and blue.


What was the name of the previously unreleased song that the group released on "The Hits - Chapter One" album?

The group released the single "Drowning" in October 2001 when it appeared on "The Hit - Chapter One" album.


In what fast food chain did the Backstreet Boys release their live concert performances "For the Fans?"

In 2000, the Backstreet Boys released 3 versions of the "For the Fans" album in Burger Kings alongside value meals.


On what album did the songs "Everyone," "Shining Star," and "Not For Me" appear on?

All these songs appeared on the album "Black & Blue."


Which member of the group begins the song "Incomplete?"

AJ starts the song "Incomplete" off of the studio album "Never Gone."


Which of these songs wasn't a single off of the album "Never Gone?"

Although "Inconsolable" was one of the group's singles, it was released on the album "Unbreakable."


Which member of the group left after the release of "Never Gone?"

After "Never Gone," member Kevin Richardson took a hiatus from the group before returning in 2012.


How many albums did the Backstreet Boys release without Kevin Richardson?

BSB released two albums in the absence of Kevin Richardson, "Unbreakable" and "This is Us."


Which BSB song features the lyrics: "I'm a house of cards in a hurricane?"

These lyrics come from "Helpless When She Smiles," the second single off the album "Unbreakable."


In which country was the music video for "Bigger" filmed?

When the group traveled to Japan to promote the album "This is Us," they shot the music video for "Bigger."


Which boy band did the Backstreet Boys tour with in 2011?

In 2011, the Backstreets Boys and New Kids on the Block joined forces for an NKOTBSB album and tour.


What was the name of the leading single from the "NKOTBSB" album?

The single that the duo boy bands released together in 2011 was "Don't Turn Out the Lights."


Which members of the group appeared alongside Gigi Hadid in an episode of "Lip Sync Battle?"

On the episode that played February 25, 2016, AJ and Nick appeared alongside Gigi Hadid for her performance of "Larger than Life."


In 2016, the group also appeared in on the ABC TV Show "Greatest Hits." What celebrity did they perform with?

In the second episode of "Greatest Hits," Meghan Trainor was joined by the Backstreet Boys to sing "I Want It That Way."


What is the name of the group's most recent documentary movie?

The documentary follows the group as they visit their homes and talk about their journey personally and as a group.


What is the name of the most recent BSB album (as of 2016)?

The first single and title of Backstreet Boy's last album is "In a World Like This" which was released in 2013.


Which of these was not one of the historical events seen in the music video for "In a World Like This?"

In the music video for "In a World Like This," we see the inhabitants of the same house react to the news in different decades.


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