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We all know finding the person who fits the whole description of an average person is difficult, but one reporter in Briton actually did! Do you know what average is in the United Kingdom? Test exactly how much you know about the average Briton by taking this quiz!

How tall is the average British woman?

The tallest woman was 7 ft 11 in at her death. She had grown that tall after a bicycling accident caused pituitary problems. On average, men are 5 ft 9 in.


How much does the average British man weigh?

Women were 154 pounds (70.2 kg). Most people in the United Kingdom still use stones for a measurement of weight. One stone is equal to 14 pounds.


How much does the average British man earn each year?

The average man works 39 hours each week. The average woman works less (34 hours a week) and earns less (£22,151)


What times does the average Briton go to bed each night?

“Our tolerance is part of what makes Britain Britain. So conform to it, or don’t come here.” –Tony Blair


What is the average Briton most afraid of?

Other big fears include snakes, public speaking, spiders and small, confined places. In most cases, more women than men had certain fears (fear of mice has the biggest gender gap) just as younger people more than older people had certain fears (for example, younger people were more afraid of public speaking and older people more afraid of heights).


How many times each year will the average British person break the law?

The most common offenses are not ones that come with severe penalties. Speeding, eating or drinking while driving, parking violations and running red lights top the list.


How much credit card debt does the average Briton have?

It is estimated most Britons could spend 17 years paying off the average amount of debt. Still, they have already paid off 32% of their mortgage.


How many times will the average Briton move in his or her lifetime?

The average Briton spends £559 each year on home improvements. The average family lives in a three-bedroom, semi-detached house.


How much television does the average Briton watch each week?

The average British person like Doctor Who the best out of all television shows. They spend £50,000 on electronic devices in their lifetimes.


What is the average age of a British man?

“Indeed, in many respects she was quite English, and [she] was an excellent example of the fact that we have really everything in common with America nowadays except, of course, the language.” –Oscar Wilde, The Canterville Ghost (1887)


Which vehicle does the average British household have?

A silver Ford Fiesta is the most popular British vehicle. On average, each household owns 1.5 cars.


What is the average life expectancy for a British male?

“I want you to know that I have nothing against Orlando, though you are, of course, far more likely to get shot or robbed there than in London.” –Boris Johnson.


How many children does the average British woman have?

Each woman has, on average, 2.2 healthy pregnancies. The number of children actually born is less because of abortions.


How many times does the average British person apologize each day?

When the British tell how they would respond in certain situations, they apologize 15 times for every 10 an American would. In real-life tests where they were purposefully bumped into on the street, the British apologized (even though it wasn’t their fault) 80% of the time. The only other culture that came close to that amount was the Japanese.


How much does the average Briton give to charity each year?

Charitable contributions in Great Britain are far below the U. S. A. annual amounts £2643.51 ($3,455). However, the government spends more money on duties that charities in the United States perform.


How much money does the average Briton carry on them?

The average British person uses cards instead of cash. In fact, an average British person will not travel more than 100 m to use a cash machine.


How many close friends does the average Briton have?

“Don’t follow the crowd; let the crowd follow you.” –Margaret Thatcher


Which countries are at the top of the average Briton’s most visited list?

The average British person visits seven countries in his or her lifetime. The British typically take 2 holidays each year.


How much does the average Briton spend throughout their lifetime on health and fitness fads?

Although health care in the United Kingdom is free, that doesn’t stop the British from investing in health and fitness. The fads include gym memberships, gym equipment, and diet foods.


What level of education does the average Briton have?

“British education is probably the best in the world if you can survive it. If you can’t, there is nothing left for you but the diplomatic corps.” –Peter von Ustinov, British actor


How many alcoholic beverages does the average Briton drink each week?

Although only 60% of the British have one or more drinks per week, the average Briton spends five years of their life with a hangover. Younger people (under 28) have more than one hangover a week, while those over 46 have less than one every other week. 23% of Britons do not drink at all.


How much water does the average Briton use each day?

Queen Elizabeth I’s godson, Sir John Harrington, invented the first flushing toilet. When Queen Elizabeth discovered how easy it was to use, she had him install one for her and became the first monarch to have one.


How many words will the average Briton send through texting in their lifetime?

Texting (SMS) was official created in the UK 15 years ago (December 3, 1992) by Neil Papworth. Since mobile phones didn’t have texting capabilities at the time, the message “Merry Christmas” was sent over a personal computer. The first mobile text was sent in 1993.


How much tea does the average British person drink each year?

Tea is among the most popular beverages worldwide. Black tea is consumed 75% of the time and is most popular in the United Kingdom. White tea, green tea and oolong tea are from the same plant, only they have been picked earlier.


What religion does the average Briton believe in?

Although 59% of the British people identify as Christians, those belonging to “no religion” are on the rise at 25%. In the 2001 census, 390,000 declared they belonged to the Jedi religious order.


How many times did the average Briton see a doctor (G. P.) last year?

“Poems in the Waiting Room” (PitWR) is a pamphlet put out by the Friends of PitWR and distributed free to National Health Service waiting rooms. The poems are from well-known and new poets but a psychotherapist approves all the content.


How much time does the average Briton spend commuting each day?

On average, a Briton leaves one hour after getting up in the morning to go to work. They leave work, on average, at 5:22 PM.


What is the average Briton’s favorite place to get takeaway (fast food)?

The average British household sits down to eat dinner at 7:47 p.m. This is almost two hours later than the average time 15 years ago.


How many suits does the average Briton own?

Although the average Britons owns only one suit, each Briton owns five coats or jackets. Twenty-three percent of British people do not own nightwear, but they do have underclothes: 18 pairs of underwear, 17 pairs of socks, and (for women) nine bras.


What is the average life expectancy for the average British woman?

Norland College in Bath is a British finishing school for nannies. A Norland trained nanny makes $40,000–$160,000 annually.


How much does the average Briton spend on Christmas?

“The way we live in the West we live like kings. People moan about this and that in Britain, but we have running water, electricity, security and a rule of law and so many people in the world don’t have these.” –Bill Bailey


How much email does the average Briton send at work?

The first soccer (football) match was reported on near the beginning of the 12th century. In 1349, King Edward III banned the sport because it was distracting too many people from practicing necessary war skills, such as archery.


How old is the average Briton when he or she “settles down”?

The average British homeowner will spend £26,295 redecorating their homes throughout their lifetimes. They will also live in seven different places.


How many times a day does the average Briton pick his or her nose?

Each year, around 23,000 phones are left on British public transportation vehicles and stored in the Lost Property Office with only about 13% reclaimed. Other items that are frequently found include financial documents, travel documents, hats/ scarves/ and gloves, and wallets/ purses/ and cash.


What color hair does the average Briton have?

61% of British people have brown hair. About 20% have blonde hair, 10% have black, 5% have red, and 5% have gray.


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