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The Adventure of Sherlock Holmes' Smarter Brother is a comedy movie, starring Gene Wilder. The plot follows Sherlock's lesser-known brother, Sigerson, as he completes a job. How well do you remember his crazy adventure? Take the quiz to find out!

What famous landmark is featured at the beginning of the movie?

The movie starts at Buckingham Palace in England. Lord Redcliff is seen before the Queen, as she hands him some important documents. She tells him that the fate of England lies in his hands.


What was stolen from Lord Redcliff's safe?

The document that the Queen had entrusted to Lord Redcliff was stolen from his safe. Sherlock Holmes said that while he worked on the case, he would give his less important cases to his younger brother to deal with.


Who did Sherlock send a messenger to see?

Sherlock sent a messenger named Orville to see his brother. He knew that his brother Sigerson wouldn't be happy to see him, and decided that a messenger would probably be more effective in getting his message across.


How did Orville make Sigerson become friendlier towards him?

Orville figured that the way to get Sigerson to warm up to him was to say that he really admired his work. Sigerson was a bit skeptical at first, but after a little more explanation from Orville, he invited him inside to talk.


What did Sigerson ask Orville to do when he came inside?

Sigerson asked Orville to pedal a bicycle that controlled a robot that he built to practice fencing. Orville was surprised, but he pedaled the bike for Sigerson as requested.


What did Sigerson call Bessie Bellwood?

Sigerson called Bessie Bellwood "Miss Liar." He knew when she arrived at the door and introduced herself that she was lying about her name!


When Sigerson asked why "Miss Liar" was there, what did she tell him?

"Miss Liar" told Sigerson that she was being blackmailed when she arrived at his house. She also took the time to tell him that her real name was actually Jenny Hill.


What did Jenny say every time that Sigerson offered her something?

Every time Sigerson offered something to Jenny, she would say "No thank you" and continue to take what he had offered. Sigerson thought it was a little odd!


What did Orville sometimes have to do, to remember the rest of a conversation?

Sometimes to remember the rest of a conversation, Orville had to hit himself on the side of the head. Otherwise, he would say the same thing over and over again!


What did Bruno witness Sigerson, Orville, and Jenny doing?

Bruno saw Sigerson, Orville, and Jenny hopping. He was watching them through the window. Their singing and dancing were meant to make Jenny feel better.


What kind of animal did Professor Moriarty have?

Professor Moriarty had many small snakes. He enjoyed holding them, but when he was busy, he passed them off to his assistant to take care of.


What did Professor Moriarty do, after sending Bruno into a room full of vicious animals?

After sending Bruno into a room filled with vicious animals, Professor Moriarty went into another room to confess his sins. Instead of a real priest, there was a doll who gave him a card, saying that he had been absolved.


What did Sigerson and Orville attend, to see Jenny?

Sigerson and Orville attended a performance to watch Jenny. She was performing along with three other people, singing and dancing in front of a large audience.


What did Sigerson do to save Jenny while she was performing?

Sigerson made himself a part of the performance in order to save Jenny from being crushed by a prop. An assassin was trying to kill her by cutting the object from the rope above, but after Sigerson's innterference, the prop missed her.


What did Jenny say that she had to do to get her letter back from Gambetti?

Jenny said that she had to steal a document in order to receive her letter back from Gambetti. The letter was the source of the blackmail that Jenny had told Sigerson about earlier.


How did Sigerson get rid of the first carriage that was after them?

Sigerson used his sword to get rid of the first carriage that was chasing theirs. The driver used a whip to try and get rid of Sigerson, but he was able to cut the whip and the lines that the driver was using.


Who got all of the credit for saving Jenny?

Sherlock Holmes got all of the credit for saving Jenny, even though it was actually Sigerson who saved her. Sigerson was upset that once again he was living in his brother's shadow.


What did Sigerson have to do with the telegram he received?

Sigerson had to decode the telegram that he received, as it made no sense. After trying to rearrange the words, Orville was able to give him the answer to decode it.


Who did Sigerson find when he followed the instructions on the telegram?

After following the instructions on the telegram, Sigerson found Jenny. He found her in her dressing room, where she told him about her father being the foreign secretary of Great Britain.


What did Sigerson eat when he went to Lord Redcliff's house?

Sigerson ate some of Lord Redcliff's chocolate that was on the table. He spilled it by accident, just as Lord Redcliff entered to see him!


What was Jenny's real relationship to Lord Redcliff?

Sigerson found out that Jenny was actually Lord Redcliff's fiancee. Lord Redcliff told Sigerson that he hadn't described his daughter correctly and threw him out. Sigerson spied through a window and saw Jenny and Lord Redcliff together.


What did Jenny actually want Sigerson to do?

Jenny finally revealed to Sigerson that the real reason she needed him was so that he could steal the document she stole back from Gambetti. She said that Lord Redcliff was going to resign from his position as foreign secretary.


Where did Sigerson and Orville sneak into?

Orville and Sigerson snuck into Gambetti's house after Jenny said that she knew where he lived and had a floor plan. When they arrived, they thought Gambetti was having a party because they heard music.


Why did Professor Moriarty pay Gambetti £50,000?

Professor Moriarty paid Gambetti £50,000 for the document that Jenny had stolen. He was furious when Gambetti told him that he would only hand over the document in public, where he felt safer.


Who did Orville pretend to be when Professor Moriarty and Gambetti found him?

Orville pretended to be the glass repairman when Professor Moriarty and Gambetti opened up the curtain. His cover was blown when they opened the other curtain and Professor Moriarty recognized Sigerson.


How did Sigerson and Orville avoid getting hurt by the saw?

Sigerson and Orville managed to avoid getting hurt or killed by the saw by exhaling, so that their bodies were small enough to avoid the saw as it passed. Their plan worked and they were able to escape!


Where did Gambetti say that he would give Professor Moriarty the document?

Gambetti told Professor Moriarty that he would give him the document at his opera performance. He said he would have a messenger deliver it to the Professor's messenger.


How did Gambetti decide which messenger to give the document to?

Gambetti left the two messengers to fight amongst themselves. One of them was Sigerson and the other was the actual messenger sent by the Professor. They fought on stage in front of everyone.


What did Professor Moriarty shoot by accident from the stage?

Professor Moriarty accidentally shot a statue while fighting with Sigerson, Gambetti, and Jenny on stage. Sigerson went running off stage and was able to avoid the shot!


What activity did Professor Moriarty tell Sigerson that he was 11th best at in Europe?

Professor Moriarty told Sigerson that he was the 11th fencer in Europe. After that, they challenged one another to a duel over the document that Sigerson was now in possession of.


What did Sigerson and Professor Moriarty do with the fake documents?

Sigerson and Professor Moriarty threw the fake documents in the river. They each did this, hoping that the other would either hand over the real document or give up.


What happened to Professor Moriarty when the clock struck midnight?

When the clock struck midnight, Professor Moriarty fell into the river. A bell rang right beside the two as they stood on the ledge and the Professor lost his balance.


After the document was safe again, what was Jenny supposed to do?

After the document was safe and back with Lord Redcliff, Jenny was supposed to marry him. She sent a telegram to Sigerson to see her urgently. When he arrived, she told him "goodbye" and ran off.


Why did Jenny come back after running off?

Jenny came back after running off so that she could be with Sigerson. She decided not to get married after all. She, Sigerson, and Orville danced in the middle of the park.


How did Sherlock say he would repay Sigerson for the job he did?

Sherlock said that he would repay Sigerson by playing the violin. In the park afterward, there was a violinist playing music which brought Jenny back to Sigerson.


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