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The Netflix drama quickly became a favorite of audiences with its winning cast and edge-of-your-seat storytelling. See how much you know about Stranger Things!

What game are the boys playing at the beginning of the series?

Dungeons and Dragons was first developed in 1974 by Gary Gygax and became a staple of nerd culture by the early '80s.


Who is taken by the monster in the first episode?

The first episode is entitled "The Vanishing of Will Byers."


What name do the boys give the monster?

The Demogorgon is a creature in Dungeons and Dragons known as the Prince of Demons.


While searching for Will in the woods, who do the boys meet?

One question left unanswered by the first season is whether the existence of a person named "Eleven" means that there are subjects one through ten (and possibly beyond) still held in the lab.


Who is the second person taken by the monster?

Shannon Purser, who portrayed Barb, had to quit her day job after the show premiered because fans kept showing up there to see her.


What government agency runs the laboratory where Eleven was held?

After the show became a hit, the Department of Energy released documents showing that they do in fact conduct research on parallel universes.


To what food is Eleven particularly partial?

Millie Bobby Brown, who played Eleven, confirmed in an interview that season two will contain yet more Eggo Waffles!


What attracts the monster?

The monster only shows up when a character is bleeding, except when it takes Will, who was not injured.


What does Joyce use to communicate with Will after the monster takes him?

Shortly after the show was released, an app was released to allow viewers to create and share their own Christmas light messages.


What Beetlejuice and Girl, Interrupted actress plays Will's mother, Joyce Byers?

Ryder's performance in Stranger Things was widely praised as a return to form for the actress.


What happens to Eleven when she uses her special powers?

The strain of using her powers has a clear physical impact on Eleven, as her nose bleeds and she's left with no energy even for walking.


How does Eleven first prove to the other boys that Will is still alive?

The voice coming through the walkie-talkie is distorted but it is obviously Will; the boys become convinced that Will is still alive.


What name do the boys give to the dimension the monster inhabits?

The boys make up the name after a discussion with their science teacher who explains the concept of multiple dimensions using an analogy about an acrobat and a flea.


After being taken to the monster's dimension, where does Will hide?

Castle Byers is the name Will gives to his clubhouse, located in the woods behind his home.


What is the name of the government project in which scientists experimented on Terry Ives and Eleven?

This was a real experiment conducted by the military in the 1960's, using LSD on sometimes unwitting suspects to develop chemical weapons to be used against the Soviets.


Where is Will's "body" discovered in episode three?

After the "body" is discovered, Will's father Lonnie Byers returns to Hawkins to apparently comfort Joyce, but Joyce soon discovers that his motivation is really to sue the quarry.


When Will's "body" is discovered at the end of episode three, a Peter Gabriel of what David Bowie classic plays?

The Peter Gabriel version was not released until 2010, but Bowie's original dates to 1977 and is about two lovers separated by the Berlin Wall.


What does Eleven force the bully Troy to do after an assembly for Will's death at the school?

When Troy again confronts the boys, Eleven breaks his arm with telekinesis.


What Clash song does Will sing to himself while he is captured?

The 1982 song was the Clash's only number one hit on the UK charts.


Who breaks into the laboratory in episode five, before being knocked unconscious and wiretapped?

Inside the laboratory, Hopper discovers a portal to the Upside Down and residue left behind by the monster.


How did Chief Hopper's daughter die?

Hawkins is a fictional city and largely an homage to the small towns depicted in 1980's cinema.


What item belonging to Jonathan does Steve break?

Jonathan's favorite hobby is photography, and he captures a glimpse of the monster on film just before it captures Barb.


Who does the show imply is Eleven's mother?

Chief Hopper finds Terry and discovers that she was experimented on by the government with LSD while pregnant.


What device does Eleven use to facilitate her ability to see the Upside Down?

1,200 pounds of Epsom salt were used to allow Eleven to float in the sensory deprivation tank used at the school in episode seven!


How do Nancy and Jonathan attract the monster when they attempt to trap it?

In reality, this would be a poor strategy when you are about to engage in close-quarters combat with a monster from another dimension.


What signals that the monster is approaching?

The portal to the Upside Down disrupts electromagnetic fields, so whenever something passes through that portal, it interferes with nearby electronics.


Who kills the monster?

Eleven appears to disintegrate the monster, but seems to be destroyed in the process. Whether either or both of them continue to exist is one of the mysteries that viewers hope will be answered in season two.


What holiday is being celebrated at the end of the show?

Will believes that one of his Christmas gifts is an Atari, which was incredibly popular in the 1983 Christmas season but crashed soon thereafter. That failure was largely due to the poor performance of the video game version of E.T. -- a film that Stranger Things pays homage to on many occasions.


What does Chief Hopper leave in the woods in the final episode?

Leaving the Eggo Waffles has fueled speculation that Eleven is still alive. Ironically, the actress who plays Eleven says that she hates Eggo Waffles.


What spell does Will cast to win the D&D quest?

The spell deals 8d6 damage to any target that fails a saving dexterity throw! (That's a lot, for those of you who haven't played D&D.)


What does Will cough up in the sink?

The slug shows that Will brought something back from the Upside Down with him and likely foreshadows the plot of season two.


From what 1986 coming of age film starring River Phoenix, Cory Feldman, and Wil Wheaton did all the boys read during their auditions?

The movie is about four young boys journey to find a dead body and is based upon a Stephen King novella entitled The Body.


What twin siblings produced Stranger Things and directed many episodes?

The Duffer Brothers also wrote for the Fox series Wayward Pines.


Gaten Matarazzo, who plays Dustin in the series, got his start on Broadway, including playing Gavroche in which one that is based upon a Victor Hugo novel?

Matarazzo has also played in a theater production of Priscilla, Queen of the Desert and the television series The Blacklist.


Dr. Martin Brenner is portrayed on the show by Matthew Modine. Modine was made famous playing Private Joker in what Stanley Kubrick Vietnam War film?

The film also starred Vincent D'Onofrio and R. Lee Ermey, a former Marine drill sergeant, who brought tremendous realism to his role.


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