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Gadgets from the Bond movies are legendary. From awesome cars to amazing weapons, nobody gets a leg up on James Bond. This quiz will test your knowledge of the coolest gadgets around.

What object has Q Branch NOT used to conceal a rocket launcher?

Q Branch has not yet developed a flashlight that can launch a rocket. However, Q has successfully been able to conceal rocket launchers in boomboxes, cigarettes, and even a plaster leg cast.


What item does Bond attach to his pistol to reduce the detection of a fired shot?

A silencer is used to reduce the noise of a gunshot. It is a long hollow tube with a series of baffles that are used to dissipate the sound. It is attached by screwing it to the muzzle of the pistol.


In the film "The World is Not Enough," Q Branch developed a flamethrower/machine gun combination hidden inside what musical instrument?

Q Branch's latest development includes a hidden flamethrower and machine gun combination inside a set of bagpipes. What makes it better, is the bagpipes can still be played normally, which makes it the perfect instrument to play at the enemy's funeral.


What was hidden in Bond's shoes during the "Goldfinger" mission?

During the "Goldfinger" mission, a homing device was planted into Bond's shoes. There was a small compartment in the heel where the device could be concealed. The device allowed Bond's movements to be tracked.


What prototype vehicle was used to chase down a suspect in "The World is Not Enough?"

The Q-Boat is a prototype speedboat that comes equipped with torpedoes, rocket launchers, jet engines and even a rangefinder. The Q-Boat was also capable of functioning as a submarine for short distances. Q had planned on using the boat on fishing trips once he retired; although it's tough to say he'd actually be fishing with all of the explosives on board.


What is unique about Bond's pistol in "Skyfall" that only allows Bond to fire it?

Bond's standard issue Walther PPK is equipped with a biometric pistol grip. It scans for Bond's hand print when he holds the gun, allowing only Bond to fire the weapon. A similar hand grip appears in "License to Kill."


In "Die Another Day," Q developed a ring that could do what?

With a simple twist around the finger, the ring could produce a high frequency sound that could break glass -- even bullet-proof glass.


In "Thunderball," what device does James Bond use to escape the French chateau?

After killing Jaques Bouvar, Bond makes his escape from the chateau using a jetpack. The jetpack is similar to the design by Bell Aerosystems and is also known as the Bell Rocket Belt.


The art of disguise is critical for a secret agent, and Q Branch developed a line of fake animal costumes. Which animal has NOT been used to conceal Bond?

Q Branch has yet to develop a pig costume. Bond has successfully used other animals to conceal his movements, including a bird (attached to the top of his scuba gear), a Manta ray cover, and a crocodile submarine.


In "The World is Not Enough," what object was used to x-ray for concealed weapons?

Q Branch developed a pair of eyeglasses capable of taking x-rays that locate concealed weapons. The x-rays could only penetrate a few layers of clothing, and Bond had a little fun with that feature.


What life-saving device is equipped in Bond's Aston Martinin "Casino Royale" (2006)?

Having just been poisoned, Bond barely makes it to his car. He pulls out the defibrillator kit from the passenger glove compartment. After administering the counter-poison, the defibrillator is used to bring Bond back to life when his heart failed.


What gadget did Bond have on his wrist in "Moonraker," that wasn't his wristwatch?

Bond conceals a hidden dart gun mounted to his wrist. It can shoot either poison-tipped or armor-piercing darts. A flick of the wrist can fire the weapon, and Bond uses it to kill Hugo Drax.


In "Licence to Kill," Q built an alarm clock that does what?

Q shows Bond the new Q Branch development: an alarm clock that explodes. Q tells Bond the alarm clock is "guaranteed never to wake up anybody who uses it."


Q Branch has built several gadgets into Bond's wristwatch, but what has NEVER been included?

Bond's wristwatch has never included a lock pick. Throughout Bond history, the wristwatch has concealed several spy gadgets. Not surprisingly, his wristwatch was also capable of telling time.


What device does Bond use to notify MI6 about the location of Silva's island in "Skyfall"?

Bond uses a simple radio to call in reinforcements. Although Q designed the radio to be super tiny, Bond remains unimpressed with Q Branch's recent lack of originality and poor selection of gadgets.


In "Die Another Day," what object was capable of hiding all of Bond's field equipment?

Bond's surfboard provided plenty of room for his equipment in "Die Another Day." A panel could be slid away to reveal his communication equipment, his gun, and some C-4 explosives.


In "A View to a Kill," what ordinary object concealed a device used to scan rooms suspected of being bugged?

Bond's electric shaver concealed a bug detector. Bond used it in the bedroom, finding a small recording bug on top of the bedside lamp.


What object in "The World is Not Enough" concealed a lock pick?

A normal-looking credit card revealed a spring-loaded lock pick when removing a small strip. Q says the credit card lock pick can open all doors


When assembled, what two objects work as a micro-film reader in "The Spy Who Loved Me?"

Microfilm is a tiny length of film that contains micro-photographs of documents for easy storage. However, these are not common today due to modern computer technology. Microfilm can only be read with a microfilm reader, and Bond's is disguised as a cigarette case and cigarette lighter.


Q has used many objects to conceal explosive devices, which include all of the following EXCEPT what?

Explosives were hidden in cigarette lighters, pens, and even a tube of toothpaste. However, Q Branch did not make explosives small enough to fit in the frames of sunglasses.


Bond's BMW in the "Tomorrow Never Dies" mission comes standard equipped with all of the following EXCEPT what?

The BMW in "Tomorrow Never Dies" comes equipped with everything except for a laser cutter. The car is also fireproof and bulletproof, and can be driven remotely.


Q developed a special tea tray in the "Goldeneye" mission that could do what?

The device is a silver tea tray that is capable of x-ray scanning documents. It is demonstrated on Bond's airline boarding pass, by scanning through a sealed envelope.


In "Licence to Kill," Bond puts a sniper rifle together from hidden parts in what item?

Q provided Bond with a sniper rifle that is disguised as a camera and tripod. The "camera" parts were packed into a case, and putting them together in the right order revealed the working rifle. The handle also had a built-in palm scanner, so only Bond would be allowed to fire it.


In "The World is Not Enough," Bond's ski jacket included what device?

The ski jacket included a unique device that kept the wearer safe during an avalanche. The jacket concealed an inflatable sphere that would surround the wearer, leaving a bubble of air and preventing the wearer from being buried and crushed.


In "The Living Daylights," Bond receives a Philips key chain that includes all of the following EXCEPT what?

The Philips key chain issued to Bond included a lock pick, a capsule of stun gas, and an explosive charge. The stun gas and explosive charge were triggered by whistling the first few bars of “Rule, Britannia!”


In "Goldeneye," what gadget is hidden in Bond's leather belt?

Bond's leather belt disguises a piton gun that is hidden in the buckle. A piton is a type of anchor; attached to it is a high tensile wire that can support Bond's weight.


What was special about Bond's ring in "A View to a Kill?"

The ring given to Bond has a tiny hidden camera inside. He uses it to spy on Max Zorin. Unfortunately, the shutter click could still be heard, as digital cameras were not yet invented.


What was unique about the Aston Martin portrayed in "Die Another Day?"

The car came equipped with a new cloaking device that made the vehicle nearly invisible. The device used a series of cameras on the opposite side of the car, projecting images received by the cameras on the reverse side of the vehicle, thus creating a "see-through" effect.


James Bond's special briefcase in the movie "From Russia With Love" included all of the following EXCEPT what?

Bond's briefcase has many hidden objects, including a hidden knife, a survival rifle, a tear gas canister, and even some hidden currency in the back pocket. However, there is no hidden tape recorder in this briefcase.


In "Never Say Never Again," what was Bond's pen able to do?

Bond's fountain pen was able to fire an explosive charge. Despite the delay in the explosion, he used the pen to kill Fatima Bush.


What was unique about Bond's vehicle, the Lotus Esprit, in "The Spy Who Loved Me?"

The modified Lotus Esprit had a submarine mode, that allowed Bond to operate the car while underwater. The submarine mode also included an array of weapons, including torpedoes, underwater mines, and surface-to-air missiles.


What is the name of Q's robot dog in "A View to a Kill?"

Snooper is a small, dog-like robot that is remote controlled by Q. The head of the robot contains video and audio recording devices, while the body includes a transmitter that can send data back to Q.


What is the name of the mini one-person gyrocopter in "You Only Live Twice?"

The Wallis WA-116 Agile, nicknamed "Little Nellie," is Bond's one-person gyrocopter. It is built with guns, rockets, flamethrowers, and guided missiles. The gyrocopter is fully flyable and was designed by British Rotocraft Association.


In "Live and Let Die," what gadget is included in Bond's wristwatch?

Bond's wristwatch comes with a powerful electromagnet. Anything metal can be attracted to it or deflected by it, depending on the setting. It was said it was powerful enough to deflect a bullet.


Q Branch provided a cell phone for the "Tomorrow Never Dies" mission that included all of the following EXCEPT what?

Bond's Sony Ericsson cell phone could do many things, but it did not contain a smoke bomb. The flip-open design revealed a video screen from where James Bond could control his BMW. The "futuristic" design was incorporated into one of Sony's early smartphones.


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