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How can you keep Portland weird if you don't know how weird it really is? To help, we've created a quiz on this critically-acclaimed show anchored by Carrie Brownstein and Fred Armisen! Enjoy!

What legendary figure in comedy is executive producer of "Portlandia"?

Series star Fred Armisen was a longtime "SNL" cast member.


Who is the third co-creator of "Portlandia," alongside Carrie Brownstein and Fred Armisen?

Armisen and Brownstein are better known because they appear on camera.


What Portland landmark does the show share its name with?

"Portlandia" the statue can be seen on 5th Street downtown.


Who plays the mayor of Portland?

The real mayor of Portland sometimes appears as his assistant.


What does the mayor sometimes use for a desk chair?

Some people find it improves balance and posture.


What TV show obsesses Fred and Carrie until they lose all interest in outside life?

Carrie loses her job, and they almost lose their home because of it.


Which of the following are NOT a couple played by Armisen and Brownstein?

Dave and Kath are the couple who overdo everything, like putting hours of prep work into briefly riding Segways.


Which cult show eventually broke Fred and Carrie out of their 'Galactica' obsession?

The storyline ends with everyone agreeing to watch "Just one more episode."


What is the name of the feminist bookstore that's a recurring location?

In Other Words is the real Portland bookstore that inspired it.


What are the co-owners of Women&Women First named?

Armisen plays Candace, who struggles with rage issues.


What hairstyle does the "gutterpunk" Quinn wear?

She keeps them even when she gets a modeling job.


What is the catchphrase coined by entrepreneurs Bryce and Lisa?

This even inspired a sign: "Keep calm and put a bird on it."


In what field did Toni and Candace both work before opening the bookstore?

This might be a nod to how many people make the move from New York to Portland.


What event do Fred and Carrie want to keep from coming to Portland?

Portland might be a bit small to host the Games, at any rate.


Which Olympic athlete changes Fred and Carrie's mind about the Games?

Louganis tells them that the Olympics are for cool indie sports, not popular jock ones.


Pakistani-born Kumail Nanjiani first appeared in which episode?

Nanjiani reportedly ad-libs much of his dialogue for the show.


Who plays Candace's nemesis, onetime bookstore co-owner Barbara?

Marshall broke out as Laverne diFazio on the sitcom "Laverne & Shirley."


What idea did Barbara supposedly steal from Candace?

This causes friction at the store's tenth-anniversary celebration.


What singer-songwriter guest-starred as Fred and Carrie's housekeeper?

Mann played herself; apparently being an indie musician doesn't pay very well.


In the "Battlestar Galactica" episode, which "BSG" cast members guest-starred?

Series creator Ronald Moore had a role, too, but not as himself.


Jeff Goldblum had a guest role as the proprietor of a store selling what?

This allowed a joke about an "artist" who made Apple earbud knots by jamming them in his pocket and taking them out later.


Which A-list actress played one of the eco-terrorists?

The eco-terrorists aren't very competent, which is probably for the best.


Where do Royce and Alicia work?

"Radish milk" is one of Royce's brainchilds.


What caused the Mayor to be identified as the city's worst energy hog?

He tries to make amends by throwing it in the river, which doesn't go over well.


What is "gutterpunk" Quinn's secret?

The other gutterpunk, of course, is Jeffrey.


Who sued Spyke over copyright infringement, because of a T-shirt design?

Groening is rumored to have based the show's "Springfield" on the one in Oregon.


What is the name of the musical duo that sometimes appears in sketches?

They play at the tenth anniversary of "Women & Women First."


Which member of the Monkees guest-starred in Season Four?

Fun fact: Nesmith's mother, a secretary, invented Liquid Paper.


What convenience of middle-class life does Spyke get in Season Four?

The name of the episode was "Spyke Drives."


In one episode, Carrie hits it off with Eddie Vedder until she learns he has a tattoo of what?

Brownstein's band has opened for Vedder's Pearl Jam.


What is the name of the real-life band in which Brownstein plays?

The name comes from a road in Lacey, Washington, near where the band practiced.


Who was Fred Armisen married to from 2009 to 2011?

Armisen married actress Natasha Lyonne in 2016.


For what late-night show is Armisen the bandleader?

Armisen was very active in music before shifting focus to comedy and acting.


What is the final image of "Portlandia's" closing credits?

The Willamette bisects the city of Portland.


What network airs "Portlandia"?

The Independent Film Channel has picked up the show for two more seasons.


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