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Full of risks, rivalries, crashes and conflicts, stock-car racing is America's second-most popular sport, behind only NFL football. Think you know all about NASCAR? Prove it with our quiz!

In which decade was NASCAR born?

NASCAR is a fairly young organization. Stock-car racing began a bit earlier, during Prohibition, when bootleggers began racing the "stock" cars in which they transported moonshine.


What does the second "A" in NASCAR stand for?

NASCAR'S full name is "National Association for Stock Car Auto Racing." It's international by now, of course.


Who played driver Ricky Bobby in the comedy "Talladega Nights"?

Ferrell got comic backup from John C. Reilly as his racing teammate and Sacha Baron Cohen, who played a Formula One driver who came over from Europe to conquer the NASCAR world.


What was the original definition of a "stock" car?

A "stock" car was one available on the market. It didn't necessarily mean "unaltered," though, as many amateur mechanics made modifications to make the cars go faster.


Who was known as "the Intimidator"?

Ask any non-NASCAR fan to name one of its drivers, and Dale Earnhardt is probably the name they'll come up with. He was a seven-time series champion.


Which family has run NASCAR since its creation?

NASCAR was founded by "Big Bill" France, who wanted racers to get their proper share of earnings from promoters. His grandson, Brian France, currently runs NASCAR.


Which cigarette company sponsored the NASCAR championship series for many years?

Winston sponsored the Cup from 1971 to 2003. Before that, it was called the Grand National Series, and even before that, the Strictly Stock Series.


Do trucks race in NASCAR?

Given the popularity of pickup trucks in the United States, it was only a matter of time before this happened. NASCAR's truck-racing division is currently called the Camping World Truck Series. It's named for its sponsor.


Who had a fatal crash in the 2001 Daytona 500?

Dale Jr. and Waltrip, members of Earnhardt Sr.'s team, were also on the track. Waltrip won the race and was celebrating when he learned that Earnhardt's crash, which hadn't looked very serious at the time, had been fatal.


Does NASCAR hold races in Europe?

The existing stock-car racing series in Europe, Racecar Euro Series, became a NASCAR-sanctioned series in 2012. Whether it can overtake Formula One in popularity remains to be seen.


Which early NASCAR figure was known for his love of motorcycles?

Baker owned an Indian motorcycle. He is as respected in motorcycling history as he is in stock car racing.


Which driver was nicknamed "The Last American Hero"?

Johnson is a legend in stock car racing, descended from a family of bootleggers. His nickname came from the title of an Esquire article about him.


What is the new name of the former Alabama International Motor Speedway?

Talladega was built on a former Air Force base in Lincoln, Alabama. It gave its name to the Will Ferrell comedy, "Talladega Nights: The Ballad of Ricky Bobby."


In what city is NASCAR headquartered?

NASCAR's main offices are in Daytona Beach, home of one of its most famous racing venues. There are also satellite offices in Charlotte, North Carolina.


What is the Grand National Series currently called?

Whole Foods, sponsoring a NASCAR series? Ha ha ha ha ha!


In what city is the NASCAR Hall of Fame located?

The North Carolina city is home to Charlotte Motor Speedway, and a number of NASCAR teams are based in the area. These were both factors when deciding where to build the Hall of Fame.


Which of these was NOT an inductee in the first Hall of Fame class?

The first Hall of Fame class was inducted in 2010. Yarborough, a famous driver, wasn't honored until 2012.


What distinguished Wendell Scott from other famed NASCAR drivers?

Scott, a lover of cars and speed from childhood, became the first African-American NASCAR driver. Despite his contribution, NASCAR'S drivers are still predominantly white.


What is the name of Darrell Waltrip's younger brother, who is also a driver?

Michael Waltrip followed his older brother into stock car racing and made his own name in the sport. Fun fact: He also did a lap around the dance floor on "Dancing With the Stars."


The record of seven career championships is shared by Richard Petty, Dale Earnhardt and which other driver?

Jimmie Johnson has had a great career in racing, which isn't over yet. He still drives for Hendricks Motorsports.


Rusty Wallace holds which record in stock-car racing?

Wallace holds the current record for speed, having reached 216 miles per hour. He has also won plenty of races.


At which track was the current speed record set?

If there's a new record set in the near future, that's likely to also happen at Talladega. The 2.66 mile track is ideal for high speeds -- and also leads to aggressive driving during races.


Which driver did Dale Earnhardt Sr. call "Wonder Boy" early in the driver's career?

Gordon, like Jimmie Johnson. made a splash in racing from his debut. He's now an announcer for Fox NASCAR.


Which driver holds championships in both IndyCar and NASCAR?

Though Patrick also competes in both fields, she doesn't hold championships in either. It's Stewart who has this honor.


Which driver is known as "the King"?

In photos, you'll often see "The King" wearing a Western hat with feathers or silver ornamentation. Petty was a top-winning driver in his race days, with more than 200 wins.


Which driver was nicknamed "Jaws," mostly for his outspoken ways?

Darrell Waltrip was a colorful character who courted the media before many of his fellow racers. His outspokenness didn't always make him popular behind the scenes, though.


Danica Patrick holds the highest-ever finish by a woman in the Daytona 500. In what place did she finish?

Patrick holds several "firsts by a woman" in auto racing. She has also competed on the IndyCar circuit.


Which of these movies was inspired by NASCAR's first commissioner?

Erwin "Cannon Ball" Baker liked to test out cars by driving them coast to coast. This inspired first an unsanctioned road race named for him, and then two movies about that race, "Cannonball Run" and "Cannonball Run 2."


Which of these states does NOT have a NASCAR track?

Were you surprised by New Hampshire? We don't blame you! A nice vacation day in New Hampshire: pick some blueberries, see some sites in Revolutionary War history, and then ... NASCAR racing!


Who was Richard Petty's biggest rival?

Though Pearson didn't have as many championships as Petty, he gave the King a serious run for his money on the track. This pair finished first/second more than 60 times in their racing years -- with more wins going to Pearson than Petty.


Who was the first driver to rack up five consecutive championships?

Jimmie Johnson caught everyone's attention from pretty much the first time he drove onto a NASCAR track. To date, he's won the Daytona 500 twice.


What was the name of Richard Petty's father, also a NASCAR driver?

Though overshadowed by his son, Lee Petty had 54 career wins. He started a dynasty which continues with Richard's son, Kyle Petty.


Which of these is/was NOT a NASCAR race?

Yes, even the "Ford EcoBoost 400" is real. Because nothing says you care about the environment like sponsoring an event where gas-burning cars drive in circles for hundreds of miles.


Which NASCAR track is known as "the Paperclip"?

Martinsville Speedway is the shortest NASCAR track, at a little more than a half-mile long. The tight turns at both ends inspired its nickname.


Which of these actors has played a NASCAR driver?

Cruise played driver Cole Trickle in "Days of Thunder." This was the movie in which hemet Nicole Kidman, whom he married. Which, as we all know, ended as well.


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