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A world full of monsters could be right behind your door! Sulley and Mike scare children for the screams that are used to power the city of Monstropolis. Unfortunately, a child comes into the world of monsters and causes chaos! Think you know the wild adventure? Take the quiz to find out!

What did Phlegm accidentally kick while trying to scare a child?

Phlegm accidentally kicked a soccer ball while trying to scare the child. When the child screamed, the monster himself actually got scared as well! As it turns out, it was just a test.


What huge mistake did Phlegm make in his test?

The huge mistake that Phlegm made on his test was leaving the door behind him open. The monsters could not leave the doors open in case a child came through. They believed children were deadly.


What did the monsters collect from the children?

The monsters collected the screams of the children they scared. Once the screams were collected, the monsters used them to power their city.


Why didn't Mike and Sulley take the car to work?

Mike and Sulley didn't take their car to work because there was a scream shortage going on throughout the city. Mike wanted to drive, but Sulley told him he couldn't with a shortage of power.


What was Mike doing for Celia's birthday?

Mike was planning to take Celia out to a restaurant for her birthday. Sulley got him reservations to a very popular restaurant in Monstropolis.


Who was Sulley's partner at work?

Mike is Sulley's partner at work. He prepares the doors that Sulley goes through to scare the children, and afterward removes the capsule filled with screams.


What happened to George when he came out of a child's room after scaring them?

After George came out from scaring a child, he had one of the child's socks on his back. Everyone panicked and George was to be decontaminated.


What did Mike forget to do before leaving work?

Mike forgot to file his paperwork before leaving work. It would have been the second time that Mike forgot, but Sulley had his back and did it for him while he went out with Celia.


What happened when Sulley opened a door after hours?

When Sulley opened a door after hours, a child came inside. Sulley tried to put the child safely back into the room, but she kept following him out and he ended up with her toys stuck on him.


What did Sulley do with the child that followed him out of the door?

Sulley put the little girl that followed him out the door into a bag. He knew that she couldn't be seen by any other monsters or it would cause mass panic, but her door was gone so he couldn't bring her back home either.


What did Sulley do with all of Boo's toys that had fallen on him?

Sulley threw all of Boo's toys that had fallen on him inside of a locker in the locker room. He knew that he had to get rid of them before someone caught him.


What happened in the restaurant where Mike was having a birthday dinner with Celia?

The little girl that followed Sulley into Monstropolis escaped from the bag that Sulley had her in. The restaurant was evacuated and decontaminated causing city-wide panic.


What did Sulley do to put the little girl to bed?

Sulley made a trail of cereal all the way to bed to put the little girl to sleep. She followed it and decided to try and sleep in Sulley's bed instead.


What did Sulley and Mike disguise the little girl as?

Sulley and Mike disguised the little girl as a monster. They had to get her inside of Monsters, Inc. and back into the door that she came in from before anyone could find out.


What did Mike and Sulley find when they entered their workplace after the hysteria at the restaurant?

When Mike and Sulley entered their workplace after the hysteria at the restaurant, they found the Child Detection Agency scouring through the building. They were watching for the child who was at the restaurant the night before.


Who did Mike ask to give him the key to the little girl's door?

Mike asked Roz to give him the key to the door for the little girl. Roz refused to give him the key because he didn't turn in his paperwork the night before, even after she reminded him.


What was on Boo's door?

Boo's door had flowers on it. When Mike lied to Sulley and said that he had the card for Boo's door, Sulley knew right away that it wasn't hers, even though Mike insisted that it was.


What did Boo lose off of her disguise?

Boo lost an eye off of her disguise. Sulley saw the eye go into the garbage chute and he thought that Boo had fallen in there as well. She had actually jumped out of the garbage before it was dumped.


What did Randall do when Mike went into Boo's room?

When Mike went into Boo's room, Randall was inside waiting for him. He captured Mike while Sulley and Boo hid under a table.


What did Boo find when she and Sulley followed Randall through the building?

When Sulley and Boo ran off to follow Randall through the building and find out where he took Mike, Boo found a secret room. By accident, she hit a tool that was hanging on the wall and a door opened.


What did Mr. Waternoose want Sulley to do with the trainees?

Mr. Waternoose wanted Sulley to give the trainees a demonstration on how to scare children. Unfortunately, Boo was watching when Sulley let out his roar and she became scared of him.


What did Mr. Waternoose do to Mike and Sulley after he found out about Boo?

Mr. Waternoose sent Mike and Sulley through another door into the Himalayas. Mike and Sulley tried to get back into the monster world, but it was too late.


What did Sulley and Mike meet in the Himalayas?

Sulley and Mike met an abominable snowman in the Himalayas. The snowman let Sulley and Mike come to his cave instead of being stranded out in the cold.


Where did Sulley go to get back into Monstropolis?

Sulley went to the local village to get back into Monstropolis. It worked, as he was able to come back through a child's door to save Boo.


What did Celia do to stop Randall from catching Sulley and Mike?

Celia made an announcement, saying that Randall had broken the scare record to stop him from catching Sulley and Mike. They were able to grab onto a door and make it into where all of the doors were kept to find Boo's door.


What did Mike do when the Child Detection Agency was waiting at Boo's door?

When the Child Detection Agency was waiting at Boo's door, Mike threw sock at them. This gave him enough time to run away and escape with Boo.


Why did Mr. Waternoose want to kidnap Boo?

Mr. Waternoose wanted to kidnap Boo because she had seen too much involving the monsters and Monstropolis. They didn't want humans to know about them or their world.


What room did Mr. Waternoose chase Sulley into when he was trying to put Boo back in her room?

Mr. Waternoose chased Sulley into the testing room when he was trying to put Boo back into her own room. Mr. Waternoose was surprised when the wall of the room lifted and Mike and the Child Detection Agency were watching.


Who was revealed to be working undercover at Monsters, Inc.?

Roz was revealed to be working undercover at Monsters, Inc. She was an agent with the Child Detection Agency and she was happy that Sulley helped her figure out that Waternoose was behind everything.


What did Roz do with Boo's door?

Roz shredded Boo's door after she was back in her room safely. Sulley was upset because he would never be able to see her again.


What did Mike give to Sulley after Boo was gone?

Mike gave Sulley a piece of Boo's door after she was gone. The piece of the door had fallen out of the shredder and Sulley kept it with him to remember Boo.


After Mr. Waternoose was gone, what did Sulley use to generate power?

After Mr. Waternoose was gone, Sulley used laughter to generate power. Instead of the monsters scaring the children, they instead tried to make them laugh.


What surprise did Mike have for Sulley at the end of the movie?

Mike's surpise for Sulley at the end of the movie was Boo's door. He had found every piece to reconstruct the door and Sulley had the last missing piece.


What did Boo call Sulley?

Boo called Sulley the nickname "Kitty" throughout the movie. Sulley gave Boo her nickname when he started to warm up to her.


What ability did Randall have?

Randall had the ability to blend in to his surroundings. He was able to sneak around and investigate noises he heard without being seen.


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