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There's never a dull moment in this witty award-winning film. How much do you remember about "Juno"? From the number of pregnancy tests she took to the color of her vomit, this quiz covers it all.

What is Juno allergic to?

Juno's allergy prevented her stepmom, Brenda, from owning dogs.


What is Brenda's favorite dog breed?

Brenda loves Weimaraners, but she can't have any because of Juno's allergies. However, at the end of the movie, Brenda is shown playing with a Weimaraner pup on the front lawn.


According to Mark, who is the master of horror?

At first, Juno disagrees with Mark over the ultimate master of horror. She believes it's Dario Argento. However, after watching a Gordon Lewis film with Mark, she changes her mind to agree with him.


What are Juno and Leah eating in the mall when they notice Vanessa?

Leah and Juno are battling for the pretzel when they notice Vanessa on the ground floor, playing with a young girl in the kids' area. Juno is touched by Vanessa's care for the children and allows her to feel her belly to communicate with the baby.


What grade level is Juno in?

Gerta Rauss, the Lorings' lawyer, asked Juno how far along she was, to which Juno replied that she was a junior. But, Gerta was asking about the pregnancy. At the time Juno was 12 weeks along, in her second trimester.


Bleeker invites Juno to join him in throwing what at a man with 18 kids?

Juno declined the invitation because she had an ultrasound to attend to. Paulie asked if he should join her, but she said no.


What animal is on the rug in the scene when Juno informs Bleeker of her pregnancy?

Juno arranges a living room set, including a table, rug and chair, on Paulie's front lawn. She is pretending to smoke out of an old-fashioned pipe when she announces the news to him.


What class was Juno in when she and Bleeker decided they would have sex?

The message was communicated via the back of an assignment.


What was next to Mark and Vanessa's ad in the Pennysaver?

"And they were beautiful even in black and white." The Pennysaver features classified ads for communities.


Juno vomits in which of Brenda's possessions?

When Brenda asks Juno about the vomit in the urn, Juno denies all responsibility, blaming her younger half-sister, Liberty Bell, instead.


What color is Juno's vomit?

She was drinking a giant blue slushie when it decided to make a reappearance. That's hard to deny.


What is Juno doing when her water breaks?

Juno is playing with toy cars in her room when she feels her water break. To signal to her family what happened, she yells: "ThunderCats are go!" Then everyone springs into action.


What flavor Tic Tac is Bleeker's favorite?

It's his "one and only vice." The name Tic Tac comes from the sound the little box makes when it's opened and closed.


What does Katrina Devore smell like?

Apparently, her whole house smells the same. For this reason, Paulie Bleeker doesn't like her.


Leah has what type of animal as a pet?

When Juno calls about being pregnant, Leah is laying on her back in bed with her pet rabbit sitting on her chest.


What band did Mark's band open for?

During the concert, he busted the neck of his Les Paul on stage, and it cost him $800 to fix it.


What does Juno rock?

Juno named her axe after Franklin Roosevelt. Mark's Les Paul is named Kimber.


What was Mac born to do?

He "used to be in the Army, but now he's just your average HVAC specialist."


What type of exercise machine does Vanessa have?

When Vanessa explains she has a Pilates machine, Mac asks what it makes. He has no idea it's an exercise machine. He goes on to talk about his distrust of Tony Little Gazelle and his ponytail.


Bleeker kept what article of Juno's clothing?

The underwear had a red cherry pattern on them.


According to Juno, Bleeker's mom (Carol) looks like a:

Juno believes Carol was probably attractive at one point, but has since turned into a hobbit.


Which clinic does Juno decide to schedule with?

Just because, you know, they help women now instead of later. But, once Juno arrives at the clinic, she changes her mind and runs home after experiencing some odd encounters with Su-Chin and the receptionist.


What drug does Juno offer to sell Su-Chin?

Su-Chin said she was off drugs. Juno once had a public freak-out after combining too many behavioral meds.


How many pregnancy tests did Juno take?

As the cashier said, Juno was "one fertile myrtle." All three tests were positive.


How much SunnyD did Juno drink?

In the beginning of the film, Juno tells the convenience store clerk that she drank her weight in SunnyD and had to go pronto. Later in the movie, she tells Leah that she drank ten tons of SunnyD.


Whose lawn does Juno swipe the rug from?

The rug is the finishing touch on the living room set she has arranged in Bleeker's front yard.


Where does Brenda work?

Her nail salon is called Bren's Tens.


Juno says she has heartburn radiating in what part of her body?

And she hadn't "taken a dump" since that last Wednesday morning.


Juno and Leah stuff Bleeker's mailbox full of what?

Juno and Lead stuff at least 100 orange Tic Tac boxes into Bleeker's mailbox.


What sort of vitamins does Brenda recommend Juno take?

They do wonders for your nails, according to Brenda.


What does Mac yell twice as the family is leaving the house for the hospital because Juno went into labor?

The family almost left behind Liberty Bell, who was standing on the front porch, confused by all the commotion.


Juno and Bleeker could have watched what instead of having sex?

When Juno tried to make it seem like she didn't want to have sex with Bleeker, he was able to point out that they could have done plenty of other things. Juno had wanted to watch "The Blair Witch Project," but she said that they should make out instead.


Why didn't Mark and Vanessa expect anyone to throw them a baby shower?

When Juno realized that a prior birth mother had flaked on the Lorings, she tried to make a joke that they should have checked out China, where "they give away babies like free iPods."


Mark said he was leaving Vanessa and planned on moving into what?

After announcing his intentions to leave Vanessa, Mark quickly found trendy downtown accommodations. Vanessa took it as another sign of Mark's immaturity.


When Juno sees the boys' track team running past, what does her mind automatically turn to?

The team runs by while she is preparing to tell Bleeker about the pregnancy, and she automatically pictures them naked with pork swords in their pants.


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