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Jingle All the Way is a Christmas movie, starring Arnold Schwarzenegger and Sinbad, that follows their adventure to get their sons the only toy they want for Christmas: a Turbo Man action figure. Think you remember all of the events in the movie? Take the quiz to find out!

What show was Jamie watching at the beginning of the movie?

Jamie was watching the superhero Turbo Man on television at the beginning of the movie.Turbo Man plays a large role in the rest of the movie. Howard and another father will eventually fight each other to get Turbo Man action figures for their sons.

What was Jamie worried about his father missing?

Jamie was worried that his father would miss seeing him receive his belt in karate. Jamie told his mom that his father misses everything and she tried to comfort him by saying that he was working very hard.

What did Howard say when he finished a phone call with his customers?

Howard said, "Don't forget, you're my number one customer," when he finished a phone call. He even said this when his wife called to find out if he was going to make it to Jamie's karate class.

What happened when Howard was on his way to see his son in karate class?

Howard was pulled over when he was on his way to his son's karate class. He was trying to cut through traffic and passed a police officer in the process. When he told the officer that he was late to see his son, the officer was not very sympathetic.

What did Ted do to Howard's house?

Ted put up Christmas lights on Howard's house. When Howard finally made it home, he found Ted on his roof. Ted also said that he taped the karate class so that Howard could see it, even though he didn't make it in time.

What doidJamie say that he wanted for Christmas?

Jamie said that he wanted a Turbo Man action figure for Christmas. When Jamie was mad at Howard for missing his karate class, Howard tried to make up for it by finding out what he wanted most for Christmas. This opened Jamie up and he told his father that everyone was getting one!

What did Howard say he left at the office?

Howard told his wife that he had to run to the office to grab the Turbo Man action figure. He was lying because he had actually forgotten to buy the doll. He was going to try and buy the doll on Christmas Eve to make Jamie happy.

What kind of animal did Ted buy?

Ted bought a pet reindeer. When he showed it to Howard, it tried to bite him. Ted said that there must be something that the reindeer doesn't like about Howard and Howard decided that was his cue to leave.

What happened when Howard asked for a Turbo Man action figure at the store?

Everyone laughed when Howard asked an employee for a Turbo Man action figure. Everyone thought it was hilarious that he was looking for the hottest-selling toy ever on Christmas Eve.

What did Myron say he and Howard should do?

Myron said that he and Howard should team up to find Turbo Man action figures for their kids. Howard didn't really want to team up with Myron. A few seconds later, someone ran by, saying that a store just had a late delivery of Turbo Man action figures.

Who offered to help Howard get a Turbo Man action figure?

A mall Santa offered to help Howard get a Turbo Man action figure. Howard was reluctant to accept the mall Santa's help in case it was a scam, but he was desperate at this point to get the doll and get back home.

What happened when the mall Santa gave Howard the doll?

The mall Santa gave Howard the wrong doll. He was given the doll all wrapped up and when he opened it, he realized it wasn't right. The Santa said it was the "multi-lingual version," but when Howard opened the box, the doll broke into pieces.

What happened when Howard told the Santas what he thought of them?

When Howard told the Santas that they were con men, a fight broke out. The Santas attacked Howard for insulting them and Howard tried to fight back. The police busted up the fight and Howard got away by pretending he was a detective.

What happened when Howard left the Santas' warehouse?

When Howard left the Santas' warehouse, his car ran out of gas. He had to push his car into town. Howard called his house to talk to Liz, but Jamie answered the phone instead. Jamie was upset that his father wasn't home yet after he promised he would be.

Who drank coffee with Howard in the restaurant?

Howard drank coffee with Myron in the restaurant. They talked about how they had one chance to redeem themselves every year and they always blew it. They exchanged stories of previous Christmases with their children.

What did Howard have to do to win the Turbo Man action figure from the radio station?

While Howard and Myron were in the restaurant, a radio station announced a contest to win a Turbo Man action figure. Howard and Myron both heard the announcement and rushed to the phone to try and win it.

What did Myron do to the phone while Howard was calling the radio station?

Myron ripped the cord of the phone in the restaurant out of the wall when Howard tried to call for the contest. Myron wanted to win the figure for his son and did what he could to sabotage Howard's chances. The waiter at the restaurant told them that the radio station was only two blocks away.

What did the radio host do when Howard busted into his studio?

The radio host called 911 when Howard busted into his studio. He recited the names of the reindeer but the radio host said that he still didn't win. Myron wasn't far behind and he threatened the radio host in order to try and win the action figure.

What was the real prize that the winner of the contest would have won?

The real winner of the contest would have won a gift certificate. The radio host thought it was funny that the two men believed they would receive an action figure if they won. He decided to show them the gift certificate. Howard grabbed it and ran!

Who was at Howard's house when he finally made it back?

Ted was at Howard's house when he finally made it back home. When Howard got out of the tow truck at his house, he saw Ted inside, putting the star on his tree. He was angry and wanted to get revenge on him.

What did Howard remember Ted saying about his tree?

Howard remembered that Ted said he had bought his son a Turbo Man action figure and that it was under his tree. Howard went into his neighbor's house and stole the toy so that he wouldn't let his son down.

Who attacked Howard after he decided that he would put the present back?

Ted's reindeer attacked Howard after he decided he was going to return the present. The reindeer didn't like Howard and when it saw him with the present, it attacked. Howard was able to trap the reindeer in a room where it couldn't hurt him.

Where did Ted, Liz, and the kids go, after finding Howard inside Ted's house?

Ted, Liz, and the kids went to the parade after finding Howard in Ted's house. Liz realized that Howard had lied about buying the Turbo Man action figure and didn't want anything to do with him. She asked Ted to drive her and her son to the parade instead.

Who did Howard run into when he got to the parade?

Howard ran into the police officer who had caught him at the radio station earlier. Howard wasn't watching where he was going and accidentally bumped into the officer, who was getting coffee. The coffee spilled all over him and burned him.

What happened to Howard when he ran inside a building to hide from the officer?

When Howard ran inside a building to escape from the officer, the people inside thought he was the actor that was supposed to be Turbo Man in the parade. Before Howard could say anything, they whisked him away to get him in costume so he could join the parade.

What would the child that Turbo Man picked at the parade win?

The child that Turbo Man picked from the parade would receive a special edition Turbo Man action figure. Howard chose his son Jamie to win the action figure. Jamie didn't understand how Turbo Man knew his name.

Who was dressed up as Turbo Man's enemy?

Myron was dressed up as Turbo Man's enemy. He jumped on the float and said that he wasn't leaving until he got the action figure. He also punched Booster and he fell off the float in front of everyone.

What did Turbo Man (Howard) use when Jamie climbed on the roof to escape Myron?

Turbo Man (Howard) used his jet packs when Jamie went on the roof to escape Myron. Howard activated them and tried to grab Jamie from the roof, but he was not successful.

What happened when both Jamie and Myron climbed on the tree on top of the roof?

When Jamie and Myron both climbed on the fake tree, it fell over, leaving them to dangle beside the building. After Myron fell from the tree, Jamie fell too. Turbo Man was able to save him by activating his jet packs again and catching him in the air!

What did Jamie do with his Turbo Man action figure?

Jamie gave Myron his Turbo Man action figure. Myron took it and thanked Jamie, but Howard was confused as to why Jamie gave it away. He said he didn't need the action figure when he had the real thing!

After the credits finished, who put the star on the tree?

Howard put the star on the tree. After he finished, Liz said that after all the trouble Howard went through to get the Turbo Man action figure for Jamie, she was wondering one thing. She wanted to know what Howard got for her!

What mall was featured in the movie?

The Mall of America was featured in one part of the film, when Howard and Myron were chasing the winning ball to get the Turbo Man action figure. The mall Santa worked in this mall as well.

In the second movie, Jingle All the Way 2, what did Larry's daughter want?

In the second movie, Jingle All the Way 2, Larry's daughter wanted a talking bear. The storyline was quite similar to that of Jingle All the Way.

What was the name of Turbo Man's sidekick?

The name of Turbo Man's sidekick was Booster. He was fuzzy and pink and on the float at the parade, he told Howard what to do. He wasn't aware that Howard wasn't the person that was supposed to be playing Turbo Man either!

Who plays the role of Howard in the film?

Arnold Schwarzenegger plays the role of Howard in the film Jingle All the Way. He has also played in movies such as The Terminator, Predator, and Twins.

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