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Can you recall the details of every relentless plot twist and melodramatic meltdown? Test your memory of seasons 1 through 3 with this "Jane the Virgin" trivia quiz!

When Jane was a young girl, what did she promise her abuela, Alba?

Alba used a white flower to make her point, explaining how a crumpled up flower could never look new again, just like Jane would never be the same after having sex, which is why she should wait to have it until marriage. Alba and family are Catholic, which explains the conservative, traditional views towards sex. Around the same time, Alba also introduced Jane to the magic of telenovelas.


What is Jane's favorite food?

Jane, a true lover of grilled cheese, revealed her delicious grilled cheese recipe to Rafael. It's "1/3 white cheddar, 1/3 yellow cheddar, 1/3 grated American cheese."


Where did Jane and Michael first meet?

When Michael first arrived, Jane thought he was a stripper, but he was actually there as a police officer addressing a neighbor's complaint. They shared their first kiss the same night they met at Jane's 21st birthday party. While they were kissing, white particle pieces began falling on their heads, from a gunshot hole in the ceiling.


How old was Xiomara when Jane was born?

Xiomara kept the identity of Jane's father a secret from her mother, Alba, choosing to say the father was a random army guy rather than a high school classmate, Rogelio. Xo kept this secret from everyone until Jane was into her 20s.


How many years passed between the time when Jane and Rafael kissed and the start of the series?

It was the summer of 2010 and Jane was 19 years old when she and Rafael shared a kiss after-hours in the Golden Harbor Yacht Club's dining area. Jane made Rafael a grilled cheese sandwich and they talked about their life aspirations before ending things with a kiss. Rafael never called.


What is the name of Rafael's hotel?

The Marbella is where Roman Zazo, Ivan, and Tom the bellhop were all murdered. It is also where Michael was shot, an event that would later cause his sudden death in season 3.


Does Petra have any siblings?

Anezka Archuletta is Magda's daughter and Petra's identical twin sister. Anezka does whatever Magda tells her to do, including paralyzing Petra and having sex with Rafael.


How long did Anezka keep Petra paralyzed?

Jane and Rafael were suspicious of some of Petra's behaviors, so they thought that maybe Scott was blackmailing her into dating him. But, they were way off. In fact, Petra wasn't Petra at all, but her twin sister, Anezka, pretending to be her.


Before Rafael, who was Petra engaged to?

Lachlan Moore and Petra were engaged to be married in 2010, but Rafael sought revenge on Lachlan by getting in between him and Petra. Rafael was upset with Lachlan because he was given a promotion that Rafael wanted.


Who did Jane pretend to marry when she was a kid?

Xiomara wore a bow tie and suit and knelt during the ceremony so she could be on Jane's level. Many years later, Jane would have an actual wedding with her groom, Michael.


If Jane had won a default judgement against Luisa, what would have happened as a result?

Because of Luisa's history with alcohol and impulsivity, she couldn't secure malpractice insurance on her own, which meant she wouldn't have been able to practice medicine. But, Rafael agreed to put of his shares of the hotel up as collateral on the malpractice insurance, and Luisa was able to continue practicing medicine... until she had a bad day and accidentally artificially inseminated Jane with her brother's sample.


Alba immigrated to the U.S. from what country?

Since 1999, this South American country's formal name has been the Bolivarian Republic of Venezuela. It's home to the largest waterfall in the world, Angel Falls, measuring 3,211 feet. The falls can be found in Venezuela's Canaima National Park.


Where was Jane when she learned that Rogelio is her father?

Rogelio had attempted to inconspicuously watch Jane's bridal shop session from afar, but his fans gave him away. She thought it was a little weird that a celebrity showed up to see her, but things got even stranger for Jane when she learned that Rogelio is her father. This was upsetting news and she asked her family to leave.


When Luisa went missing in season 1, where did she go?

Ayahuasca is a tea made from a vine with psychedelic properties. The drink can have consciousness-altering effects for up to eight hours after consumption.


Why did Alba seemingly overreact to Xo getting a parking ticket?

Because Magda pushed Alba down the stairs at the Marbella, Alba had to be hospitalized. While at the hospital, her immigration status was made known to the medical staff and authorities, and Alba was to be deported, but Michael stepped in and halted the process from moving forward, claiming she was a key witness in an ongoing FBI investigation.


Michael was what type of detective?

After Michael was shot, he had to go through a recovery period and physical therapy before he could be considered for active duty. But, when the time came, he failed his physical and decided to leave the force.


Anezka is from what country?

Anezka grew up in a Czech orphanage before moving to the United States. Czechia, or the Czech Republic, is found in Central Europe


Rafael learned Emilio might not be his biological father after reading what?

Petra found out about the addendum and destroyed it, fearing Rafael would lose his wealth and be unable to provide for their twins. But, little did Petra know that Scott was onto her; he had pieced the shredded addendum back together and then used it to blackmail Petra.


Who killed Luisa's father, Emilio Solano?

Despite the fact that Emilio was her husband, Rose didn't think twice before pushing the button that would bury him in cement and kill him. Emilio was Luisa's father, and Luisa was/is in love with Rose, who she later finds out is actually Sin Rostro.


What are the names of Rafael and Petra's twins?

Anna and Elsa are also the names of the main characters of Disney's "Frozen" (2013). Jane pointed this out to Petra shortly after the twins' birth, but Petra brushed it off, saying that no one else would make that connection. In season 3, Elsa is referred to as Ellie.


Who is Mutter?

Mutter, legally known as Elena Di Nola, was Sin Rostro's step-mother, Rafael's adoptive mother and Emilio's ex-wife. In "Chapter Forty-Seven," she was killed by Sin Rostro while in prison.


Who shot Michael in the season 2 finale?

Detective Susanna Barnett was actually Sin Rostro in disguise. Micheal had figured out his partner was the mole and confronted her when she shot him in the chest.


What did Ivan want to order from room service every night when he was Petra's hostage?

Petra was very upset about Magda and Ivan's outrageous room service orders because she would eventually have to pay for it all. She and Rafael were in the middle of a divorce, and she'd have to pay off her balance once they settled.


Why did so many people believe Jane could grant miracles?

Rogelio's ex-step-twins, Valeria and Victoria, were jealous of Jane, so when they were her students at Our Lady of Sorrows High School, they created a website called Jane the Pregnant Virgin. The site went viral and Jane became a religious phenomenon.


Xo and Rogelio accidentally ended up on a cruise to where?

At 42,800 square feet, Cuba is the Caribbean's largest island. From Florida's southernmost point, Key West, Cuba is only about 103 miles away.


What did Petra use to inseminate herself with Rafael's sample?

Do-it-yourself, at-home artificial inseminations are often referred to as the "turkey baster method." But, if you're going to try this yourself, doctors recommend against using an actual turkey baster and suggest using a needle-less syringe to get the job done.


When Michael saved Mateo from Nadine and Sin Rostro, what did Rafael say to him?

When the time came for Mateo's christening, Rafael and Michael weren't on great terms, which made for an awkward ceremony. Rafael would have rather picked someone else to be the godfather.


What was the name of Rogelio's hit telenovela?

Until Jane learned that Rogelio is her father, "The Passions of Santos" was just a telenovela Alba, Jane and Xo sat down together to watch. But then everything changed, and Jane ended up writing a beautiful death scene for the last episode of Rogelio's character (President Santos).


What is Scott's nickname?

Scott, a.k.a. Vests, is a recurring character who no one likes - that is, until he meets Anezka. The two fall in love and eventually team up to blackmail Petra with Emilio's will addendum.


What was Michael doing when he died?

His death was a result of a gunshot wound he sustained after Detective Susanna Barnett, a.k.a. Sin Rostro, shot him in the chest. The stress of the LSAT took a toll on his heart and when his blood pressure spiked, his system couldn't handle it.


What reason did Michael give for pulling Sam and Jane over?

After double-booking her night with two dates with two different guys, Jane decided to go with the man she had been pursuing for over a year - Sam. So, she told Michael she was sick and couldn't see him that night. But, when Michael stopped by later to drop off some homemade soup, he noticed a perfectly healthy Jane getting into another man's car. He took Sam's illegal U-turn as an opportunity to address his concerns with Jane.


In what state does "Jane the Virgin" take place?

Florida borders both the Gulf of Mexico and the Atlantic Ocean. It's home to the nation's smallest post office, which was once a toolshed, and a town called Sweetwater, which was founded by Russian circus midgets.


What is the title of Jane's book?

Originally, Jane was writing a book that was loosely based on her grandmother's life, but after Michael died, she switched topics to write a happy ending to hers and Michael's love story. The title of the book is in reference to the night they met, at Jane's 21st birthday party, when they were kissing and white dust started to fall onto their heads from a gunshot hole in the ceiling.


Rafael believed what would help with Mateo's behavioral problems?

Jane and Rafael decided to take a two-pronged approach: karate classes and observing Mateo's triggers, then adjusting accordingly. Fortunately, Mateo's behavior started to improve within the first week. Otherwise, he would have been forced to have an aide accompany him to school or else be kicked out of school.


Who did Rogelio pretend to marry in season 3?

The pretend-marriage was arranged as a publicity stunt and natural progression of their relationship for their reality TV show, "The De La Vega-Factor Factor." Darci was once Rogelio's matchmaker, but they fell in love... until they fell out of it. A real marriage isn't in the cards for these two.


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