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The sun-drenched setting, the lavish fashions ... "To Catch a Thief" was pure cinematic eye candy, with a cat-and-mouse crime drama to boot! Find out how well you remember this classic with our quiz!

Where is "To Catch a Thief" set?

John Robie is a jewel thief who retired to a villa on the French Riviera. Nice work if you can get it!


Who played John Robie?

Grant is debonair as a retired thief, in a variety of elegant sweaters, trousers and ascots. Fun fact: the off-duty clothing of the Marvel character "Vision," from the latest Captain America movie, was based on Cary Grant's look.


What was Robie's nickname in his jewel-thief days?

To underscore the connection, the film shows a black cat prowling rooftops by night, interspersed with scenes of women finding their jewelry missing in the morning. However, as the film makes clear, Robie the "Cat" is not responsible.


Whose byline is on the "Europe's Lighter Side" column?

Art Buchwald really did write a "Europe's Lighter Side" column. We wonder what was going on in Europe in the mid-1950s, that burglary is the "Lighter Side" of things!


What noble activity did Robie and his gang do, that they were given their freedom?

The rest of Robie's crew is French, though he is American. They fought for France against the Nazis, and so aren't incarcerated for their jewel thefts.


How long has it been since Robie has stolen a piece of jewelry?

Robie makes this point to Bertani, a former member of his gang. We can understand his exasperation: Fifteen years is a long time to go straight and still have everyone immediately suspect you of new crimes.


Where have the rest of Robie's gang found jobs?

Bertani has opened a restaurant, and the rest work there. When Robie turns up, after the new "Cat's" thefts are made public, one of them throws an egg at him to announce their suspicion and disapproval.


What is Foussard's new job?

Foussard is the most recognizable member of Robie's old crew, because of a white streak in his black hair. When he sees Robie at Bertani's restaurant, he is so angry, he lets a bottle of champagne run over and drip foam on the floor.


Who gives Robie a lift via motorboat to Cannes?

Danielle has a thing for Robie and isn't shy about making it clear. She also seems to believe he's committing the new jewel thefts, and needles him by calling him "the Cat" several times on the short trip.


Where does Danielle want Robie to go with her?

Danielle is certain that Robie has taken up thievery again. She wants to be his accomplice, and thinks South America would be the ideal place to do so.


Robie's ally, H.H. Hughson, works in what field?

Hughson works for Lloyd's of London. To underscore this British respectability, in his first scene he wears a three-piece suit, trilby hat, and pocket kerchief, and carries a cane.


What signal does Robie use to identify himself to Hughson?

Hughson and Robie meet in an open-air flower market. Naturally, this allows for a comic chase from the police, in which buckets of flowers are tipped over and an elderly vendor beats Robie over the head with a bouquet.


What was Robie part of in his youth?

Robie obviously put those youthful skills -- balance and stamina -- to work in his adult career. Fun fact: Cary Grant was also, in his youth, part of an acrobatic act.


Who played Grant's love interest, Frances Stevens?

Cary Grant was 50 when "To Catch a Thief" was filmed; Kelly only 24. There were some concerns that he would appear too old for her. (Golly, you think?)


What drink does Jessie Stevens, Frances's mother, prefer?

Jessie is a straight shooter who doesn't go for champagne, like other society dames. She says that wine and champagne take too long to make, apparently not knowing that bourbon must be aged at least two years.


What is the fake background Robie makes up for his "Mr. Burns"?

Francie's background is less fleshed out. We know that her father owned a ranch at one point, because it was there his widow struck oil, allowing the two of them to live in luxury.


After coolly ignoring Robie most of the night, what does Francie do?

Francie is a "headstrong girl," as Robie notes the next day. She doesn't need to slip him her room number. Robie gallantly accompanies both Stevens women to their rooms.


At the beach, what does Danielle compare Frances Stevens and herself to?

Danielle asks Robie why he wants to buy an "old car" when he can get a new one cheaper and it will run better. In the film, a lot was made of the age difference between Danielle and Francie, but Brigitte Auber was the older actress.


What activity do Francie and Robie spend an afternoon doing?

Francie is very forward in arranging everything. She rents a car, buys a picnic lunch, and won't take no for an answer.


What is in the picnic lunch that Francie prepares?

Francie has brought a lunch suitable for the American tourist that Robie is pretending to be. However, as she'll reveal, she knows that's not who he really is.


Why do Robie's police pursuers run off the road?

An old lady does cross the road, forcing both Francie and the police to do some evasive driving. But it's a lowly chicken that lets Francie give the police the slip. Of course, she isn't supposed to realize that she and Robie are being followed, or that her companion is a jewel thief.


What is happening outside as Robie and Francie have cocktails in her room?

The fireworks display goes on and on as Francie repeatedly baits "Mr. Burns" about being John Robie and wanting to steal her necklace. She also proposes becoming his accomplice. When they finally kiss, the camera cuts to the exploding display outside.


What does Francie wear to have cocktails with Robie?

Grace Kelly's clothes are part of the reason that "To Catch a Thief" continues to enthrall viewers. In her "The Little Black Book of Style," fashion guru Nina Garcia included "To Catch a Thief" in a list of fashion inspirations from Hollywood.


What is significant about the jewels Francie is wearing in the "fireworks" scene?

After letting Francie tease him a while about how much he wants to steal her necklace, Robie tells her that they both know her jewels are fake. Francie's classic reply? "But I'm not."


After her date with Robie, Francie wakes up to discover what?

Francie turns up in Robie's room, demanding he give back the jewels. When he says he doesn't have them, she insists on searching the room. Hey, just last night she wanted to be his accomplice! Not so funny now, is it, Francie?


What does Jessie Stevens say when Francie introduces "Mr. Burns" as John Robie, the cat burglar?

Francie's mother doesn't seem fazed at all. In fact, she says that Robie appears to be twice the man that Francie's previous boyfriends have been.


What surprise does Jessie reveal to her daughter the morning of the jewel theft?

Francie has previously told Robie that she grew up in 27 different cities and towns. This explains it: Mr. Stevens was always one step ahead of cops and outraged victims.


Whom do the police and Robie catch at a potential burglary scene?

"Catch" doesn't quite say it. Foussard is killed in a struggle with Robie. But don't feel too bad. It's clear he lured Robie to the spot to kill him.


Where does Francie apologize for suspecting Robie?

Robie is having a bad day: Foussard's daughter Danielle, who previously liked him, has publicly accused him of murdering her father and demanded he leave the service. Francie's apology makes things a little better.


Why can't Foussard have been the burglar?

It seems odd that the police wouldn't know this. They have the body in custody, and Foussard's limp, before he died, wasn't exactly subtle.


What kind of party are the Stevens' going to?

It's not quite a masquerade, as people aren't covering up their faces. Well, except for Robie -- but that's part of his plan to catch the real Cat.


Who is unmasked as the new Cat?

Robie waits on the roof and unmasks Danielle. She confesses that the new thefts were Bertani's idea.


In the final scene, what takes the glow off Francie's declaration of love?

After a passionate kiss at Robie's villa, Francie says that her mother will love living there, prompting Robie to pull back with a "what?" expression. We can't think why -- Jessie's as much fun, or more, than her serious-minded daughter!


In which other movie did Cary Grant and Jessie Royce Landis act together?

Landis, who bears a resemblance to present-day actress Annette Bening, worked with Cary Grant in "North By Northwest." She played the mother of his character, Roger Thornhill.


Where did Alfred Hitchcock make his inevitable cameo?

Robie gives the police the slip by sending his housekeeper away in his car, then catching a small jitney. He takes the very back seat, next to a portly, bald gentleman.


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