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Disney Channel Original Movies - DCOMs - have always been exceptionally popular, but "High School Musical" broke the mold and became a household name. How well do you remember the film? Find out with this quiz!

Sharpay Evans is played by which actress?

Ashley Tisdale stars as Sharpay Evans in "High School Musical" and the sequels. She was previously known on Disney Channel for starring as Maddie in "The Suite Life of Zack and Cody."


What is the name of Troy and Gabriella's homeroom teacher?

Mrs. Darbus is the homeroom teacher, not only for Troy and Gabriella, but also the rest of the crew. She is also the head of the Drama Club and responsible for the school productions.


What is East Side High's mascot?

The East High mascot is the Wildcats. The mascot is referred to in a few of the songs through the film series. Their rival, West High, has the mascot of the Knight.


What is the name of the high school that Troy and his friends attend?

Troy Bolton and his friends all attend East High in what we assume to be California.


What day do Troy Bolton and Gabriella Montez meet?

At the beginning of "High School Musical", we see Troy Bolton and Gabriella Montez meet each other at a New Year's Eve party. They are both called to sing karaoke together.


At the teen party at the ski lodge, what is Gabriella doing when they pull her on stage to sing?

When Gabriella's mom finds her before the party, Gabriella's reading a book and she makes sure to bring it with her to the teen party.


What sport does Troy play for his school?

In "High School Musical," Troy and his friends are members of the basketball team. Troy is the star player as well as the coach's son.


Who's Troy's best friend?

Chad Danforth is another member of the basketball team, and Troy's best friend. He is played by actor Corbin Bleu.


During "Stick to the Status Quo," what hobby does Zeke reveal?

During "Stick to the Status Quo," Zeke starts off the song by revealing his favorite hobby. He loves to make "strudels, scones, even apple pandowdy."


What does Mrs. Darbus give Troy, Gabriella, Sharpay and Ryan detention for in homeroom?

When Troy texts Gabriella and her phone rings, other students pull out their cell phones. What they weren't ready for was Ms. Darbus having her cell phone bucket ready!


What sport did Troy's father play in high school?

Duh! He played basketball! Not only does Troy get his love of the sport from his father, but Mr. Bolton also coaches the team!


What is Ryan Evans' favorite accessory?

In "HSM," Ryan Evans has his fair share of hats. During his audition, he wears a lime green hat and he can be seen wearing a red one during "We're All in This Together."


When Troy and Gabriella sing together at the ski lodge, what song do they perform?

When Troy and Gabriella first meet, it is by chance. A spotlight shines on the both of them to sing karaoke at a party, and the song they perform is "Start of Something New."


Which character said, "That was just disturbing. Go see a counselor."

During the audition, two "eccentric" students tried out - it was safe to say that Mrs. Darbus was a little more than concerned about their performance.


During "Stick to the Status Quo," Zeke reveals that he also wants to make a perfect creme brulee. Who does he promise to give one to, at the end of the film?

In "High School Musical," we see that Zeke has a crush on Sharpay. At the end, prior to "We're All in This Together," he gifts her with a creme brulee.


Which song features the lyrics: "Here and now, it's time for celebration / We finally figured it out / That all our dreams have no limitations / That's what it's all about"?

After the winter musical and the basketball game, the Wildcats all join in the gym for one last musical number, where they sing, "We're All In This Together."


What is the name of the musical being performed by the Drama Club?

In "High School Musical," the play that they are performing is called "Twinkle Towne." Gabriella and Troy get the roles of Arnold and Minnie.


Who accidentally spills their lunch on Sharpay?

After "Stick to the Status Quo," Gabriella slips and the food on her lunch tray goes flying. It conveniently lands on Sharpay's outfit. Chili cheese fries didn't go with her outfit.


What is the name of Troy's classmate and friend who asks the worst questions at the worst time?

Throughout the "HSM" series, Jason always asks the worst questions. After Mrs. Darbus hands out a few detentions during homework, Jason chooses that time to ask her about her winter break.


Which character said "Everybody loves a good jazz square"?

After their audition, Sharpay asks Ryan about a rogue jazz square he completed during the middle of it. He didn't understand the problem. Everyone loves a good jazz square!


What number was on Troy's basketball jersey?

Troy Bolton's basketball number was 14. Chad wore #8 and Zeke wore #32.


Taylor McKessie, Gabriella's soon-to-be best friend, is the captain of what?

In High School Musical, the Scholastic Decathlon is a club where the students participate in science competitions. Taylor McKessie is the captain.


What song does Gabriella sing as she's roaming through the hallways?

After they learn of Troy and Gabriella's involvement in the musical, the basketball and Scholastic Decathlon teams get together and videotape Troy saying that Gabriella and the musical aren't important. She takes to the hallways to express her feelings.


What grade are the students in during "High School Musical"?

In order to really figure this out, you might have to think of the other movies! "High School Musical" starts off during the latter half of their junior year. The sequel picks up right at the start of their last summer, and then the third film is properly named for their senior year.


In "High School Musical," Chad mentions that his mom has seen a play repeatedly. Which play is it?

Chad reveals in "High School Musical" that his mother loves "The Phantom of the Opera" and has seen it 27 times.


Which of these songs do Sharpay and Ryan perform together?

During the auditions for the winter musical, we see Sharpay and Ryan Evans performing "What I've Been Looking For." It is later reprised by Gabriella and Troy. alongside Kelsi.


Although Troy's number is 14, what number does he wear during practice?

Although Troy wears #14 during the game, he doesn't wear that number on his practice jersey. During both practice sessions, he's wearing the #10.


Which song features these lyrics: "Now who'd have ever thought that / We'd both be here tonight / Yeah, and the world looks so much brighter / With you by my side"?

These lyrics belong to the song, "Start of Something New," the first song that Troy and Gabriella sang together.


Who wears a shirt that says "I come with my own background music"?

When Troy tries to get away from Chad to make it to the auditions, Chad is seen following him and wearing this t-shirt.


Where does "High School Musical" take place?

When Gabriella shows up at East Side High, she reveals that her mother's job just transferred them to Albuquerque - so New Mexico!


Which character reveals that they like to dance during "Stick to the Status Quo"?

During "Stick to the Status Quo," Martha complains that people only see her as a brainiac, but she secretly loves hip hop. She loves to "pop and lock and jam and break."


What is East High's final score at the end of the championship game?

The East High Wildcats narrowly won the championship game. The final score was 68-67.


What was the name of Gabriella's old school?

Gabriella previously attended Sun High, where she led her scholastic decathlon team. We find this out while Sharpay is looking up her information on the internet.


Which of these songs is performed before the others?

After Troy spends the day showing Gabriella around, he can't focus at basketball practice. With his mind on Gabriella, he and his team perform the song "Get'cha Head in the Game."


Chad Danforth likes to wear a lot of watches. How many does he wear on his wrist?

Chad Danforth must like to be on time! In the film, he is seen wearing three watches on his wrist!


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