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Journey back to Port Charles, New York, and test your knowledge of the many characters, settings, plot twists, and trivia related to your favorite long-running daytime soap, General Hospital.

Where is General Hospital set?

Port Charles, New York, is the fictional setting of General Hospital. When the show premiered, General Hospital was set in an unnamed city or town somewhere in the USA. It was not until 1977 that the General Hospital setting was finally established as the fictional city of Port Charles, New York.


When did General Hospital premiere?

General Hospital premiered on April 1, 1963. General Hospital aired as half-hour episodes until July 23, 1976. The series was expanded from 30 minutes to 45 minutes on July 26, 1976, and then to a full hour on January 16, 1978.


When General Hospital premiered, it originally starred which two actors?

When General Hospital premiered, it starred John Beradino and Emily McLaughlin. Both actors stayed with the show until their deaths, in 1996 and 1991, respectively. They were joined a year into the show by Rachel Ames.


Which actress holds the record for being part of the cast the longest, on General Hospital or any ABC soap opera?

Rachel Ames is best known for her role as Audrey March Hardy on General Hospital. Ames' role is the longest-running in the series' history, spanning over fifty years and earning her multiple Emmy Award nominations. She was continuously on the show from 1964 to 2007.


General Hospital was created by whom?

General Hospital was created by husband-and-wife soap writers, Frank and Doris Hursley. They created the medical drama, General Hospital, for ABC Daytime in 1963. It was the first serious effort by that network to create a daytime serial.


General Hospital became the oldest running American soap opera on what date?

General Hospital became the oldest running American soap opera on September 17, 2010. It did so following the final broadcast of CBS' As the World Turns. On April 14, 2011, ABC announced the cancellation of both All My Children and One Life to Live, leaving General Hospital as the last remaining soap opera airing on the network after January 13, 2012.


Ever since the late 1970s, who have most of the storylines revolved around?

Most of the storylines have revolved around the Quartermaines and the Spencers. The Quartermaine family-owned business, ELQ Industries, named after the family's patriarch, Edward Louis Quartermaine, has been the center of several conflicts within the family. The Spencer family are known for their longstanding feud with the Cassadine family.


Who are General Hospital's "super couple"?

Luke and Laura Spencer are knowns as General Hospital's "super couple." Anthony Geary originally joined the cast in 1978 in what was meant to be a 13-week stint as Luke Spencer. This character has instead gone on to be one of the most beloved in General Hospital.


What 1981 GH episode is particularly famous?

Luke and Laura wed at the end of an hour-long episode on November 17, 1981. That single episode alone was watched by 30 million viewers. It remains the highest-rated hour in American soap opera history.


Luke and Laura's relationship was controversial for what reason?

Laura and Luke's relationship was controversial because, despite having been raped by a drunken Luke, Laura falls in love with him. Originally, critics of the soap opera genre panned the choice of having a rape victim fall in love with her rapist, an example of forced seduction. The unlikely pairing became popular, in spite of Luke's past misdeed, when the story shifted to focus on love and redemption.


Who was the first person to be cast as Helena Cassadine?

Elizabeth Taylor was a fan of the series and wildly popular supercouple Luke Spencer and Laura Webber. Taylor called then-Executive Producer Gloria Monty in 1981 and asked for a featured role. She loved the show so much that she donated the $2,000 from her stint to charity.


Which producer saved General Hospital?

The show debuted in 1963, but by 1978 ratings for the show had dipped very low. The network considered canceling it. Producer Gloria Monty came aboard as producer, made the show #1 on daytime TV, and literally saved it.


What was the show originally going to be called?

General Hospital was originally going to be called "Emergency Hospital." The show was always intended to have the hospital as the hub of the community.


How many episodes did General Hospital celebrate airing on February 24, 2014?

General Hospital celebrated airing of its 13,000th episode on February 24, 2014. The show has been on the air since April 1, 1963.


General Hospital celebrated its 50th anniversary on what date?

General Hospital celebrated its 50th Anniversary on April 1, 2013. The show first premiered on April 1, 1963. More than 13,000 episodes have aired since then.


Who is Nikolas' father ?

The role was originated by daytime newcomer, Tyler Christopher, then known as Tyler Baker, on July 15, 1996. In 1998, Nikolas's paternity comes into question when it is revealed that Stefan is his biological father. It complicated his relationship with Laura greatly at the time.


What is the name of the mobster that Luke is involved with in 1979?

Luke is involved with mobster Frank Smith. Luke is ordered to kill anti-mafia senatorial candidate Mitch Williams on election night. Distraught over his unrequited love for Laura and the fact he could likely die during the assassination attempt, Luke vows to hold her in his arms before he dies.


Who was Laura's first husband?

Scott and Laura meet, fall in love, and, after many obstacles (including the manipulations of Scotty's on-again/off-again lover and Laura's nemesis Bobbie Spencer), they finally get married. Laura goes to work at the Campus Disco for Bobbie's shady brother, Luke, who becomes obsessed with her and eventually rapes her. In spite of this, Laura falls in love with Luke and runs off with him, later divorcing Scotty after less than two years of marriage.


General Hospital holds the record for what?

General Hospital holds the record for the most Daytime Emmy Awards for Outstanding Drama Series. Since the series has been on air since 1963, it has won the award 13 times.


Who is the father of Elizabeth Webber's baby?

Jason Morgan fathered Elizabeth's baby. Elizabeth and Jason had a one night stand when the electricity went out all over town. They conceived Jacob Martin that night.


Who was Robin Scorpio's first love?

Stone Cates was Robin Scorpio's first love. Robin met Stone and fell deeply in love with him. Stone ended up dying of AIDS, but not before he passed on the HIV virus to Robin.


What was the name of the character Demi Moore played on General Hospital in the '80s?

Demi Moore played character Jackie Templeton on General Hospital. Jackie was known as a street-smart investigative reporter. She appeared on General Hospital from 1982-1983.


Who was the Text Message Killer (TMK)?

Diego Alcazar was the Text Message Killer (TMK). He had 13 victims.


Maxie Jones has whose heart?

BJ died in a car crash. Maxie was in need of a heart. Tony and Bobbie decided to donate BJ's heart to Maxie.


Jason Morgan used to be part of which family, before he lost his memory?

Jason Morgan was actually a Quartermaine. He was considered the "golden boy." He was in a car accident and lost all recollection of who he used to be.


Which character did Heather not try to kill?

Heather Webber did not try to kill Luke Spencer. She is seen as a villain. She hates being called crazy. Despite having a crush on Luke Spencer, she never tried to kill him.


Which family was never in the mob business on the show?

The Drakes were the only family listed that was not involved in the mob. In 1981, Noah Drake arrived as a brain surgeon at General Hospital. His son later became a doctor as well.


Which one of these successful primetime TV actors was not on General Hospital?

Zooey Deschanel was never on General Hospital. Stars like Brad Pitt, Demi Moore, and Meg Ryan all made there start on soap operas.


Which one of these famous actors was not on General Hospital?

Charlton Heston is the only actor listed who did not appear on General Hospital. Demi Moore appeared in 1981. Elizabeth Taylor famously appeared on Luke and Laura's wedding episode.


Which relative did Faith murder?

Faith was the head of the Rosco mob family. She poisoned and killed her grandmother to gain her inheritance. She was later shot by a hitman hired by A.J.


Who killed Luis Alcazar?

Luis Ramon Alcazar is killed by Alexis Davis. Luis gets pushed him over the railing of his balcony to his death, fourteen stories below.


What drug did Heather use to try to drive Diana crazy?

Heather used LSD to try and drive Diana crazy. She accidentally drugged herself instead while trying to poison Diana Taylor.


Which of the Quartermaine children is not Monica or Alan's biological child?

Emily was the biological daughter of Hank and Paige Bowen and the identical twin sister of Rebecca Shaw. After losing her mother to cancer, she was adopted by Alan and Monica Quartermaine. Through adoption, she gained four siblings -- Dawn Winthrop, Skye Quartermaine, A.J. Quartermaine, and Jason Morgan.


Who was Monica married to when she came to Port Charles?

Just prior to her arrival to Port Charles, Monica had been engaged to Rick Webber. However, he had broken up with her and flew off to Africa where he became caught up in a civil war and was presumed dead. Monica turned to Jeff Webber, Rick's brother, for comfort. She married him, not knowing that Rick was still alive.


Who first told Edward to "Put a sock in it"?

Lois Cerullo first appeared on General Hospital as a band manager. When she saw Eddie Maine perform at a New York concert, she didn't know that "Eddie" was actually Ned Ashton, part of the Quartermaine family. Lois believed that Eddie was a singer by night and a traveling pharmaceutical salesman by day. Ned never corrected her beliefs. Their relationship grew and soon they fell in love and got married. Edward was her relative.


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