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Funny Face is a movie about an ordinary young girl who is turned into a model overnight. Along the way she falls in love with her photographer and meets her idol. Think you know her story? Take the quiz to find out!

What is Maggie's profession?

Maggie is an editor at Quality Magazine. At the beginning of the movie, she is seen walking into work very angry, because she doesn't think that the current issue of the magazine is up to par.


What did Maggie change about the magazine before putting it on shelves?

Maggie changed the color of the magazine before putting it on shelves because she thought that it would improve the magazine. She chose the color pink and wanted everything in the magazine to be an exact shade of pink.


What did Dick have in the shoot he was doing with Marion?

Dick had a statue in the shoot with Marion. He wanted her to act like she was really resonating with the statue, but it just wasn't working out for him.


Where did Maggie and Dick go to find a more "intellectual" background for Marion?

Maggie and Dick went to a book store in Grenwich Village to find a background for Marion that would portray her as both beautiful and intellectual. The statue wasn't working for Marion.


What did Dick accidentally do when the group went into the book store?

Dick accidentally hit a rolling ladder in the library and it went rolling to the other side of the shelf. A woman named Jo was on the ladder when it happened but she was OK.


What did Maggie tell the girls to do with the books in the store?

Maggie told the girls to rearrange all of the books in the store because they looked too much alike. Jo was upset because the books were supposed to be in order, and she would have to fix the mess after they had finished.


What did Maggie do after she used Jo in her photo?

Maggie locked Jo outside after she used her in a photo with Marion. She said that Jo was getting in the way of everyone and that they'd only be in there for a few minutes.


Who stayed behind to help Jo put all of the books away?

Dick stayed behind to help Jo with all of the books that his group had messed up. Jo had a huge mess on her hands by the time that they were done.


What did Dick say that he got to do every year?

Dick said that every year he was able to go on a free trip to Paris. Jo was envious and said that she wished that she could afford a trip to Paris.


What was the "Quality Woman" going to get for being the face of the magazine?

The "Quality Woman" was going to receive a clothing collection designed especially for her. A fashion designer in Paris named Paul Duval was going to be designing the collection.


Who did Dick suggest as the new Quality Woman?

Dick suggested that Jo should be the new Quality Woman. Maggie was originally opposed to the idea because she didn't like Jo very much, but she eventually gave in.


How did Maggie get Jo to come to the Quality Magazine offices?

Maggie got Jo to come up to the Quality Magazine offices by purchasing a large number of books. Her plan got Jo into the office, but Jo was surprised when Maggie told her to put the books down.


Who did Jo find when trying to escape from the girls?

Jo found Dick when she was trying to escape from the girls who were chasing her. They were sent by Maggie to bring her back after she told them that she didn't want to work with them.


What did Dick say that Jo could do while she was in Paris?

Dick said that if Jo came to Paris with the Quality Magazine group, then she could also attend a lecture and see Professor Flostre. He said that way she wouldn't be wasting her time.


What did everyone say that they were going to do once they arrived in Paris?

Everyone said they were tired and that they were going to rest after arriving in Paris. No one did, and instead went out to explore until they all met up in an elevator.


Why was Paul Duval upset with Maggie?

Paul Duval was upset with Maggie because Jo was extremely late. He told Maggie that this was affecting his place with other large magazines.


Where did Dick find Jo?

Dick found Jo in a cafe in the middle of Paris. She was talking to a group of men who couldn't understand English, but who Jo believed could understand her through empathicalism.


What did Jo say was the reason that she didn't show up to Paul Duval's?

Jo told Dick that she didn't show up to Paul Duval's because she didn't know about the appointment. She spent her day in the cafe, but she promised Dick that she would show up the next day.


What did Dick do to get Jo's attention after she went inside to her hotel room?

Dick threw a rock at the window to get Jo's attention. She was angry with him and he wanted to cheer her up and make up with her.


How long did Dick have to photograph Jo?

Dick only had a week to photograph Jo. Paul Duval was going to be ready to show the clothing collection on a Friday and everything had to be ready.


What kind of dress did Jo wear for the last pictures?

Jo wore a wedding dress in the last pictures of her photoshoot with Dick. She didn't feel right wearing the dress, but Dick tried to comfort her and make her feel more comfortable.


What did Jo say to Dick outside of the church in Paris?

Jo told Dick that she was in love with him. She also agreed to keep modeling as long as she got to spend more time with him.


What did Jo have to do after being introduced to the press?

After being introduced to the press, Jo had to answer their questions. She didn't really know what she was doing, but Maggie tried to tell her what she should do.


Where did Jo go when she was supposed to be getting ready to meet the press?

Jo went to the cafe when she was supposed to be meeting the press. She heard that Professor Flostre was giving a lecture there and didn't want to miss it. She told a woman to tell Dick to pick her up there.


What did Jo tell Professor Flostre about?

Jo told Professor Flostre about Grenwich Village. She said that it was a great place filled with intellectual people and the professor said that he would love to go there with her.


What did Dick do when he found Jo at the cafe with Professor Flostre?

After Dick found Jo in the cafe with Professor Flostre, he made her leave. She was upset that he had humiliated her in front of someone that she admired.


What did the press see when the curtain dropped to reveal Jo?

The press saw the broken set that had been ruined after a fight between Jo and Dick. Everyone laughed and thought that it was hysterical until they were soaked by the sprinkler.


Why was Paul Duval worried the night after the press conference?

Paul Duval was worried the night after the press conference because he thought that Jo wouldn't show up. He needed her to show up as she was the inspiration for the collection.


What did one of Maggie's coworkers get ahold of?

Maggie's coworker was able to get ahold of the phone messages that Jo had received. They found out that Dick had called her twice and Professor Flostre had called her once.


What did Maggie and Dick have to do when they made it into Flostre's home?

When Maggie and Dick made it inside Flostre's home, they had to do a performance. They were almost thrown out but managed to trick everyone into thinking they were who they said they were.


What happened when Dick threw a guitar at Flostre?

When Dick threw a guitar at Flostre he fell backwards and hit his head. He was knocked out and Dick and Maggie took the opportunity to try to convince Jo to model the clothing collection.


Where was Dick going to go after he realized her couldn't talk Jo into modeling the collection?

Dick was going to New York after he realized that he couldn't talk Jo into modeling the collection. He was also mad that she was spending so much time with the Professor.


What did Jo do to escape from Professor Flostre?

Jo hit the Professor with an ornament after he tried to make a move on her. She was able to get out of the room just in time.


What did Maggie do while Jo modeled the clothing collection?

Maggie tried to contact Dick while Jo modeled the clothing collection. Maggie was having a hard time getting ahold of him because he was getting ready to get on a plane to go back home.


Where did Dick find Jo after she modeled the collection?

Dick found Jo at the church in the wedding dress that she had modeled there earlier. He skipped his flight after meeting Flostre and finding out what happened, and he ran off to be with Jo.


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