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Disney's Dumbo is a touching film featuring a baby elephant who is ridiculed and outcast for his uniquely large ears. Do you think you know everything about Dumbo the Flying Elephant? Take the quiz to find out!

How did the baby animals end up at the circus?

The baby animals ended up at the circus when they were delivered by storks. The storks flew through a storm and dropped the babies with a parachute into the cages they belonged in. Everyone but an elephant named Mrs. Jumbo were now parents.


Why was the stork carrying Dumbo late?

The stork that was carrying Dumbo was late because he had to figure out where he was going. He stopped on a cloud to check his map to see if he was going in the right direction. When he put Dumbo on the cloud beside him, the baby elephant kept falling through the cloud.


What did Mrs. Jumbo say that Dumbo's name was?

Mrs. Jumbo said that Dumbo's name was going to be Jumbo Jr. After Dumbo sneezed and his large ears came out, the other elephants started teasing him and calling him Dumbo.


What animal did most of the work to help set up the circus when it arrived in town?

When the circus arrived at their destination, the elephants helped to set it all up. They helped the people traveling with the circus to hammer poles into the ground, carry tents and poles to set up the circus for the attendees to enjoy.


Which animals pulled the carriage carrying a lion at the start of the circus?

Zebras pulled the carriage at the beginning of the circus. In the carriage, there was a lion. The carriage was part of the parade showing off the animals in the circus. These included hippos, gorillas and tigers.


What were the people at the circus laughing at in the parade?

The people watching the parade were laughing at the size of Dumbo's ears. This made Dumbo a little nervous and he ended up tripping over his ears and landing face first into a puddle of mud.


What did Mrs. Jumbo do when one of the kids starting teasing Dumbo?

When one of the kids started teasing Dumbo, Mrs. Jumbo became angry and hit the kid with her trunk to protect her son. When the employees of the circus saw this, they thought she was just attacking and locked her up so that she couldn't hurt anyone else.


What did one of the elephants call Dumbo after his mother was locked away?

One of the elephants called Dumbo a freak. After his mother was locked away, the other elephants were gossiping about what had happened. While Dumbo was in a corner with tears coming out of his eyes, one of the elephants said that "it was the fault of that F-R-E-A-K."


What did the elephants do when Dumbo approached them?

When Dumbo approached the other elephants, they pretended like they didn't see him. The elephants didn't want anything to do with him and called him a disgrace. They also said that they wouldn't eat from the same bail of hay as him.


Who tried to make Dumbo feel better after the elephants ignored him?

Timothy tried to make Dumbo feel better after the elephants ignored him. Timothy witnessed the elephants treating Dumbo badly and wanted to do something about it. He first scared all of the older elephants and then went to comfort Dumbo.


What did Timothy try to lure Dumbo out of the hay with?

Timothy tried to lure Dumbo out of the hay with a peanut. When Timothy was trying to comfort Dumbo, Dumbo wouldn't come out from under the hay because he was afraid of him. Dumbo later came out when Timothy said they would try to get his mother out.


How did Timothy help to make Dumbo part of the circus act?

Timothy helped to make Dumbo part of the circus by whispering in the Ringmaster's ear while he was sleeping. He whispered that the Ringmaster should use Dumbo as the climax of the show and when the Ringmaster woke up he did as Timothy said.


What happened when Dumbo tried to complete his part of the show?

When it was Dumbo's part of the show, he tripped over his ears. He hit the ball that the tower of elephants were standing on and they all toppled over, tearing the whole circus down in the process.


What did the circus make Dumbo after the incident?

The circus made Dumbo a clown after the incident during the show. The other elephants were gossiping again and even said that Dumbo was no longer and elephant. Dumbo then became part of an act which involved a burning building.


What did Timothy do for Dumbo after his clown performance?

After Timothy washed Dumbo's clown paint off, he noticed how sad Dumbo was. He tried to cheer him up by telling him that he had made an appointment for Dumbo to see his mother. Dumbo was much happier after hearing that and they went on their way to see her.


What did the clowns that were part of Dumbo's act plan to do during the show?

The clowns that are part of Dumbo's act planned to make Dumbo jump from a higher platform. The clowns wanted to make the show funnier and decided that if people were laughing when he jumped from 20 feet, they will laugh harder if he jumps from 40 feet.


What was in the water that Timothy had Dumbo drink?

There was liquor in the water that Timothy had Dumbo drink. Dumbo had the hiccups after visiting with his mother and Timothy thought he had found some water to cure them. When Dumbo drank the water, Timothy could tell something wasn't right. The clowns had dumped liquor in there not long before.


After and Timothy and Dumbo accidentally drank the liquor, what did they see?

After Timothy and Dumbo accidentally drank the liquor, they started to hallucinate and see pink elephants.The elephants were playing instruments and singing a song. The elephants would turn into different animals and forms right before Timothy and Dumbo's eyes.


Where did the crows find Dumbo and Timothy sleeping?

The crows found Dumbo and Timothy sleeping on a tree the morning after they accidentally drank the liquor. One of the crows blew smoke from his cigar onto Timothy to wake him up. When he woke up he said "pink elephants" and all of the crows burst into laughter.


What did Dumbo and Timothy land in when they fell out of the tree?

Dumbo and Timothy landed in a pond when they fell out of the tree. Dumbo was scared when he woke up and realized where they were, and the branch broke from underneath him. He and Timothy fell into the pond while the crows laughed at them.


How did Timothy and Dumbo get up on the tree?

Timothy and Dumbo got up in the tree by using Dumbo's ears to fly. After getting down from the tree, Timothy was trying to figure out how they had gotten up there in the first place. Then the crows mentioned that they might have flown up to the branch. Timothy then figured out that it was true!


How did Timothy make the crows feel bad about being mean to Dumbo?

Timothy told the crows Dumbo's story to make them feel bad about teasing and making fun of him. It worked and the crows realized how horrible they had treated Dumbo. Then they decided to help Timothy and Dumbo out.


What did the crows give to Timothy to help Dumbo fly?

The crows gave Timothy a magic feather to help Dumbo fly. The crows also gave Timothy some tips on how to fly. Timothy gave Dumbo the magic feather to hold so that he was able fly.


What did Dumbo do the second time he jumped from the platform of the burning house?

The second time that Dumbo jumped from the platform on the burning house, he started to fly. Dumbo had lost the magic feather on the fall from the platform and Timothy thought all hope was lost. Dumbo surprised Timothy and the crowd when he started flying just as he reached the ground.


Who did Dumbo shoot the peanuts at?

When Dumbo was flying during the show, he was able to get back at everyone who had doubted his worth. He shot peanuts from his trunk at all the other elephants and caused the clowns to take off running from him!


Who became Dumbo's manager when he became famous for flying?

Timothy became Dumbo's manager after he became famous for flying. Dumbo was featured in newspapers and magazines and he also received an award. One of the magazines showed Timothy as his manager and said that he had signed a Hollywood deal!


What did Dumbo and Mrs. Jumbo get on the train that carries the circus animals?

Dumbo and Mrs. Jumbo get their own private train car on the train that carries the circus. In the last scene, Dumbo is flying and lands into his mother's arms as the crows follow close behind.


What does Dumbo hang onto when he goes with Timothy or his mother?

Dumbo grabs onto Timothy and his mother's tail when he goes places with them. Elephants in real life also do this. They walk in a single-file line with the elder ahead and the younger elephants behind grabbing onto their tail.


When Dumbo first performed with the elephants, what was he supposed to wave in the air?

When Dumbo first performed with the elephants he was supposed to wave a flag in the air. He didn't have the chance to wave the flag because of the accident he had from tripping over his ears. His flag had the letter "D" on it.


What song did the crows sing?

The crows sing "When I See an Elephant Fly." They sing this a few times throughout the movie and specifically in the very last scene. The song is about everything crazy that they have seen and how they'll have seen almost everything when they see an elephant fly.


What did the sign on Mrs. Jumbo's cage say?

The sign on Mrs. Jumbo's cage said "Mad Elephant." It said this because she attacked the kids that were teasing and hurting Dumbo. It also had "warning" written on it. Mrs. Jumbo was actually a very nice elephant, but she wanted to protect her son.


What was the name of the book that the movie was made from?

The name of the book that the movie was made from was called "Dumbo the Flying Elephant." The book was a version of "Roll-A-Book". Walt Disney then decided to turn the book into a movie.


Which of the following didn't Dumbo do in the film?

Dumbo didn't talk in the film at all. Dumbo did eventually speak in a show on the Disney Channel called "Dumbo's Circus." The show was live action and had 120 episodes.


What was Dumbo II supposed to be about?

Dumbo II was supposed to be about Dumbo and the other baby animals getting separated from the circus and lost. The animals would have to find their way back. There were many new characters to be featured in the sequel but it was unfortunately cancelled.


What color is Mrs. Jumbo's hat?

Mrs. Jumbo's hat is light pink. All of the elephants wear colored outfits in the circus. All of the colors worn by the elephants are dark pink, red, light blue and light green.


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