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"Degrassi" has been on TV for YEARS, and if you're an ultimate fan, test your knowledge of the show!

What country does Degrassi take place in?

The entire Degrassi franchise, which features 4 different shows all takes place in Canada.


Which character sneaks out to meet her online boyfriend in the pilot episode?

In the pilot episode "Mother and Daughter Reunion," Emma goes to meet her online boyfriend at a hotel.


Who dated Paige's brother, Dylan?

After pretending to date his friend Ellie, Dylan and Marco finally go on their first date in season 3.


Which of these characters does Emma date in Season 1?

Emma begins dating Sean during season 1, but after a few bumps in the road, their relationship ends in Season 6 when he joins the army.


Which of these characters did Liberty have a baby with?

JT and Liberty started dating in Season 4 before ending their relationship in Season 5, right before Liberty found out she was pregnant.


Which of these couples were dating at the beginning of the series?

In Season 1, Episode 6, we see Jimmy and Ashley celebrating their 8 month anniversary.


What is the name of the restaurant where the Degrassi kids hang out?

Throughout the season, we'll see the students of Degrassi hang out at The Dot, just a few blocks away from their school.


Who does Emma's mother, Spike eventually marry?

Although Spike originally has a crush on Snake in Degrassi High, they don't start dating until Degrassi: The Next Generation where they also get married.


Which character was shot and put in a wheelchair?

After thinking Jimmy was a part of his humiliation at a school event, Rick shoots Jimmy and paralyzes him.


Which of these characters were expelled from school?

Because they bullied Rick and were also responsible for the tar and feather prank, Jay and Spinner were expelled from the school.


When Ashley took Ecstasy at her party, which of these characters did she make out with?

Tired of being a good girl, Ashley decides to throw a party and accidentally takes an ecstasy pill that JT brought for him, Toby, and Sean.


How does JT's character die?

In Season 6, JT leaves Liberty's birthday party after her to tell her he loves her but runs into Lakehurst students who planned on revenge.


When Craig appears in Season 2, what is he shown to be interested in?

When Craig appears in Season 2, he is often found taking pictures of his half-sister, Angela.


Which of these characters does Emma never date?

Emma dated Sean and Peter and eventually married Spinner, but her and Toby always remained friends.


Which of these characters is Paige's best friend?

In Season 1, we are introduced to Hazel who is Paige's best friend and fellow fashionista.


Which of these characters shot Rick when he brought the gun to school?

After trying to wrestle the gun away from Rick, Sean accidentally shoots him in the struggle.


Season 3's episode "Take On Me" where some of the cast have detention was based on what movie?

The episode "Take On Me" was a portrayal of "The Breakfast Club" where Toby, Jimmy, Ellie, Sean, and Hazel were forced into Saturday detention.


Which of these characters does Sean date after his relationship with Emma?

After breaking up with Emma, Sean begins dating Ellie in Season 3, and she comes to live with him to get away from her alcoholic mother.


Which of these characters stops eating to lose weight for the wrestling team?

When Toby is beaten by Sean, he starts taking laxatives and stops eating in an effort to lose weight and switch his division.


Which of these characters is Toby's stepsister?

Toby and Ashley become step-brother and sister when his dad marries her mom.


Which of these characters on the show were pregnant?

Liberty and Manny were the only characters to become pregnant on the show in seasons 5 and 3, respectively.


Who was science teacher/principal Ms. Hatsilakos' son?

When Peter joins the show in Season 5, it is revealed that he is Ms. Hatsilakos' son.


Who did Craig live with after his father died?

After his father passes away, Craig goes to live with his half-sister and step-father, who is mother married after divorcing his father.


Whose sibling does Toby want to date?

During season 2, Toby wants to date Kendra Mason, who happens to be Spinner's adopted sister.


Which character does Ashley date after her break-up with Jimmy?

After Jimmy can't get over Ashley's new goth look, she begins dating Craig who is okay with her new persona.


Who plants drugs in Sean's locker?

In a final play to get Sean away from Emma, Peter plants drugs in Sean's locker so he can get expelled.


Who filmed a movie at Degrassi?

Kevin Smith played himself to film a Jay and Silent Bob movie on the Degrassi campus.


Who has a "time of the month" accident at school?

In season 1, Emma hides the evidence when JT lets her borrow his gym shorts to wear around school.


What is the name of the character who is always mentioned as a "popular girl" but is never seen?

Throughout the series, many of the characters will name Heather Sinclair as being the most popular girl in school, but she is never shown on camera.


What is the name of Paige's band?

The name of the band with Paige, Terri, and Ashley was called Paige Michaelchuk and the Sex Kittens.


Who does Craig cheat on Ashley with?

Manny is initially infatuated with Craig when he comes to Degrassi and this leads to a secret relationship between the two.


Which of these characters on the show dated?

After becoming good friends, Paige and Alex begin dating in Season 5, but ultimately break up when they start planning for college.


Who does Ashley become best friends with when her friends ditch her after she cheats on Jimmy?

When Ashley is left with no friends, she becomes friends with outcast, Ellie Nash, and adopts her goth-like style.


What famous rapper appeared on Degrassi as Jimmy Brooks?

Although you'll see his name appear as "Aubrey Graham" in the credits, rapper Drake goes by his middle name and appeared in 8 seasons of Degrassi.


What's the name of the theme song?

For all seasons of Degrassi, "Whatever It Takes" has served as the theme song, whether it was with lyrics or the instrumental.


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