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What does the word "rosebud" mean to Mr. Kane? This is what Jerry, who is working on a film about Mr. Kane, spends the movie trying to figure out. Think you know the meaning? Take the quiz to find out!

What is the first word spoken in the movie?

Rosebud is the first word spoken in the movie. This word has a significant meaning, and Jerry works to find out what it meant to Mr. Kane.

Who passed away at the beginning of the film?

Charles Kane passed away at the beginning of the film. Charles was famous for his work in newspapers and he had a ridiculously large mansion.

What happened to some of Charles Foster Kane's newspaper companies during the Great Depression?

Some of the newspaper companies owned by Charles Foster Kane were merged during the Great Depression. Although people still read his newspapers, it wasn't enough to keep them going.

What did Susan Alexander Kane do when Jerry approached her for the first time?

Susan threw Jerry out of her nightclub when he approached her to ask about Mr. Kane. She was visibly annoyed and was looking for a drink instead of a chat.

After his encounter with Susan, where did Jerry go to find out more about Mr. Kane?

Jerry went to the library after his encounter with Susan to find out more about Mr. Kane. The librarian allowed him to read a memoir by Thatcher that mentioned Mr. Kane.

To whom did Mrs. Kane give Charles Kane?

Mrs. Kane gave Charles to Thatcher. She thought he could have a better life if he went along with Thatcher, but Charles didn't want to leave his home and his parents.

What was Mr. Kane interested in that was on Thatcher's list?

Mr. Kane was interested in The New York Inquirer, a newspaper on Mr. Thatcher's list. He had no interest in the many other companies that were there.

Why didn't Thatcher like how Kane was running the newspaper?

Thatcher didn't like the way Kane was running the newspaper because it was bad for Thatcher's businesses. Kane's articles led to a fight between the two because Kane was looking out for the underprivileged, while Thatcher had his business interests in mind.

What did Charles never do?

Charles never made an investment. He and Thatcher spoke about how he only spent his money on material items.

What did Mr. Bernstein suggest that Rosebud might have meant?

Mr. Bernstein suggested that Rosebud might have been the name of a girl. Jerry thought it was a ridiculous suggestion and couldn't see why Charles would say the name of someone he knew so long ago.

Is this statement true or false? "Emily understood why Charles spent so much time at the newspaper?"

This statement is false. Emily didn't understand why -- or how -- Charles could spend so much time working at the newspaper. He was very involved in his work, but she believed he should be spending a little more time at home.

Fill in the blank: _________________'s picture was in Mr. Bernstein's office.

Charles Foster Kane's picture was in Mr. Bernstein's office. Mr. Bernstein worked closely with Mr. Kane, and Jerry thought that he might learn about Rosebud from Mr. Bernstein.

Who did Charles butt heads with at the Inquirer?

Charles and Mr. Carter didn't see eye to eye. First he took Mr. Carter's office, then he asked Mr. Carter to go against what he believed great journalism should be.

What did Charles do to make his newspaper more successful?

In order to make his newspaper more successful, Charles hired the rival newspaper's employees. His plan worked, and the newspaper's circulation increased rapidly.

The social announcement that Charles gave to Ms. Townsend was about what?

The "social announcement" that Charles gave to Ms. Townsend was about Charles' engagement. While away in Paris, he got engaged to the niece of the President of the United States, Emily Norton.

Who did Mr. Bernstien suggest that Jerry talk to?

Mr. Bernstein suggested that Jerry talk to a friend of Kane's named Jed Leland. He was close with Kane and worked for him when he ran the newspaper.

Is this statement true or false, "Mr. Leland said Kane acted like a swine?"

The above statement is true. Although Kane and Mr. Leland were once good friends, Mr. Leland didn't always agree with what Kane did. He told Jerry that sometimes Kane acted like a swine.

Fill in the blank: Mr. Leland said that Charles didn't have any __________ to give.

Mr. Leland said that Charles didn't have any love to give. He said the reason Charles did anything was to recieve love, but he was never able to give love to anyone else.

After she got tired of dealing with the pressure she was under with her singing, what did Susan do?

Susan was dealing with an immense amount of pressure when performing. she attempted suicide, but a doctor was called in to save her. The scare made Charles realize she couldn't continue singing.

What was wrong with Susan when she and Charles first met?

When Susan and Charles first met, Susan had a toothache. She saw Charles covered in mud while walking home from the drug store and offered to get him hot water. The rest was history!

Is this statement true or false, "Susan wanted to be a singer?"

This statement is true. Susan told Charles that she wanted to be a singer on the night they first met. Her dreams came true as she later owned a bar where she performed.

Fill in the blank: Charles Foster Kane ran for __________.

Charles Foster Kane ran for governor. His rival was named Jim Gettys. He ultimately ended up losing the election and his wife, Emily.

What did Jim Gettys threaten Susan into doing?

Jim Gettys threatened Susan into sending Emily a letter. After finding it, Emily went with Charles to the address on the card, where they found both Susan and Jim.

What did Jim threaten to do if Charles didn't drop out of the election?

If Charles didn't drop out of the election, Jim threatened to publish a story about him and Susan. Despite the situation he was put in, Charles chose to stay in the election and let the story get out.

Where was the newspaper that Leland asked Charles to move to?

Leland asked Charles if he could be moved to the newspaper in Chicago. Although he tried to talk Leland out of it, Charles allowed him to move there anyway.

Is it true or false that Xanadu is the name of Charles and Emily's son?

This is false. The name of Charles and Emily's son is Charles Foster Kane III. Xanadu is the name of the Charles' estate, which had it's own zoo, countless paintings, statues and more.

Can you fill in the blank?: Mr. Leland gave Susan's performance a _________ review.

Mr. Leland gave Susan's performance a bad review. When Charles found out about the review, he wasn't very impressed.

For whom was Xanadu built?

Xanadu was built for Susan. Susan would rather have been in New York, but she never got her wish.

Fill in the blank: Susan enjoyed doing _______________ while living at Xanadu.

Susan enjoyed doing puzzles while she and Charles lived at Xanadu. With everything they could ever need right at their home, they didn't go out. Susan did puzzles to pass the time.

What did Susan do after she became fed up with Charles?

After becoming fed up with Charles, Susan left him. Despite Charles asking her to stay, she didn't feel her life with Charles at Xanadu was what she wanted.

With whom did Susan tell Jerry he should speak?

Susan told Jerry that he should talk to Charles' butler, Raymond. Charles went to speak with him, but he still could not find the meaning of "rosebud."

What was Charles holding just before he passed away?

Charles was holding a snow globe just before he passed away. Raymond told Jerry that he had seen Charles on one other occasion holding the snow globe and he had also heard Charles say "rosebud."

How much did Xanadu cost?

Nobody knows the cost of Xanadu. Considering the many statues, zoo and it's large size of 49,000 acres, the price tag must have been quite high!

Is it true or false that Charles married Susan?

It is true that Charles married Susan. She was his second wife after Emily, the mother of his son, who he divorced. He gave Susan a place to make her dream of becoming a singer a reality.

What was "rosebud?"

Rosebud was the name of the sled that Charles had when he was young. Charles was shown playing with it near the beginning of the movie, before Thatcher took him away.

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