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This installment in the Marvel series teamed Cap with Natasha "the Black Widow" Romanoff, and reunited him with an old friend from Brooklyn (sort of). Now, test your knowledge of "Winter Soldier" with our quiz!

Where does the movie's action open?

Stever Rogers is out for his morning run, and keeps lapping a young vet, who introduces himself afterward as Sam Wilson. It's the start of a beautiful friendship!


What music album does Sam recommend to Steve?

Steve adds it to a little list he carries around, of recommendations for things that will help him understand the 21st century. Also on the list are "Star Trek/Wars" and "Thai food."


Which of these is NOT among the things Steve likes about living in the 21st century?

It's nice to see that Steve isn't lost in nostalgia for his past. And the commendation of the polio vaccine is, sidebar, a rather timely and nice touch.


In what kind of car does Natasha pick up Steve?

All the notable vehicles in "Winter Soldier" were by Chevrolet, who apparently had a promotion deal. It's not subtle -- watch for the scene where the bad guy's car pulls up next to Nick Fury's SUV, with the camera tight on the Chevy logo on both grills.


What is the name of the hijacked ship in the Indian Ocean?

The name has significance in the Marvel universe. "Lemuria" was a submerged continent in a series of comics by Jack Kirby.


Why, according to Cap, is he not "doing anything fun on Saturday night?"

This exchange is part of a running bit in which Natasha (the Black Widow) tries to set Steve up with a woman. When he tells her to concentrate on the mission at hand, she says, "I'm multi-tasking."


Which MMA star played the lead hijacker?

Georges St. Pierre was the UFC welterweight champion three times. Before his success in sports, he worked briefly as a garbage collector -- a resume item he shares with NBA legend Larry Bird.


Who played the treacherous Agent Rumlow?

Grillo starred in the last two "Purge" movies. In "Anarchy" he was just listed as "Sergeant," but by the third, he had a name: Leo Barnes.


Who played Secretary of Defense Alexander Pierce?

Redford reportedly took the role because his grandkids like the Marvel movies. Also, watch for a jar of Newman's Own pasta sauce in Pierce's kitchen -- Paul Newman was Redford's co-star in "Butch Cassidy and the Sundance Kid."


What was Nick Fury's grandfather's job?

Fury talks about his grandfather to Steve while in the Triskelion's elevator. Fun fact: According to trivia, Samuel L. Jackson's grandfather was, in fact, an elevator operator.


What is the name of the SHIELD headquarters building?

According to Merriam-Webster, a "triskelion" is three curved or bent lines radiating from a single point. The Triskelion's buildings don't curve all that much, but it's a cool name anyhow.


What is Fury's middle initial?

It's short for "Joseph." We hear it several times in "Winter Soldier" -- every time Fury authorizes a "director override" on something forbidden, he identifies himself as "Fury, Nicholas J."


Who recognizes Steve as Captain America at the Smithsonian exhibit?

Steve goes to the Smithsonian without much of a disguise, just civilian clothes and a baseball cap. When the little boy recognizes him, Steve lifts a finger to his lips, and the boy nods knowingly.


What does Secretary Pierce want from Fury, in exchange for delaying Project Insight?

Pierce follows up by telling Fury, "Not just a fly-by, either. He's got to mingle."


To where does Nick Fury retreat after the attack on his life?

Steve realizes that someone is in his apartment when Kate, the attractive nurse next door, tells him, "I think you left your stereo on," but Steve knows he didn't. (Of course, "Kate the nurse next door" isn't who Steve thinks she is, but we'll get to that shortly).


What advice does Fury give Steve just after being shot?

Fury also gives Steve a flash drive. Then "Kate, the nurse next door," comes in armed and identifies herself as "Agent 13, of SHIELD." Really, are we EVER going to learn her real name?


Where does Steve hide Fury's flash drive?

Yeah, but what if someone buys it? This not only compromises national security, but everyone knows how frustrating it is to get the wrong item from a vending machine!


Who does Pierce think was responsible for the hijacking of the Lemurian Star?

Pierce tells Steve that the main hijacker, Batroc, was contacted anonymously and paid via wire transfer, the money trail leading back to a deceased man who used to live next door to Nick Fury's mother. But Steve rejects the idea that Fury had anything to do with the hijacking.


Where do Rumlow and his men attack Steve?

We would have liked to have seen​ a scene in which the elevator reaches the lobby level, and a bunch of fighting, bleeding guys tumble out in front of visiting schoolchildren. However, the fight ends with Cap breaking the glass window and leaping to safety.


Who gets the flash drive out of the vending machine?

Steve goes to the hospital to retrieve the drive after becoming a fugitive. As he sees the empty coils in the vending machine, Natasha appears behind him, chewing gum. Leading to the question: How long did she hang around the hospital waiting for Steve, just so she could make that great entrance?


Whose consciousness is uploaded into the computer room at Camp Lehigh?

Zola tells them that he received a terminal diagnosis in 1972, but his mind was uploaded into the data banks they are standing among. "You are standing inside my brain," he boasts.


Whom does Pierce kill for seeing him talking to the Winter Soldier?

"Oh, Renata, I wish you would have knocked," Pierce says, and shoots her. Why is it that in movies filled with violence, small simple deaths like these always seem the most unfair?


What is the name of the secret project Sam was part of in the Middle East?

Wilson tells Steve early on that his wingman, Riley, was shot down over there. Later, he reveals that they weren't pilots -- they flew with a jet pack and intricate folding wings. (It looks really fun, btw).


What did Zola's algorithm do, according to Agent Sitwell?

Zola's algorithm is identifying possible assets to SHIELD and its mission. Watch for a name-drop of Stephen Strange here, a reference to a movie that won't be made for another two years.


What is Agent Sitwell's ultimate fate?

This seems like a harsh way to treat a HYDRA asset. But, you know ... loose lips and all that. Sitwell has already spilled secrets to Cap and Natasha.


What part of the Winter Soldier's body is synthetic?

Bucky's arm was apparently injured in his fall into the crevice. We see a very brief glimpse of it being amputated when Bucky has a flashback to the days after his near-fatal accident.


How, according to Steve's theorizing, did Bucky survive his fall into the crevice years ago?

Bucky and the other members of the 107th were held in a Hydra camp and experimented on by Zola. Apparently Zola was trying to create a super-soldier like Captain America, and Bucky was part of that experiment.


What is the name of SHIELD's helicarrier/spy satellite project?

The project started out under Fury's control. But Natasha and Cap learn that HYDRA, operating within SHIELD, has taken it over and corrupted it, so that it will be used to kill people with special talents.


Who is hiding among the HYDRA agents who capture Natasha, Steve and Sam?

Hill saves the three from Hydra custody. Then she takes them to Fury, who faked his own death in order to hide from his enemies.


When Cap falls from the helicarrier, where does he land?

Captain America is unconscious when he hits the water. Bucky, however, pulls him to safety. Awww.


What is finally revealed to be the real name of "Kate"/Agent 13?

Natasha tells Steve this in the movie's final scene. Though she doesn't say the last name, Marvel fans are expected to know it's "Carter" -- she's the niece of Agent Peggy Carter.


Where does Sharon end up working after SHIELD?

We don't get any details on her career change, just a glimpse. During a montage set to Marvin Gaye's "Trouble Man," we see Sharon on a firing range. She is wearing an official-issue CIA T-shirt.


How does Brock Rumlow die?

Rumlow is badly burned, but survives; we see this during the "Trouble Man" montage. He's later given the nickname "Crossbones."


Which character(s) do we see in a closing-credits snippet?

The Maximoff twins are Quicksilver and the Scarlet Witch, whose powers are super-speed and psychokinesis. They feature prominently in "Avengers: Age of Ultron."


Where does Stan Lee make his inevitable cameo?

Steve goes to the museum a second time to get his old uniform, which is on display. Lee, as the security guard, looks at the bare mannequin and says, "I am so fired."


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