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Enter the world of sweet cakes, delightful desserts, and overflowing cannoli in Hoboken, New Jersey. Test your knowledge of the reality TV family and the iconic bakery.

What is the name of the bakery where Cake Boss takes place?

Carlo's Bakery is the name of the bakery that Cake Boss follows. It was acquired by Bartolo Valastro Sr. many years after it first opened.


When did the original Carlo's Bakery open?

Carlo's Bakery was originally opened by Carlo Guastaferro in 1910. Carlo’s is a family-owned bakery.


Where is the original Carlo's Bakery located?

The original Carlo's Bakery is located in Hoboken, New Jersey. Carlo's Bakery opened in 1910. It is run by the Valastro family.


When was Carlo's Bakery acquired by the Valastro family?

Carlo's Bakery was originally opened by Carlo Guastaferro in 1910. It was acquired by Bartolo Valastro Sr. in 1964. His family still runs the bakery in 2017.


When did Bartolo Valastro Sr. die?

Bartolo Valastro Sr. died in 1994. He had acquired the bakery in 1964. His family still runs the bakery in his honor.


What is the name of Valastro Sr.'s child, who is now Carlo's Bakery's master baker?

After his father's passing, Bartolo Jr. “Buddy” became the master baker. He has been featured in numerous publications, such as Modern Bride and The Knot. Buddy’s cake was voted by Today Show viewers as the best cake in America.


When did Cake Boss premiere on TLC?

Cake Boss premiered on TLC in April 2009. The show follows the Valastro family operating Carlo's Bakery. It includes Valastro Sr.'s five children, his wife, and offspring.


What does Cake Boss focus on?

Cake Boss follows Buddy and his staff making elaborate custom-order novelty cakes. The show focuses on how they make their edible art cakes, and the interpersonal relationships among the various family members and other employees who work at the shop.


How many seasons of Cake Boss have aired on TLC, as of 2016?

Cake Boss has aired for 8 seasons, with 230 episodes. It was renewed for two more seasons in January 2015.


Who was one especially notable employee at Carlo's Bakery?

One notable employee was Sal Picinich. He began working at the bakery shortly after the Valastro family purchased it in 1964. He continued until his death on January 30, 2011.


Which Valastro sister is Joseph "Joey" Faugno married to?

Joseph "Joey" Faugno, born October 10, 1967, is the head baker at Carlo's Bakery. He is married to Buddy's oldest sister, Grace. They have two children: Robert and Bartolina.


How many sisters does Buddy have?

Buddy has four sisters -- Grace, Lisa, Mary and Maddalena all work at Carlo's Bakery. Their significant others also work there and appear in Cake Boss episodes.


Which Valastro sister is married to Mauro Castano?

Mauro Castano is the pastry chef and Buddy's right-hand man at Carlo's Bakery. . He is married to Buddy's second-oldest sister, Maddalena. He was born in Milan and left Italy when he was 12. On September 16, 1989, he had his first date with Maddalena (her father orchestrated all), and in October 1991 they married.


What job does Mary do at the bakery?

Mary Sciarrone is a cake consultant. She is Buddy's third-oldest sister. She is married with two children: Joseph and Lucia.


Which sister was once fired, then rehired later at the bakery?

In the fifth season episode, "Stained Glass & a Surprised Danny," Mary was fired because of multiple incidents involving her making inappropriate statements. Mary was rehired as a cake consultant a few weeks after being fired. She returned to full-time work at the bakery in the episode "Silly Seuss & Surprise!"


How many kids does Buddy have?

Buddy is married to Elisabetta "Lisa" Valastro. They have four kids: Sofia Valastro, Carlo Valastro, Marco Valastro, and Buddy Valastro, Jr. Lisa also works at Carlo's Bakery.


Each year on June 13, what is the tradition at Carlo's Bakery?

Carlo's Bakery donates bread to Hoboken's St. Francis Church in honor of St. Anthony annually on June 13. Carlo's Bakery has participated in this special Mass held at St. Francis Church in Hoboken. Before the Mass, St. Anthony bread -- a term used by Catholics to signify offerings to God through prayers for this patron saint -- is blessed. After the service, the loaves are offered to members of the congregation. Easter bread and soda bread (the only two kinds Carlo's Bakery sells) are donated for the Feast of St. Anthony.


As a result of the popularity of Cake Boss, how did Carlo's Bakery expand?

As a result of the popularity of Cake Boss on TLC, Carlo's Bakery built a new factory at Lackawanna Center, a mixed industrial-retail complex in nearby Jersey City. Carlo's Bakery uses the additional space to make specialty cakes, and also to make baked goods for shipment across the country. Because of the limited space at the Hoboken location, Carlo's Bakery had been unable to ship cakes beyond a short driving distance from the bakery.


A crew of less than 10 people at Carlo's Bakery makes up to how many pies to sell for the Thanksgiving holiday every year?

The weeks before Thanksgiving and Christmas are the busiest time of the year for Carlo's Bakery. However, while many cakes and pastries are baked and delivered to customers during this period, pies are the most popular desserts purchased for Thanksgiving. Pies are one of the most time-consuming baked goods available at Carlo's; all are handmade and follow Buddy's father's original recipes. In the days leading up to Thanksgiving, a crew of five or more people works up to 12 hours per shift to prepare and bake thousands of the tasty desserts, so they're ready in time for the annual American holiday.


What is the most popular pastry sold at Carlo's Bakery?

The lobster tail pastry is the most popular pastry at Carlo's Bakery. It is named such because it's shaped like the crustacean's hindquarters -- it is a flaky, crispy dessert filled with rich custard and whipped cream. Rolled by hand and requiring the help of up to five workers, the dough must be stretched very thin to achieve the flaky texture the sweet treat is known for. It took Carlo's bakers many years to perfect the recipe through trial and error, but their hard work has paid off -- more than 6,000 lobster tail pastries are made every week to meet customer demand.


What is the most popular kind of cookie sold at Carlo's?

This traditional Italian cookie, made with sugar, almond flour, egg whites, and pine nuts, is commonly described as an Italian version of macaroons. To make this soft and toasty treat, dough is laid on a layer of pignoli (pine) nuts and chilled overnight in a refrigerator so the nuts adhere to the dough. The following day, the cookie dough is rolled into individual balls and baked. The staff says the smell of pignoli nut cookies baking in the oven is delicious, and the taste is even better.


On average, Carlo's Bakery makes how many cakes a week during wedding season?

Due to their busy schedule during wedding season, Carlo's has several small teams in place to make the best cakes possible. A crew of about five people specializes in baking them, and another small group is responsible for the fillings -- which is arguably the more important job. Fillings often determine the height of the dessert, and the cake must be cut correctly for the filling to stay inside. Once the cakes are baked and filled, a talented team of decorators turn them into delicious pieces of art.


The staff at Carlo's Bakery sells how many different flavors of cupcakes?

The staff typically makes more than 6,000 of the tiny cakes per week. To accommodate orders during wedding season, Buddy's crew bakes up to 4,000 additional cupcakes a week for couples who are tying the knot.


What is the best selling cupcake flavor at Carlo's Bakery?

Red velvet is by far the most popular flavor. The bakery often sells more than 1,000 of these miniature gourmet desserts each week on their own!


What is the most requested layer cake flavor at Carlo's Bakery?

Chocolate mousse is a rich sweet that remains popular with customers due to its smooth, creamy taste. If you order mousse as a layer flavor on your cake, chocolate ganache -- a mix of hot cream and chocolate -- is used to make a shiny, smooth glaze. This decadent dessert is a frequent choice with customers looking for unique birthday cakes and tasty baby shower-themed cakes.


Carlo's Bakery is an Italian bakery. How many different kinds of biscotti does it sell?

Carlo's Bakery sells 8 different kinds of biscotti. Chocolate pistachio is often the most popular flavor with Carlo's customers, but other flavors include milk chocolate, anisette, vanilla pistachio, dark chocolate, vanilla hazelnut, and almond chocolate pistachio with dried cherries. As with all of their pastries, cakes, and cookies, the staff at Carlo's takes pride in using the finest ingredients for biscotti, including nuts and dry sherry imported from Italy.


Buddy's mother, Mary Valastro Pinto, worked at the bakery until her retirement in what year?

Mary Valastro Pinto was a show regular until her 2010 retirement. She still appears on the show on occasion. It was announced in 2012 that she has been diagnosed with ALS.


Buddy Valastro now owns how many restaurants and bakeries?

Carlo's Bakery now has another dozen locations, on top of the original Hoboken location. With six bakeries in his native New Jersey, two in neighboring New York State, and shops in Connecticut, Pennsylvania, Nevada, Florida, and Texas, Carlo's Bakery is becoming a national brand.


Buddy's heaviest cake so far, as of 2016, is a sculpture of what?

The life-sized race car cake featured racing tires made from ganache and a pastry engine. The entire thing was made from 2,500 separate sheet cakes and weighed in at more than five tons: significantly more than an actual race car!


What did Buddy once make for his wife, as a birthday present?

For his wife's 30th birthday, Buddy made her a life-sized version of herself in cake form! Life is awfully sweet !


Buddy often uses what type of sugar-based paste, which is thin and lightweight, to cover his cakes?

Fondant is an edible icing used to decorate or sculpt cakes and pastries. It is made from sugar, water, gelatin, and glycerol. Buddy uses it to cover his cakes before starting to decorate.


What is the name of Buddy's memoir?

Buddy's memoir is titled "Cake Boss: Stories and Recipes from Mia Famiglia." He tells his story and recounts his family’s warm memories from a lifetime of living, loving, and cake-making.


The success of Cake Boss has led to a spin-off competition series, hosted by Valastro, called what?

Next Great Baker is the title of the spin-off. The show features people competing to win a top cash prize, other valuable prizes, and an apprenticeship at Carlo's Bakery. The program's first season premiered on TLC on December 6, 2010.


How old was Buddy when he started working at Carlo's Bakery?

Buddy was 11 years old when he started working at Carlo's Bakery. He took over as head baker when his father died, when Buddy was 17.


How many cups of cannoli cream are in Buddy's famous cannoli recipe?

Buddy's cannoli recipe has 3 cups of cannoli cream. It only makes 8 cannoli, so that's a lot of cream!


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