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What is the name of the city that Arrow takes place in?

The name of the city is Star City which was formerly known as Starling City. After Ray Palmer bought Queen Consolidated, he wanted to rebrand the city, hence the name Star City!


What was the name of the island that Oliver was stranded on for 5 years?

The name of the island was Lian Yu which was located in the North China Sea.


Who is Laurel's sister?

She was on the same ship that left Oliver stranded on Lian Yu, but she was presumed to be dead.


What is Ra's al Ghul the leader of?

Ra's al Ghul was the leader of the League of Assassins. His daughter, Nyssa, is his heir.


Who was John Diggle's daughter named after?

John Diggle's daughter, Sara, was named after Sara Lance.


Who is Oliver's sister?

Oliver's sister is Thea Queen, who he protects at all costs.


What does the Mirakuru do?

The Mirakuru can turn you into a super soldier. It can also cause death.


What was Roy's vigilante name?

Roy's vigilante name is Arsenal. He eventually leaves Team Arrow after being put in jail.


What gives Damien Dahrk his power?

Damien Dahrk needs the idol to use his powers. When he's separated from the idol, his powers don't work.


What happened to Felicity after she and Oliver were attacked by H.I.V.E.?

Felicity was paralyzed after being attacked by H.I.V.E.


What was Quentin Lance's occupation?

Quentin was the Police Captain until he was put on trial. After he confessed to helping Damien Dahrk, he lost his job.


What is the name of the pit that can resurrect humans?

The name of the pit is the Lazarus Pit. Laurel brought Sara to the pit to revive her after her death. After resurrection, the person loses their soul and becomes bloodthirsty.


What was Felicity's code name?

Felicity's code name is Overwatch.


Who is Thea's biological father?

Malcolm Merlyn is Thea's biological father. He is also the father of Tommy Merlyn.


Who was Sara's ex-lover?

Nyssa was Sara's ex-lover. Ra's al Ghul did not approve of their relationship.


After buying Queen Consolidated, what did Ray Palmer rename the company?

Ray renamed the company Palmer Technologies.


What organization is Andy Diggle part of?

Andy Diggle was a member of H.I.V.E., which hurt John. He knew his brother was a good man deep down, but struggled to try and get the good man he once was back.


Who taught Thea how to defend herself?

Malcolm Merlyn taught Thea how to fight in Corto Maltese. Oliver eventually found her and tried to convince her to go back to Star City.


Who becomes the Black Canary after Sara's death?

Laurel became the Black Canary after her sister Sara, who was known as the Canary died.


What is Oliver's catchphrase as the Arrow?

Oliver's catchphrase is "You have failed this city."


What was Oliver's new name after joining the League of Assassins?

Oliver was named Al Sah-Him by Ra's al Ghul when he became the heir to the demon.


What is Felicity's father's nickname?

Felicity's father's nickname is The Calculator. Before Felicity knew it was him, she made a comment about how bad the name is!


Where did Felicity attend college?

Felicity went to MIT, where she became part of a hacktivist group that caused her and the rest of the team problems in the future.


Who does Felicity's mother start dating?

Felicity's mom started dating Quentin, which was very unexpected.


Who developed the microchip that helped Felicity walk again?

Curtis created the microchip, and gave it to Felicity as a present at her and Oliver's engagement party. Oliver and Felicity were ecstatic!


Who left behind a list of names for Oliver?

Oliver's father left behind a list of names of business people that ruined Starling City.


What is Thea's code name?

Thea's code name is Speedy because when her and Oliver were younger, he used to chase after her.


When Laurel becomes the Black Canary, what does she do to help the team fight the villains?

Laurel can let out a high pitched screech to impair and startle the enemy.


After Sara's death, how does Nyssa find comfort?

Nyssa takes comfort in spending time with Laurel. They both suffer from the loss of Sara and realize that they both understand the pain that they are experiencing.


What does Oliver refer to the 5 years stranded on an island as?

Oliver refers to his time on the island as Hell.


What fuels Damien Dahrk's powers?

As more people die, their souls enter Damien Dahrk and give him more power.


Who was known as Deathstroke?

Slade Wilson is known as Deathstroke.


What does Brie Larvan unleash on her enemies?

Brie Larvan unleashed bees on her enemies. She entered Palmer Technologies and unleashed bees that physically harmed Oliver.


Who killed Sara?

Thea unknowingly killed Sara because Malcolm had her under his control. Thea later found out what she did, and told Laurel.


When something goes wrong, who does Oliver always blame?

Oliver always blames himself. When things go wrong, all of Team Arrow knows that Oliver believes it is because of him.


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