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"Angel and the Badman" is a 1947 movie about a gunman who meets and falls in love with a woman and slowly changes into a man who isn't as violent. How well do you remember the classic western? Take the quiz to find out!

What happened to Quirt at the beginning of the movie?

At the beginning of the movie, Quirt fell off his horse. Luckily, a man was nearby who witnessed the fall and offered to help him.


Where did Quirt want to go when Quaker tried to help him after his fall?

Quirt wanted to go to the telegraph station after Quaker tried to help him after his fall. Quaker told him that he would take him.


What happened to Quirt at the telegraph station?

Quirt passed out while at the telegraph station. The man who ran the station was very intrigued by Quirt, and wanted to see how many notches his gun had.


What was the doctor trying to do when Quirt wouldn't stop moving?

The doctor was trying to remove a bullet from Quirt. The Worth's were taking care of Quirt until he was well again.


What do the Worths not like?

The Worths don't like guns and violence. When Quirt arrived at their house, they unloaded his gun and put it away.


What was Quirt talking about during his delirious spells?

Quirt was talking about his past during his delirious spells. He was mentioning the names of many different women while Penelope listened.


What did the doctor want the Worths to do?

The doctor wanted the Worth's to get Quirt out of their care right away. He didn't think they should be caring for a man like him.


What did the doctor say that his friend, who was an artist, would have drawn Quirt as?

The doctor said that his friend would have drawn Quirt as a cobra. His friend drew many people as the animal that he thought resembled them most.


What happened when Quirt woke up?

When Quirt woke up, he couldn't remember what had happened before he passed out. Penny tried to remind him, but it didn't help.


What did three men take to the telegraph station?

Three men took a saddle bag to the telegraph station. They knew that the man inside claimed that he was friends with Quirt, and figured they could get Quirt's location out of the man.


What was Quirt looking for when he heard about the men who visited the telegraph station?

Quirt was looking for his pants when John told him there were men looking for him in town. Penny insisted on Quirt resting like the doctor had said, but Quirt wasn't going to do that.


What was Quirt missing when he saw the three men riding up to the house?

Quirt was missing the bullets from his gun. When he looked out the window, he saw the three men from town riding up to the house and knew he had to find the bullets fast,


What did Laredo want to buy from Quirt?

Laredo wanted to buy Quirt's land from him. He gave Quirt $5,000 for it, but Quirt said he wanted $20,000 in order to sell.


What did Quirt do after Laredo and his men left?

After Laredo and his men left, Quirt got ready to leave as well. He was ready to move on, but Penny wanted to go with him.


What favor did Johnny ask for from Quirt?

Johnny asked Quirt if he would ride past his school with him because nobody believed that he knew Quirt Evans! Quirt agreed, and even gave Johnny some money for saddling up his horse.


What did Quirt tell Penny that he hated?

After Penny asked him to give the cows some hay, Quirt told Penny that he hated pitchforks and flowers. But he fed the cows anyway.


What did Frederick Carson, one of the Worths' neighbors, have on his property?

Frederick Carson had a community dam on the property that he owned. When he moved in, he turned the dam off, forcing the Worths to carry buckets of water.


What did Quirt do when he heard about the Worths' water situation?

Quirt went over to Frederick's property when he heard about how he had cut off the water supply. All he had to do was prove that he was Quirt Evans, and Frederick had his men open the dam right away.


What did Mrs. Worth do for Frederick after he turned the water back on?

Mrs. Worth helped Frederick heal a boil that he had after he turned the water back on for the community. The Worth's believed in giving back.


Who rode up beside Penny and asked her questions about Quirt?

Marshall McLintock rode up beside Penny and started questioning her about Quirt. He only got about two questions in until Quirt himself walked out.


What did Penny ask Quirt to do after the Marshall started questioning them?

After they were questioned by the Marshall, Penny asked Quirt to stay away from Laredo. She knew that he would only get Quirt into trouble.


Who did Quirt and the Worths meet while on their way to a meeting?

While on their way to a meeting, Quirt and the Worths rode past Randy, Quirt's old partner. He recognized Quirt and stopped them to talk.


What did Mr. Worth give to Quirt at the meeting?

Mr. Worth gave Quirt a bible to reinforce their beliefs and show them that all men can be good. They even engraved his name into it.


What did Quirt tell Nelson to do?

Quirt told Nelson to marry Penny right away. Quirt was ready to move on again, and go with Randy to mess up Laredo's plans.


What did Quirt do that angered four brothers?

Quirt angered the four brothers by interrupting their conversation to get a drink. When Randy commented on the four staring at Quirt, he walked up and did the same thing again, starting a fight.


What did Lila tease Quirt about?

Lila teased Quirt about his bible. Quirt wasn't someone who read the bible, so Lila thought it was interesting that he had one -- and especially that it had his name on it.


Where did Quirt go after he left Lila, Christine and Randy?

Quirt went to the Worth's house after leaving Lila, Christine and Randy. Penny questioned him on why he left and told him what she thought about him leaving.


Who showed up while Quirt and Penny were reconciling?

Marshall McLintock showed up while Quirt and Penny were reconciling. Marshall McLintock wanted to question both of them on a stolen cattle herd.


What did Quirt ask Penny after talking to the Marshall?

After talking to the marshall, Quirt asked Penny to marry him. The marshall told Quirt that he wasn't right for Penny, but Quirt didn't care.


What happened when Laredo and his men were chasing Quirt and Penny?

When Laredo and his men started chasing Quirt and Penny, they tried to get away. Unfortunately, they lost their horses and their carriage went rolling off a cliff.


What did Quirt do after the doctor told him that Penny might not live?

After finding out about Penny's fate, Quirt went to find Laredo. He wanted to get his revenge on him for what happened.


Who arrived when Quirt was about to face off with Laredo and Hondo?

Penny arrived just as Quirt was about to face off with Laredo and Hondo. Penny took Quirt's gun just as Laredo and Hondo walked out of the saloon.


Who killed Laredo and Hondo?

Marshall McLintock killed Laredo and Hondo. Quirt didn't have his gun, but the marshall was standing behind them and did the job for Quirt.


What did Quirt leave behind at the saloon?

Quirt left his gun behind at the saloon. The marshall picked it up and instead of returning it to Quirt, he said it would be hung in his office.


What did Quirt decide to be at the end of the movie?

At the end of the movie, Quirt decided to become a farmer. He was going to put his old life behind him and value the Worth's beliefs in non-violence.


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