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Two hundred years after Ellen Ripley threw herself into the furnaces of Fiorina "Fury" 161 with an alien queen bursting from her chest, she has been cloned. How well do you know the Alien reboot movie, Alien: Resurrection? Find out by taking the quiz below.

In which year was Alien: Resurrection released?

Resurrection appeared in theaters in 1997- five years after most people had believed the Alien series had died with Ellen Ripley in Alien3 (1992).


Ellen Ripley was an important part of the Alien series. Which actress played her in Alien: Resurrection?

Sigourney Weaver (born October 8, 1949) continued her role as Ellen Ripley (Ripley 8) in Alien: Resurrection. Weaver has made appearances in many movies, such as Ghostbusters and Gorillas in the Mist.


What was the name of the military research vessel where the scientists cloned Ripley?

The USM Auriga contained 42 enlisted military personnel and 7 science officers.


What number was tattooed on Ripley's forearm?

The Ripley of Alien: Resurrection was the 8th clone the scientists produce. The first six clones were complete failures, but the 7th clone turned out "human enough." The experiment retrieving the alien from 7 was a failure.


In which Alien series movie was the line, "My mommy always said there were no monsters—no real ones—but there are" first spoken?

Newt first spoke the line in Aliens, but Ripley restated it in Alien: Resurrection.


How did the security locks work on the military ship?

General Perez had to breathe on the security locks to open the doors. When Call was trying to open them, she used spray bottles presumably filled with synthetic breath.


Finish the quote: "The bottom line is she looks at me funny one time, I'm putting her down. Okay? As far as I'm concerned, Number Eight is _________."

" As far as I'm concerned, Number Eight is a meat by-product."


What enhanced features was the Ripley 8 clone missing?

In the movie, they talked about her genetic memory. We saw her enhanced strength and reflexes, and she used her acid blood several times. However, she did not have the ability to walk up walls like a spider as some of the aliens in previous movies could.


In what year was the movie set?

Because it took 200 years to figure out how to clone Ripley from her blood samples without killing her or the alien she carried inside her, the movie was set in 2379. Alien (the first movie in the series) took place in 2122.


What was the name of the company Ripley used to work for?

"Weyland-Yutani, Ripley's former employer: terrain growth conglomerate. They had defense contracts with the military. Oh, they went under decades ago Gediman—way before your time: bought out by Walmart—fortunes of war."


How many captives did the mercenaries bring?

Eight cryotubes were pushed into the lab from the mercenary ship by Call and Christie. We also saw the eight captives as they were about to have facehuggers attached.


What was the name of the computer on the military ship?

"Father, locate the power drain. Report. Father?" "Father's dead..."


Which mercenary tried to get the basketball from Ripley?

When Johner was unsuccessful at getting the ball he said, "If you don't want to play basketball, I know some other indoor sports." The final shot over Ripley's shoulder was made by Weaver and was not CGI or faked.


What was Lt. Ellen Ripley's identification number?

"Ripley, Ellen. Lieutenant First Class. Number 36706." "Ellen Ripley died two hundred years ago."


How did the aliens initially escape from their cage?

In captivity, two Aliens turned on a third and killed it to melt out. Aliens captured Dr. Gediman shortly after he went to investigate the hole.


Which one of the mercenary crewmembers was the first to die?

Elgyn went to investigate weapons he noticed on the floor down a stray hallway and was the first mercenary to be killed by an alien. Ripley ends up killing the alien that killed him.


How did Ripley kill her failed clone?

Ripley used the flamethrower to destroy all the failed clones. Johner couldn't understand why she would waste the ammo and brushed it off as a "chick thing."


How was Vriess, a paraplegic, able to keep up with the rest of the crew when they needed to climb and swim?

Although Johner wanted to leave him behind, the others refused to leave anyone. Eventually, Christie insisted on tying Vriess to his back "just like old times" when they needed to ditch his chair.


What area of the ship was flooded?

The aliens opened the valves on the cooling tanks, which flooded the kitchen. The short scene took three weeks to film.


Who plays Private Vincent DiStephano?

Raymond Cruz (born July 9, 1961) played many bit parts in several movies. However, he was better known for his role as Detective Julio Sanchez in The Closer than he was for his role as DiStephano.


What was the name of the one hijacked crewmember found alive who carried an alien inside him for most of the movie?

Purvis was a member of a work crew on his way to a nickel refinery on the planet Xarem when the mercenaries hijacked his ship. When he woke up, he discovered he had been implanted with an alien and only had a few more hours to live.


After swimming through the kitchen, what was waiting on the other side when they surfaced?

The aliens set an elaborate underwater trap that ended in a single hole covered with a membrane and surrounded by eggs. When the set used for the underwater sequence part of the trap was filled with water, the water was too transparent. Milk was added to the water to fix this.


How do they find out Call was a robot?

After Call was shot and fell back into the water, she reappeared on the other side of the door to open it, revealing she was not human. Ripley's reply was classic, "I should have known. No human being is that humane."


Where was the port located on Call's body to patch into the ship?

Call removed a mole on her forearm and plugged a ship port into it. Winona Rider, (born October 29, 1971) who played Call, also appeared in Beetlejuice, Heathers, and Reality Bites.


How did Dr. Wren die?

Purvis attacked Dr. Wren and held Wren's head to his chest as the alien burst through it. Originally, the alien coming from Purvis' chest was supposed to be knifed by Call instead of being shot.


Who played the part of the lead Alien, Alien Queen, and Newborn hybrid?

Tom Woodruff, Jr., (born January 21, 1959) played an alien or worked with the special effects crews in all the Alien movies including the Alien vs. Predator spin-offs.


When the Queen gave birth to the hybrid, what did the Newborn do first?

Initially, the Newborn was more alien-like and as large as the Queen. However, they made it more human so it would look like a more believable hybrid, Its first action was to kill the queen.


What prevented Purvis from going to the cryotube on the Betty?

Dr. Wren tried to hijack the ship. He prevented Purvis from making it to a cryotube in time to save himself. The actor playing Purvis, Leland Orser, has had minor roles in several big name movies, such as Saving Private Ryan, Pearl Harbor, and The Bone Collector.


What did Dr. Gediman say the Newborn hybrid was?

"You are a beautiful, beautiful butterfly."


How did Ripley escape the queen's nest?

Dr. Gediman called the Newborn to him, and Ripley fled as the hybrid killed him.


Why did Call go to the back of the mercenary ship?

Ripley closed the hatch after jumping on board, but the crew had problems with it properly closing before. They assumed that it was a mechanical problem.


Who was the last person to die in the movie?

Distephano, the only soldier in the surviving group, went into the cargo hold to check on Call, and the alien squashed him. Most of the soldiers had died or had been evacuated at the very beginning of the movie.


How did the Newborn hybrid die?

It was sucked out a hole in the ship that Ripley created with her blood. The scene had been proposed for two previous Alien series movies, but it never was used because of budget issues.


Joss Whedon had his name removed from the script of Alien: Resurrection but created a similar series with a band of mercenary space pirates called what?

Joseph Hill "Joss" Whedon (born June 23, 1964), used the mercenary crew he created for Alien: Resurrection and changed them into the central characters for his Firefly series. Serenity was the name of the movie developed from that series. His dissatisfaction with Alien: Resurrection came from the fact he wanted the script to be played more comically.


Who directed Alien: Resurrection?

Alien: Resurrection was Jean-Pierre Jeunet's (born September 3, 1953) first solo directing credit. It was also the first Alien series film to be filmed outside of England. Afterward, Jeunet swore he would never work with Hollywood again because they did not allow him enough artistic license.


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