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The master of cinematic suspense, Alfred Hitchcock, demonstrates many innovations in technical storytelling and intellectual repartee with the 1948 classic, "Rope." Think you know enough to untangle the film’s details? Take this quiz to find out!

"Rope" revolved around the concept of perfection, in particular, the perfection of this ...

The main concept of "Rope" was about executing the perfect murder. And by perfection, this means getting away with it.


"Rope" was based on this kind of work by Patrick Hamilton.

Hamilton’s stage play was written in 1929. It is said to be based on real-life events involving teenagers committing the perfect murder.


The opening scene of the film immediately shows this gruesome act.

In what looks like an upscale apartment, a man could be seen being strangled to death. Two dapper-looking men in suits were committing the crime, using a rope tied around the victim’s neck.


Who are the two men strangling the victim with a rope?

Brandon and Phillip are the dapper prep school classmates who executed the perfect murder. John Dall and Farley Granger portrayed them.


After strangling their victim with a rope, what did Brandon and Phillip do with the body?

Brandon and Phillip put their strangled victim’s body inside a wooden chest displayed prominently in the living room. Perhaps that’s a good a place as any to hide anything...


The victim of Brandon and Phillip's perfect crime is David Kentley, a former classmate of theirs in this Ivy League university.

Brandon thought David Kentley was the “perfect victim for the perfect crime” since the latter was a Harvard undergrad, who had underachiever qualities. He’s unlike Brandon and Phillip who had already graduated.


Brandon drew the curtains to reveal a lovely evening. The apartment windows reflected the skyline of this city ...

The apartment window scene shows a good view of the Empire State Building and the Chrysler Building. These are all landmarks found in New York City.


Brandon prepared ahead to celebrate the crime. He had this kind of drink stowed in the icebox.

Brandon prepared drinks of champagne to celebrate the crime.


Brandon surmised that the power to kill can be just as satisfying as the power to do this ...

Brandon was lamenting about his desire for more artistic talent. He then said that "the power to kill can just be as satisfying as the power to create."


The highlight of Brandon and Phillip’s evening is throwing one of these...

Brandon and Phillip’s crime ought to be the highlight of their evening. But the real fun for Brandon begins when their party begins, after the crime was committed, while the victim’s body is inside the party place.


Phillip feels unhinged since the wooden trunk seems to be “malfunctioning." What is wrong with it?

Phillip felet antsy that the wooden chest remained unlocked. He kept on fidgeting with the lock, to no avail.


To further add to his perfect crime masterpiece, Brandon used the wooden trunk for this purpose.

Brandon wanted to take things further, so he used the wooden trunk as part of their dining table. He transferred things from their real dining table to the makeshift buffet table.


The elderly Mrs. Wilson wasn’t amused at all when Brandon disarranged her prepared dining table. Who is Mrs. Wilson in the dapper men’s lives?

Mrs. Wilson is the apartment housekeeper. She usually has a spare set of keys, but Brandon and Phillip made sure to take her spare on the day they committed their perfect crime.


The first guests to arrive at the party are relatives of the victim. Who are they?

David’s parents were invited to the party, but only David’s father showed up. David’s aunt came instead of his mother.


Another moment of panic quietly seized Phillip when he saw the rope they used for the crime. Where did he see it?

Panic seizes Phillip when he sees the rope hanging from the far side of the wooden trunk. It takes guts for Brandon to yank it out of there and hide it inside the kitchen drawer.


According to Brandon, being weak is a mistake, especially when committing a crime. The reason is this...

The crime of being weak is a bigger mistake for Brandon. This is because, in his eyes, weak means being ordinary.


Kenneth is another guest. How is he connected to the victim?

Kenneth is David’s former friend, since they had a falling out. But Brandon knows all the back stories, and he wants to play them out in the open at the party.


David’s fiancée, Janet, was yet another guest at the party. What is Janet’s occupation?

Janet, David's fiancée, is a writer who writes for "Allure" magazine.


It is now Kenneth and Janet’s turn to feel unhinged when they see each other at the party. Why is that?

Kenneth and Janet were former lovers, and Brandon knew that. But that didn’t stop him from inviting the two, as he is plotting a suggested comeback of their romance, now that David is out of the way.


Phillip remained fidgety, especially after someone mistook Kenneth for David, and called out David’s name. What was Phillip’s reaction to this mistaken identity?

When he heard David's name called out, Phillip accidentally broke the glass he was holding and hurt his hand. He tried to hide the blood, and his anxiety, from the other guests.


During the course of the party, it was revealed that Phillip was a talented ...

Phillip is a pianist, and there are talks of him playing an important concert hall. He also played a tune for the dinner folks.


Rupert Cadell is Brandon’s special guest at the party. He is their former prep school housemaster. What classic Hollywood actor portrayed him?

James Stewart played the role of Rupert Cadell. He also starred in other Hitchcock films, notably "Rear Window" and "Vertigo."


As their former prep school housemaster, Rupert noticed that Brandon does this whenever the he gets excited.

"You always did stutter when you were excited,” Rupert said to Brandon. But he didn’t know that this time, the stuttering is for another reason.


In yet another instance of feeling unhinged, Phillip stopped Brandon from sharing a prep school story with the party guests. What was the story about?

"I never strangled a chicken in my life,” Phillip said. Both Rupert and Brandon know this is a lie. It's an old story, snd they were both surprised when Phillip anxiously denied it.


The real reason why Brandon invited Rupert to the party is because of this...

Apparently, Rupert was one to stir up young people’s imaginations, especially about committing murder. By actually committing a perfect murder, Brandon thought Rupert would approve, so he invited him over to test him.


David’s dad thought the discussions about celebrating murder were morbid. What ideas about murder did Rupert jokingly present to the party?

Murder should be an art which, as suggested by Rupert and Brandon, should be done only by a few superior beings. Rupert’s ideas of having special murder-related year-long events humored the crowd, except David’s dad.


David’s dad also went to the party to do this...

David’s dad was also picking up a collection of first edition books from Brandon. It’s also one of the reasons he went to the party.


As Phillip sat on the piano, Rupert made this instrument move, adding scared beats to the already unhinged Phillip.

Rupert made the metronome on top of the piano move, adding extra ticking sounds while he discusses things with Phillip. Meanwhile, Phillip feels extra pressured, especially upon hearing a metronome in play.


In yet another unhinging moment for Phillip, he saw the rope surface again during the party. Where did he see it next?

The rope used to kill David was also used by Brandon to tie the first edition books he was giving to David’s dad. From son to father transference, in a morbid and horrifying way — at least for Phillip.


Mrs. Wilson tried to tidy up the apartment as soon as the party dwindled down. What act did she almost do which set Phillip’s panic mode to nearly full scale?

Mrs. Wilson knew where to put the books scattered on the apartment floor, so she reached for the wooden trunk’s lid to open it. Good thing Brandon and Phillip caught her in time — lest they be caught with their crime first.


When David was a no-show at the party, Rupert suspected something was up, especially given Phillip and Brandon’s reactions. What else confirmed his suspicions?

Mrs. Wilson mistakenly handed Rupert the wrong hat, which apparently belonged to David. Rupert guessed as much, since he saw David’s initials monogrammed inside that hat.


In order to have an excuse to come back up the apartment, Rupert left this item of his inside.

Rupert planted his cigarette case behind some books, placed on top of the wooden trunk. Little did he realize that when he returned, he would find something more there.


When push came to shove and Rupert finally uncovered Brandon and Phillip’s crime, this weapon was pulled out.

Brandon apparently came prepared for the party,. He had stowed a handgun in his coat pocket, just in case. But after the confession, Rupert was able to wrangle that weapon out of his hands.


An appalled Rupert questioned Brandon and Phillip about choosing who could live and who could die, asking them if they felt they were worthy of playing ...

By choosing who could live and who could die, Rupert felt that Brandon and Phillip were playing God. Even if his ideas sparked the men’s crime, the former housemaster was not amused.


In order to get the police to the apartment, Rupert did this with the gun.

When he realized that his philosophical concepts pushed Brandon and Phillip to commit murder, Rupert took it upon himself to have the two arrested. So he fired shots outside the window, hoping that police would hear them, go up the apartment, and arrest the murderers.


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