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If you were a fan of boy bands, you'll definitely remember 98 Degrees! Were you their biggest fan? Let's find out!

How many members were in 98 Degrees?

98 Degrees formed with four members around the mid-90s.


Which of these names isn't a member of the group?

Chris Kirkpatrick was a member of the boy band *NSYNC. Drew Lackey, Nick Lachey's younger brother, was the fourth member of 98 Degrees.


What was the name of the group's first album?

98 Degrees released their debut album in 1997.


What was the name of 98 Degrees' first single?

"Invisible Man" was the first and only single on the album "98 Degrees" to chart on the Billboards.


Can you finish the lyrics to "Invisible Man?"%0D"I wish you'd at me that way / Your beautiful eyes lookin' deep into mine."

"invisible Man" was released in June 1997 and peaked at #12 on the Billboard Charts.


What was the setting for the "Invisible Man" music video?

The music video for "Invisible Man" varies between shots of a house party and close ups of the members.


What was the name of 98 Degrees' second album?

98 Degrees released their second studio album in October 1998.


What was the first single released off of the album "98 Degrees and Rising?"

"True to Your Heart" was the first single released off the album "98 Degrees and Rising."


"True to Your Heart" was a duet. Who was the other performer?

98 Degrees and Stevie Wonder joined forces for the single "True to Your Heart" which was recorded for a 1998 Disney film.


What Disney film did "True to Your Heart" appear in?

Although it didn't appear in the film, "True to Your Heart" was recorded for the 1998 soundtrack to the Disney film "Mulan."


Which of these wasn't a single on "98 Degrees and Rising?"

The group released 4 singles off of the album "98 Degrees and Rising." Following "True to Your Heart," they released "Because of You," "The Hardest Thing," and "I Do (Cherish You)."


Which of these songs from the "98 Degrees and Rising" album was a cover?

The last track on "98 Degrees and Rising" was "She's Out of My Life" which was originally made famous when Michael Jackson released in on the 1979 album "Off the Wall."


What song opens with the lyrics: "You're my sunshine after the rain. You're the cure against my fear and my pain."

"Because of You" was the second single released on "98 Degrees and Rising." It made it to #3 on the Billboard Charts and is featured on Now That's What I Call Music! 2.


What city does the music video for "Because of You" take place in?

The music video "Because of You" begins with a girl holding a postcard with the Golden Gate Bridge on it.


What cartoon movie did the song "Fly With Me" appear in?

"Fly With Me" by 98 Degrees was featured on the soundtrack for "Pokemon: The First Movie" alongside artists like Christina Aguilera, Britney Spears, and *NSYNC.


Which member is getting married in the music video for "I Do (Cherish You)?"

Although they all have a relationship with the female lead, they all eventually find themselves as guests at her wedding to Dustin Diamond, who played Screech in "Saved by the Bell."


Can you finish the lyrics to "The Hardest Thing?%0D"It's the hardest thing I'll ever have to do / To look you in the eye and tell you I don't love you."

"The Hardest Thing" was released in June 1999 and peaked at #5 on the Billboard charts.


What sport are the members involved in for the music video of "The Hardest Thing?"

Most of the video for "The Hardest Thing" takes place in a boxing ring and shows the members training for a fight.


What was the name of the third album by 98 Degrees?

"Revelation" was released in September 2000 and became the group's best-selling album.


What was the first single off of "Revelation?"

"Give Me Just One Night (Una Noche)" was the first and leading single of the album "Revelation."


Which member is "kidnapped" in the music video for "Give Me Just One Night (Una Noche)?"

After spending the night partying, we see Nick get "kidnapped" by 3 masked men, but it turns out to be the remaining members of the group.


Which song opens with the lyrics: "Won't throw no shade on you / Don't wanna put your through / Those lies you lived before."

"The Way You Want Me To" was the second track on the album "Revelation" and was led by Nick Lachey.


Can you finish the lyrics to "My Everything?"%0DThe loneliness of night alone / The search for strength to carry on."

"My Everything" was the second single released on the 2000 "Revelation" album.


What singer was Nick Lachey previously married to?

Nick Lachey and Jessica Simpson married in October 2002 and their divorce was finalized in June 2006.


Which music video did Jessica Simpson appear in?

Jessica Simpson appears in the music video for "My Everything" as a waitress.


What TV show did Nick Lachey appear on?

In 2004, Nick Lachey appeard in 6 episodes of Charmed as the character Leslie St. Claire.


Which of these TV shows did Drew Lachey appear as a contestant on?

Drew Lachey won the second season "Dancing with the Stars" with partner Cheryl Burke.


What Broadway musical did Drew Lachey star in?

In 2005, Drew Lachey starred as Mark Cohen in the Broadway musical, Rent.


Which of the members of 98 Degrees ran for Mayor of Cincinnati in 2005?

After leaving 98 Degrees, Jeffre pursued a political career. In 2005, he ran for Mayor of Cincinnati but lost the race.


Which member of 98 Degrees released the album "Whisper That Way?"

In August 2004, Jeff Timmons released his first solo album, "Whisper That Way."


In October 2006, Jeff Timmons participated in a VH1 reality TV show that took singers from former groups. What was the name of the group?

The group Sureshot was created from the VH1 show "Mission: Man Band." The members were Jeff Timmons, Bryan Abrams from Color Me Badd, Rich Cronin from LFO, and Chris Kirkpatrick from NSYNC.


What was the name of Nick Lachey's first solo album?

Nick Lachey's first album "SoulO" was released in November 2003.


Which song from the album "SoulO" served as the theme song song for Nick Lachey's MTV show with ex-wife, Jessica Simpson?

The chorus for "This I Swear," the third track on "SoulO" was the theme song for MTV's show "Newlyweds: Nick and Jessica."


When the members of 98 Degrees reunited in 2013, who did they go on "The Package" tour with?

During the Summer of 2013, 98 Degrees went on "The Package" Tour with New Kids on the Block and Boyz II Men.


What is the name of most recent 98 Degrees album?

In May 2013, 98 Degrees released their first album since their hiatus in 2003.


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