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The delirious colors, the dreamlike atmosphere, the confusing plotline ... it can be hard to make sense of this 1977 horror classic! Are you ready to give it a try with our quiz?

Who directed "Suspiria"?

Argento, born in 1940, is a very prolific director. Bonus: He actually *did* collaborate with Leone, on "Once Upon a Time in the West."


"Suspiria" and other Argento films fall into what sub-category of horror?

"Giallo" is most comparable to the "slasher" genre, but because of looser European standards, they are often gorier than American counterparts like "Friday the 13th." Fun fact: "Giallo" literally means "yellow," because cheap paperback thrillers had yellow covers in Italy.


"Suspiria's" sets and lighting are dominated by which color?

The school's exterior is painted red, and its interior is full of red light. Even the airport where Suzy arrives seems to be lighted by the kind of heatlamp bulbs you find in motel bathrooms.


What has Suzy Bannion come to Europe to study?

Suzy has come to study at a famous ballet academy. Unfortunately, the promotional material didn't mention its history as a school for dark arts.


Which country, specifically, is the ballet academy in?

The school's name is the Tanz Academy. It's located in Freiburg, but "Suspiria" was filmed mostly in Munich.


What is strange about the doors at the airport?

The doors seem to be letting in the creepy, tingling music of the soundtrack. The point is clear: go outside, and you're immersed in a dark and dangerous world.


Speaking of which, who did the film's highly-praised soundtrack?

Argento has a longstanding relationship with the group. Their disturbing score for "Suspiria" has been described as a character almost of its own.


A student is fleeing the academy just as Suzy arrives. What is her name?

Hey, what an innocent name! Nothing bad could happen to a character named Pat, right?


How does Pat die?

This is ranked among the most shocking death scenes in horror film. We actually see a knife going into her heart.


How does Pat's friend die?

Pat, you'll remember, fell through the skylight (with the noose around her neck). Her friend had the unusually bad luck to run into the building's lobby at just that time.


Suzy is to room with a fellow student. What is her name?

Olga, played by Barbara Magnolfi, is black-haired and a bit intimidating. She tells Suzy that Pat was suspicious about the school, always trying to find out some sort of information.


What two words does Suzy remember Pat saying?

Suzy might have remembered more, but she was busy paying the cab driver. Plus, there was a rather noisy thunderstorm at the time.


With which student does Suzy become friends?

Sara is less confident than Olga. She's also, like Pat, becoming curious about some of the goings-on at the school.


What apparently causes Suzy to become ill for the first time?

As Suzy is walking in a hallway, the cook tilts a knife and reflects a bright light at her. Suzy then becomes lightheaded and faint.


Suzy passes out in ballet class and bleeds from where?

Suzy's fainting seems to be related to her strange encounter with the cook. After fainting, she's given a dorm room to stay in, whereas previously she was rooming with Olga off-site.


What does the school's doctor prescribe for Suzy?

Wine does have some health benefits. But in the context of a school run by witches, we're allowed to have our doubts about what's in Suzy's glass.


What is distinctive about Daniel, the piano player?

Daniel was played by Flavio Bucci. Argento often casts Italian actors in his films and dubs in American voices for their dialogue.


What falls from the ceiling as Suzy is getting dressed?

Maggots are a cheap effect in horror movies. In close-ups, you need real ones, but otherwise, white rice can fill in.


Where do the girls sleep on the night of the falling maggots?

Supposedly, the teachers don't have quarters at the school, but leave every night. Sara has her doubts about this.


How does Sara know the "directress" is in residence?

Sara is awakened by the high-pitched, raspy sound of the breathing. Waking Suzy, she tells her that she's heard that breathing before -- when the directress was sleeping next door to her.


Why is Madame Tanner angry at Daniel?

Daniel defends his dog. This leads to a heated argument in which Madame Tanner throws his cane aside, forcing him to stumble around searching for it. Nice!


Who kills Daniel?

Daniel has been drinking at a bar. He is walking home when his dog suddenly growls, then turns on him. It's implied that this is the witches' retribution for Daniel's veiled threat to expose them.


How does Sara die?

All ballet schools have a room full of razor wire, you know. Students just have to advance to a certain level before they're allowed to see it.


Who does German actor Udo Kier play?

Dr. Mandel tells Suzy that Sara was troubled by the prospect that her school was run by witches. In fact, he says, she'd learned that the school was founded by a powerful witch.


Helena, the witch who founded the school, was from what country?

Helena Markos founded a school for the occult, not ballet. It was only after her death that her successor made it a dance academy, as a cover.


Suzy also learns that a coven cannot survive without what?

We think Dario Argento was confusing witches with bees. But hey, just go with it.


Who tells Suzy this bit of information about the coven and their queen?

Boy, it's a good thing on the very day Suzy located Dr. Mandel, his friend the witch expert was standing ten feet away, ready to be called over for a special consult on witches!


What animal attacks Suzy in her room?

Maybe this wasn't supernatural at all. It's not like a bat has never flown in an open window before!


Which iris provides access to the secret room?

At a key moment, Suzy remembers in full what Pat was saying: "I saw behind the door! Three irises! Turn the blue one!"


When Suzy finds Sara's body, what does she have in her eyes?

"Suspiria" was so gory that New York Times critic Janet Maslin warned readers about it in her review. Which, for an Italian horror film, really should have gone without saying.


When Helena Markos goes invisible, how does Suzy know where she is?

Helena apparently failed to lightning-proof her invisibility cloak. Seeing her outline on the bed allows Suzy to stab the woman in the throat.


With what does Suzy stab Helena Markos?

This is presumably a nod to Argento's early film, "The Bird With the Crystal Plumage." The peacock figurine was in Helena's bedroom, and Suzy woke her up by knocking it over.


How many students come to Suzy's aid in her final showdown with the coven?

It was lucky for them they went to the theater that night. If nothing else, it saved them from dying when the building self-destructed.


At the film's end, has Suzy inherited Helena's power?

This is one fan theory. When the school begins to disintegrate, one reading is that Suzy's new power is causing things to explode before her. And why was Madame Blanc so nice to Suzy, and so eager to have her live on site, if she wasn't being groomed to be part of the coven?


Which actress steps into Suzy's ballet shoes for a 2017 remake?

Johnson is, of course, the daughter of Melanie Griffith and Don Johnson, and the star of the "Fifty Shades" trilogy. Tilda Swinton will take on the role of Madame Blanc.


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