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Ten years after the release of the original movie, writer David Seltzer returned to the story that made us all afraid of little boys in scary little suits! See how well you remember 2006's Omen with our quiz!

On what date was The Omen released?

The movie was intentionally released on "6.06.06," as the advance movie posters noted. This comes from the verse in the Book of Revelations, saying that the "beast is a man, and his number is 666."


Where does The Omen open?

The film opens in the Vatican observatory, where a lone astronomer-priest is observing the skies. He sees a three-headed comet, which alarms him. This leads to a montage of pages from old books, with illustrations of goat-headed men and pentagrams, which any fan of Buffy would enjoy.


What is Robert Thorn's job?

Thorn is based in Rome and speaks Italian. We see this when he brushes off the nurse at the maternity ward, early on.


Who played Robert Thorn?

Schreiber often brings a calm competence to his roles, and, when necessary, a physical menace. Those qualities will eventually be needed here.


Who played Katherine (Kate) Thorn?

Stiles gained attention with the Taming of the Shrew remake, Ten Things I Hate About You. Her co-star was Heath Ledger, who, sadly, died quite young.


Whose idea is it that Thorn should replace his stillborn baby with an orphaned infant?

The baby was born in exactly the same hour that the Thorn baby was born dead. We're no experts, but that coincidence sounds too good to be true.


How does Kate react to the baby switch?

Robert Thorn takes this drastic step because the baby they lost "was everything" to Kate. Worse, there was internal damage during the delivery, and Kate might not be able to have another child.


To what country does Thorn become the US ambassador?

Robert gets the job when his boss, the ambassador, is transferred there, and chooses Robert to go with him as his "number two." Then, in a highly suspicious, Rube Goldberg series of mishaps, the ambassador burns to death in a traffic accident.


Who commits suicide at Damien's birthday party?

This might be the film's most riveting scene. The nanny stands on the roofline of the Thorn's huge old house, cheerfully shouts, "It's all for you, Damien!" and leaps. Her falling shoe smashes a wineglass, and mayhem ensues among the guests.


Who appears to give the nanny the order to jump?

Dogs play an important role in The Omen. Later, Damien's new nurse will adopt a Rottweiler for his protection.


Who played Father Brennan?

Father Brennan arrives from Rome the day after the birthday party and the nanny's suicide. He doesn't exactly make a great impression at first, fanatically urging Robert to accept Jesus Christ as his savior, much like a door-to-door evangelist would.


Who or what does Father Brennan say Damien's mother was?

Naturally, we assume father Brennan was speaking metaphorically. Whatever Damien is, he looks 100 percent human.


Who played Mrs. Baylock, the new nanny?

Landing the Rosemary's Baby star for this role was a stroke of casting genius. Also, it's almost supernatural how young Farrow looks in the role!


What is Mrs. Baylock's first name?

This is something of a tradition for women in household service, like Mrs. Hughes on Downton Abbey, whose name was finally revealed to be Elsie. Interestingly, some reviews and film trivia tidbits get the last name wrong: People seem to want it to be "Blaylock."


After Damien attacks his mother in the car, what else does Kate say troubles her about her son?

Damien flips out on the way to church and attacks his mother. Although his problem doesn't seem to be physical in nature, Kate suggests calling a doctor for him. She says it's not natural for children not to get "colds, runny noses, the flu."


Where does Father Brennan approach Robert a second time?

The opera is Salome, which, incidentally, has a Biblical plot. The priest tells Robert to meet him in Bishop's Park, because "Your wife is in grave danger."


Which role did English character actor David Thewlis play?

Jennings is at the birthday party, then at the embassy the following day, and then at the opera when Father Brennan is there. He seems to be assigned exclusively to the Robert Thorn beat.


What does Jennings see in all his photographs of Father Brennan?

The spikes foreshadow Brennan's eventual death. Jennings can't know this, but he understands they're not a natural phenomenon.


What is the name of the man that Father Brennan says will know how to kill Damien?

Megiddo is the town where Bugenhagen lives. As before, Father Brennan isn't exactly the best salesman for his cause, chanting a poem about the apocalypse before getting down to the threat to Kate and why Thorn must go see Bugenhagen.


Why, according to Brennan, is Kate in danger?

Damien, says Brennan, will kill the child in the womb, and then Kate. This will be to ensure that he is Thorn's sole heir.


How does Father Brennan die?

The posts along the roofline might be lightning rods. Which is ironic, because it's a bolt of lightning that knocks one down to kill Brennan.


What is Kate doing when Damien knocks her over a third-floor railing?

Kate is spraying the hanging plants while on a stool (in heeled shoes, no less). By the way -- she has a nanny for her son, but is hands-on with her houseplants? Hmmm.


What did the priest Brennan cover his walls with?

The photographer Jennings takes Thorn to see Brennan's room. "I'd say he was trying to keep something out," Jennings theorizes.


When Jennings and Thorn go to Rome to look into Damien's birth, what do they find out?

The hospital burned down five years ago -- just after Damien's birth. The fire started in the basement, where the records were, then consumed the third-floor maternity ward.


Where does Father Spiletto tell Thorn and Jennings they can find Damien's mother?

Father Spiletto does not give them a name to work with. However, when Thorn and Jennings reach the graveyard, they find a grave with the correct date on it: June 6.


What do they find in Damien's mother's grave?

We can't explain it either, but a jackal gave birth to a human baby, apparently in a hospital. Then died and was buried under the name "Maria Santoya."


What do they find in the grave of Maria Santoya's supposed child?

Thorn now realizes the truth. His baby was not stillborn, but killed so that the Devil's son could grow up in a position of wealth and power. But seriously, wasn't there a more humane way to kill an infant than skull trauma?


How does Mrs. Baylock kill Kate?

Kate appears to be getting a blood transfusion, which is odd, because the nurse has only said that she gave Kate "her nighttime meds." Still, it's a disturbingly effective scene.


In what country is Megiddo located?

The name Megiddo, Jennings says, is derived from a word for Armageddon. Is it just us, or does this Fleet Street photographer bust out some really impressive research skills and prophecy-interpreting abilities in the second half of the film?


How does Keith Jennings die?

Jennings is on a stairway in Megiddo, picking up the daggers Thorn has just thrown aside. A hammer dropped by a roofer hits the sign on the way down, loosening its hinge. It then swings in a circular motion toward Jennings, its upper edge of metal becoming like a guillotine blade.


Where does Thorn find Damien's "666" birthmark?

Thorn has been instructed to look here by Bugenhagen. He slips into Damien's bedroom at night and proceeds to cut his hair while he sleeps -- leading parents of small children everywhere to wonder, 'Why didn't I think of that?'


What does Thorn recite as he prepares to stab Damien on the altar?

Thorn stops, dagger raised, at the line, "Deliver us from Evil," and hesitates. Then he's shot by police who have chased him to the church.


What appears to happen simultaneously with Thorn's burial?

In dramatic fashion, the glass of wine in the Pope's hands tips over and splashes on his white vestments. Meanwhile, an honor guard of marines is giving a 21-gun salute at Thorn's gravesite in Washington, and Damien, still alive, is holding the hand of the president himself.


According to biblical scholars, what did St. John mean when he called the number of the beast 666?

Scholars of eschatology -- the term for Christianity's "end times" lore -- don't agree on this. While the beast is said in Revelations to have a mark, it's not in the shape of 6's. That's an embellishment by Seltzer, the Omen screenwriter.


How many sequels has the Omen remake spawned?

The original franchise was four films long and followed Damien into adulthood. There was also a series of tie-in novels, which were big in the '70s and '80s.


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