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Just when you thought it was safe to go back to the obstetrician... along came this thriller about a naive young woman tricked into bearing the spawn of Satan himself! Test your knowledge of this 1968 thriller with our quiz!

Who wrote Rosemary's Baby, the novel?

Levin's book is both horror and social satire. It parodies organized religion by portraying the Satanists as graying, bickering senior citizens -- just like the parishioners of mainstream Protestant churches in the late 20th century.


Who directed Rosemary's Baby?

Polanski was very faithful to the novel. He even asked novelist Levin which issue of the New Yorker ran the advertisement that Rosemary's husband referred to. Levin explained that detail was simply made up.


What is Rosemary's and Guy's last name?

In the book, it's explained that Guy is of mixed Protestant and Jewish descent. Rosemary is a lapsed Catholic, estranged from her parents for marrying outside her religion.


What is the name of the apartment building the Woodhouses move into?

The Bramford has a disturbing history, the Woodhouses' friend, Hutch, explains. This includes occupancy by a famous devil worshiper, Adrian Marcato.


The Bramford was also home to the Trench sisters, who committed what crime?

The two witches killed children -- "including a niece" -- and ate them. Again, this cheerful news comes first from Hutch.


What line of work is Guy Woodhouse in?

In the early part of the movie, Rosemary explains to several people that Guy has been in two plays and does a lot of TV and radio commercial work. She says it nearly the same way every time -- a tipoff that she's answered the question "What have I seen him in?" over and over until it's become pat.


What line of work is Rosemary in?

If Rosemary has a college degree or ever plans to work outside the home, this isn't mentioned. It's hard to see how the Woodhouses pay for their sizable, elegant apartment at the Bramford.


What is the name of the old couple next door?

The Castevets seem like an innocent old couple, in the beginning. Guy's concern, at first, is that if the Woodhouses befriend them, "We'll never get rid of them." Of course, he's soon thick as thieves with the pair.


What is Mrs. Castevet's first name?

While Roman Castevet has a worldly, unusual name (and there's a reason for that!), his wife is just Minnie. It goes with her persona as a nosy, brassy hausfrau -- not at all what you'd expect of a witch.


In what year is Rosemary's baby born?

Rosemary's Baby was released in 1968. But in the film, a New Year's party shows the Bramford residents celebrating the coming of the year 1966. The baby is born in June (6-66).


Where does Rosemary meet Terry Ginoffrio?

Rosemary and Terry only have one conversation. But through it, Rosemary learns that Terry was taken in by the Castevets after living on the streets as a drug addict, and that she only has one brother, who's in the Navy. Rosemary also notices Terry's charm necklace and its odd smell.


How does Terry Ginoffrio kill herself?

Terry has just learned the truth about the Castevets' plan for her. The audience doesn't piece it together until a bit later, since Terry described the Castevets as a generous old couple who took her in off the streets.


In what food item does Minnie put the sedative?

Rosemary thinks the mousse has a chalky undertaste and only eats a few spoonfuls. For this reason, she's semiconscious, not unconscious, during what follows.


Just before her rape, Rosemary hallucinates being in what setting?

This is altered somewhat from the book. In the novel, Rosemary imagines being on a cruise with her husband and the late president, John F. Kennedy. She thinks, "The president had recovered nicely from his assassination" -- a clever rendering of the weird logic of dreams.


Minnie Castevet gives Rosemary a charm filled with Devil's Pepper, otherwise known as what?

Rosemary only learns that tannis root is Devil's Pepper later, in a book on witchcraft. Until then, she believes it's a good-luck agent -- even though Terry wore the charm first and it wasn't very lucky.


What is the name of Minnie's close friend?

Minnie brings Laura-Louise over to meet Rosemary fairly early in the film. In typical nosy-old-lady style, they invite themselves in, sit down, and actually start knitting.


What is the name of the doctor the Castevets refer Rosemary to?

Though the movie is mainly occupied with Christian ideas of God and Satan, there's a subtle commentary about Christian-Jewish relations as well. Dr. Sapirstein is untrustworthy as seen in contrast with the clean-cut WASP-y Dr. Hill. Meanwhile, the character of Minnie Castevet is written a lot like a stereotype of a Jewish mother-in-law.


Who played Rosemary's original obstetrician, Dr. Hill?

Grodin has a straight role here. Dr. Hill seems decent enough, and Rosemary seeks refuge in his office late in the film. Unfortunately, her wild story about a coven controlling her pregnancy and wanting her child leads him to believe that she's delusional.


What happens to the actor Donald Baumgart?

Guy wins his role after Baumgart loses his sight. We can see where that might make it hard to hit one's marks.


What does the coven need to cast a spell on someone?

Guy gets Baumgart's necktie one day, when he has drinks with him. Baumgart tells Rosemary it wasn't stolen -- they swapped ties. How Guy got Baumgart to go along with this odd idea is never explained.


What personal item does Guy take from Hutch?

Gloves get lost a lot, as people in cold climates take them on and off many times a day. If Hutch knew the consequences, though, he probably would have kept both gloves in sight!


What happens to Hutch after the coven casts its spell?

Hutch dies three months later. Somewhat callously, Rosemary has apparently not spared a thought for him during this time, which she regrets when learning of his death.


What is the title of the book Hutch leaves for Rosemary?

Hutch also says, "The name is an anagram." Rosemary spends some time with Scrabble tiles, trying to work out the title's other meaning.


Which is NOT a phrase Rosemary makes of the book's title?

"Tell Me Which Fatso" was in the novel. Perhaps Polanski left it out because it's a comic moment and he wanted to keep the tension high.


Rosemary realizes it's not the book title which is the anagram. What is, instead?

Roman Castevet is Steven Marcato. He's the son of the Satanist who was attacked by an angry mob just outside the Bramford.


Which of the following did NOT get product placement in Rosemary's Baby?

Vidal Sassoon actually did Mia Farrow's pixie cut, and he's mentioned by name as Rosemary's stylist in the film -- twice. Fortunately, Polanski's script tempers the love-fest a bit by having Guy call the haircut "ridiculous" and "a mistake."


How was Yamaha included in the film?

In the commercial, Guy is invited to be a part of "the swinging world of Yamaha!" Director Polanski and co-star Cassavetes received Yamaha scooters as thanks, so, for a while, they too enjoyed "the swinging world of Yamaha."


How does Rosemary realize that Dr. Sapirstein is part of the coven?

It's Dr. Sapirstein's receptionist who tells Rosemary that the doctor sometimes smells bad, in the same way that Rosemary did for a while. This was because Rosemary was wearing Minnie's charm necklace, which she later threw away.


In Sapirstein's office, Rosemary picks up a now-famous issue of which magazine?

The timing worked out really nicely for Polanski. The "Is God Dead?" issue ran in April 1966, meaning it was very likely that a back issue would still be in a doctor's office, where Rosemary -- suffering through her own theological crisis -- could find it.


How does Rosemary get to the Castevets' apartment undetected?

The closet piques the audience's interest early on. The previous tenant blocked it with a secretary (a tall dresser), suggesting there's more to the closet than the vacuum cleaner and towels found inside.


What name does Roman give the baby, and what name did Rosemary want instead?

Adrian Marcato was Roman's father. Rosemary had intended to name a boy Andrew or a girl Jenny. These were fairly popular baby names of the '70s.


Who was rumored to play the Devil in the rape scene?

LaVey is not widely known now, but his Church of Satan was big in the 1960s, probably fueling this baseless rumor. The Devil was actually played by a mild-mannered character actor, Clay Tanner.


Who won an Oscar for Rosemary's Baby?

Ruth Gordon played Minnie Castevet. A Paramount executive had told Farrow that the Rosemary role would win her an Oscar, but sadly, that didn't happen.


Who starred as Rosemary in a TV-miniseries remake?

Rosemary's Baby hasn't spawned (excuse the term) as many sequels as similar religious thrillers like The Omen or The Exorcist. There was a second movie, Look What Happened to Rosemary's Baby, and Ira Levin wrote a second book, Son of Rosemary. Both were badly received by critics.


Mia Farrow, who hadn't had a high-profile movie role prior to this film, still was well-known to the public for what reason?

To be clear, Farrow didn't have an affair with Polanski at all. The other three are all true, but her marriage to Allen and her philanthropic work came after Rosemary's Baby. Farrow and Sinatra married when she was 21 and he was 50. They divorced two years later but remained close friends.


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