How Superstitious Are You?

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Do you avoid black cats, broken mirrors, and walking under ladders like the plague? Or do you find all of that stuff totally silly? How superstitious are you?

How do you feel on Friday the 13th?

Why do some buildings skip the 13th floor?

You just got back $6.66 in change, how do you feel?

What do you do when you see a hat on a bed?

Have you ever thrown salt over your shoulder?

Do you ever walk under ladders?

Do you believe in ghosts?

What do you think when you break a mirror?

Do you know any psychics?

It is pouring rain, do you open your umbrella inside the house?

Would you walk in front of a black cat?

Would you own a black cat?

How much would you trade for a penny heads up?

Have you ever hung up a horseshoe?

How excited do you get when you see a four leaf clover?

Do you like scary movies?

How many times have you thrown a coin in a fountain and made a wish?

Do you like Grimm's fairy tales?

Would you ever use a ouija board?

Do you believe in conspiracy theories?

Do you make a wish on a wishbone?

What does it mean when you shiver?

Do you think science can explain most things?

Are you into astrology?

You had a dream that you died while flying, and you have a flight scheduled today, do you get on?

You really like this new guy, but his Chinese Zodiac sign is not compatible with yours, what do you do?

Do you always play the same numbers on the lottery?

Have you ever thought of putting a curse on someone?

What would happen if you tried to summon a demon?

Do you wish on a shooting star?

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