How Spicy Do You Like Your Food?

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Do you cringe or drool when you smell Indian food? Do you savor Mexican dishes steaming with roasted habanero peppers or is ketchup too spicy for you? Whether you spend your days daring yourself over spice or are happy with a pale pallet, everyone has their own tolerance level. How spicy do you like your food? Take this quiz to find out.

What is a sign you've eaten something too spicy?

Which is your favorite spicy food?

Which of these countries have you visited?

Which country's cuisine do you avoid at all costs?

How do you squash the heat when you've had something too spicy?

What body part do you avoid touching after eating something spicy?

How can you make the burn worse?

Which "normal" food is always spicier than you think it will be?

How do you prefer your food?

Which is your favorite hot sauce?

How does your body respond to spicy foods?

You join a hot wing contest and accidentally touch your eyes while wiping away sweat. What is the first thing you do?

What is one thing you always have near you when you eat?

When Taco Bell asks what sauce you'd like, what do you say?

Which type of pepper would you grow in a garden?

Which eating contest would you participate in?

How would your friends describe your temperament?

What is the worst type of fight you have ever been in?

Which mild food would you eat with something spicy?

How many days a week do you eat out?

Have you ever had to sneak to a restaurant to eat something your family hates?

When someone goes on vacation, which souvenir gift are you likely to receive?

Which aisle in the grocery store is your favorite?

Which question are you often asked when you go out to eat?

What does 'mild' mean to you?

What is a serving of Sriracha?

Which food and beverage goes best with hot sauce?

If not flavor, what is it about eating the spiciest food you can find?

Which is a useless condiment?

When you order a new dish at a restaurant, how do you decide what you want?

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