How Should You Spend the long Summer days?

Zoe Samuel

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With warmer temperatures comes the urge to get out and play! How should you spend those long, warm, and wonderful summer days soaking up some sun? Find out!

How do you handle the sun?

What's your idea of a good time?

How busy are you?

Do you enjoy history?

Do you like lazing around?

What's your favorite season?

What's your summer drink?

Do you need to de-stress?

Which beach activity do you enjoy the most?

What are your favorite shoes?

What clothing are you happiest in?

Do you like water sports?

Do you like to travel?

How much time off can you get?

How flexible is your schedule?

How much do you fear Zika virus?

Do you need an excuse to see your besties?

How much unwatched TV is in your Netflix queue right now?

Do you love work above everything?

Do you feel the importance of community in your life?

What bores you most?

Do you appreciate routine?

How much did your favorite sunglasses cost?

What's your relationship to nature?

Is your beach body ready?

What's for dinner?

Are you a pagan?

What's your budget?

What recharges you most?

Are you an early riser?

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