How should you celebrate St. Patrick's Day?

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The Irish tradition of St. Patrick's Day has become a highly celebrated holiday across the world. When you celebrate this year, will you wear green or drink green beer? Find out!

Which traditional Irish name do you like most?

Will you wear green on St. Patrick's Day?

Where would you like to visit in Ireland?

Which Saint do you like most?

Have you ever found a four-leaf clover?

Do you have luck like the Irish?

What do you like most about Leprechauns?

Do you have a lucky charm?

Would you drink green beer?

Which traditional Irish food would you like to try?

Which holiday do you like almost as much as St. Patrick's Day?

Do you celebrate a lot of holidays?

Where will you pinch someone for not wearing green?

Will you attend any sort of St. Patrick's Day event?

If you had a float in a St. Patrick's Day parade, what would it be?

Which Irish song sums up your life?

Other than a pot of gold, what would you like to find at the end of a rainbow?

Where would you hide a leprechaun trap?

What sort of bait would you use in a leprechaun trap?

Would you go on a St. Patrick's Day pub crawl?

Which one will be your St. Patrick's Day saying?

What is the most fun thing about St. Patrick's Day?

Which Irish drink do you like most?

Which drink might you add Irish Creme to?

Who would learn to do traditional Irish dance with you?

Who would you take with you on a St. Patrick's Day pub crawl?

How much green beer do you think you can drink?

Is green your favorite color?

Which Irish dessert would you like to try?

What breed of Irish dog would you most like to own?

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