How Sexually Impure Are You?

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Once upon a time, the greatest thing you could offer someone in terms of a sexual relationship was an utter lack of knowledge or experience. The idea of being "pure" was something many people coveted and, let's be honest, a lot of people still do. But is that the funnest option? Isn't everything just a little more interesting and a little sexier when you're not completely pure? After all, knowing what you like can go a long way. So can knowing what other people like.  Look at it this way — do you want a master chef making you dinner or someone who can mess up when they try to boil water? It just makes sense to go for the experience; to enjoy being a little less "pure," if that's the word you want to use.

So, since we know that being a little impure is a lot more fun, the question now is, just how impure are you? Even you might not be sure. But we're here to help. Just answer a few questions about what you like and don't like, about just what makes you less pure, and we'll let you know. Take the quiz and see!

How open are you when it comes to talking about the details of your sex life?

Sex on the beach isn't just a delicious cocktail, it's a thing that happens on beaches! Ever tried either one?

Would you ever consider performing on a cam site where people pay to watch you either alone or with a partner?

What's your overall opinion of hookup apps like Tinder?

If someone comes up to you in a bar with a cheap pick up line and offers to buy you a drink, what do you do?

How many times in your life have you hooked up with someone for a one-night stand?

Do you think you could be in an open relationship with someone?

If you were walking down the street and happened to see a couple getting busy in the back of their car, would you take a second look?

Is there a chance you'd ever get a little frisky with someone when you knew other people were watching?

Ever received an unsolicited and very explicit picture of someone online?

Is it cool if your partner sends you some unexpected dirty texts while you're at work?

Ever tried your hand at writing erotica?

Can you think of any scenario in which food might come into play in the bedroom?

Have you ever had reason to go online and find out where you can buy a waterproof mattress protector?

Are you comfortable watching a dirty movie with your partner?

If you and your partner are in different cities for a night, is phone sex a possibility?

If your mom wanted to use your phone right now, would it be cool to let her scroll through your pics?

How family-friendly is your internet search history?

Do you have any toys in your room right now you'd be embarrassed for other people to see?

What's your opinion on prostitution?

Where do you stand when it comes to the idea of a threesome?

Some people can turn dirty talk into an art form. What about you?

A shower helps get you clean, so maybe it makes sense to get dirty in the shower. Are you into it?

One of the most popular fetishes in the world is bondage. Would you give it a try?

Have you ever engaged in any kind of sexual activity with someone before you knew their name?

Do you have any interest in elaborate role play in the bedroom that includes costumes?

There's something about being out in the fresh air. Ever thrown caution to the wind and had sex outdoors?

Do you keep your fantasies to yourself?

Do you think someone could ever talk you into skinny dipping?

Have you ever experienced a lap dance?

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