How Redneck Is Your Life?

Teresa McGlothlin

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You can try to deny it, but you know you have a little redneck inside of you! You might not be as redneck as your crazy uncle, but you probably have more redneck tendencies that you might realize. After you answer the questions in this quiz, you'll know exactly how much redneckery your life contains!

When we think of rednecks, we tend to think of people with a lower social standing; however, nothing could be further from the truth. The original rednecks were miners who fought for some of the worker's rights you get to enjoy to this day. Regardless of the history of the term, everyone has a little redneck blood in their veins. The question is - how much?

You don't need to own Trans Am or have a mullet to be a redneck either. In fact, some of the biggest businesspersons in the world can be considered rednecks. Can we introduce you to our friend Ted Nugent? 

As we rev up our engines and grab a pack of Bud Light during this quiz, you'll give your level of redneck away. How redneck is your life? Tell the truth with this quiz, and we'll take it from there. Then, we'll let you know how redneck your life really is!

What kind of vehicle do you drive?

How many flannel shirts do you own?

Can you fix a lawnmower?

Which game meat tastes the best?

How are your hunting skills?

Which singer do you like most?

What kind of shoes do you wear most often?

What do you call your grandmother?

Which word do you hold most sacred?

Are you the patriotic type?

Which US state do you like most?

What sport do you like most?

Do you think you're handy?

Do you have any broken vehicles on your lawn?

Have you ever been to a hog roast?

Which drink do you prefer?

Which dog breed would you own?

Have you ever been mudding?

Which holiday is most important to your family?

Where do you shop most often?

Do you have any double first cousins?

Are you devoutly religious?

Do you like the taste of moonshine?

Which muscle car do you like most?

How are you fishing skills?

Where do you watch the game?

Do you work outside?

What word sums up your spirit the best?

How often do you grill out?

Which U.S. president do you like the most?

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