How Redneck Are You?

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The term "redneck" was initially created as a pejorative way of describing a white person from the South, who by virtue of their poverty and lack of education was required to work outside in the hot sun and thus got sunburn on their neck, making it red. However, unlike similar terms that look down on the white working class of the South and continue to be used in an overwhelmingly negative way, such as hillbilly, redneck has been reclaimed. 

While some rather ignorant people still use it to describe a culture they see as inferior, for those who wear the redneck mantle voluntarily, it has become a point of pride and a way of self-defining.

Redneck life is about a variety of cultural signifiers: it's associated with flatbed trucks, gun ownership, large families, and a life devoid of airs and graces. A redneck strings up Christmas lights on their porch and thinks they're dressed up when they're wearing the jeans without holes in. They may not be wealthy, but they have their community, their faith, and their unbeatable work ethic. 

A true redneck provides for their family and never asks for a handout. They give to the church and their friends when they're riding high, but most of the time they simply ask for a fair shake and a chance to do an honest day's work for an honest day's pay. So let's find out how much of a redneck you really are!

What is the farthest you have traveled from home?

When did you learn to drive a stick?

How often do you hunt?

Which drink appeals to you the most?

How scared would you be taking the subway in New York City at midnight in a bad neighborhood?

How scared would you be walking through the woods if it was pitch black out?

Have you ever hit a deer with your car?

What is a the best use of a dog?

Can you change oil on a car?

Where was your first time?

What is your favorite kind of music?

What do you think of rap music?

Who do you like better: Hank Williams or Hank Williams, Jr.?

What do you think of the song "Friends in Low Places"?

Which singer do you like the best?

Which television show is your favorite?

What kind of steak would you eat when you go out?

Have you ever shot at a beer can?

How many belt buckles do you own?

Have you ever killed an animal for the purpose of food?

What do you think of college?

How are you at line dancing?

How often do you mow your lawn?

Where do you and your buddies go for a night on the town?

What do you think of mobile homes?

Have you ever been in a fistfight?

Do you lock your house at night when you are in it?

How many baseball hats do you own?

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