How Normal Are You?

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Tell us the truth: Are you normal? Or are you weird AF, #weirdgoals or stealth-weird? 

If you're weird AF, you come across as weird to others because you don't know how to act normal. You really want other people to think you're just like them, but they see through your "human" act to the alien visitor lurking below. #Weirdgoals people, on the other hand, DGAF if people think they're normal or not, which is why everyone is obsessed with them. (Looking at you, Rihanna.) But honestly, who are these cool strangers, and why won't they be best friends with us?

If you're stealth-weird, you seem normal, but when you're alone, you're stranger than Nicolas Cage petting a dusty old possum. After you get home and are away from the prying eyes of the world, you indulge in utterly bizarre habits, such as never cleaning your bathroom, eating fried chicken with a fork and drinking La Croix in the shower. Not to call you out, but is this you?

If you're dying to find out just how normal (or weird) you are, gratify that thirst by taking this quiz! We can't guarantee you'll love the results, but those who insist on spilling the tea often get burned.😜 Good luck!

How do you clean your body?

Which of these foods would you eat with a fork and knife?

Do you ever put on a sheet mask and pretend to be Hannibal Lecter?

At what point in the day do you get dressed for bed?

Have you ever put raisins in a salad?

When someone asks you how you are, what do you say?

Remember when Jughead acted SO SASSY about being a "weirdo" on "Riverdale"? What was that about?

Would you low-key die for your dog (or any dog)???

How often do laundry fails force you to wear swimsuit bottoms as underwear?

You're on a date with someone who intimidates you. Do you find yourself accidentally talking about past partners, almost as if you're trying to turn your date off?

Have you ever dipped your fingers into hot candle wax for fun?

Are you more freaky or geeky?

Do you occasionally avoid peeing because you don't want to stop doing something more interesting?

Have you ever tried to learn a magic trick?

Be real: Do you believe that you're psychic?

Do you keep your email inbox totally clean all the time?

Have you ever drunk a soda or cup of coffee while showering?

Are your Instagram stories mostly just pictures of all the weird abandoned chairs you spot?

How many make-up YouTubers are you obsessed with?

Which of these weird TV shows most resembles your life?

Just between us, have you ever eaten an entire jar of pickles or olives in one sitting?

Do you like eating food in the bathtub? What kind?

What's your position on toe rings?

Have you ever tried to dye a pet's coat with beet juice? (P.S. That is a safe way to dye pet's hair!)

Yesterday at school, your biggest frenemy said you were weird. How will you get back at her?

When your web cam is on and you're talking to someone via Skype or Zoom, do you spend the whole time checking out your picture in the corner of the screen?

How often do you clean your bathroom?

Do you secretly wish your mom would buy you a weighted blanket for Christmas?

Have you ever called a black cat a "void boy"?

Who's the weirdest person you'd make out with?

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