How Much of a Cougar Are You?

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While it's so common for men to date younger women that there's not even a vocabulary word for this phenomenon, older women who dare to date outside their peer group get their own nickname: cougar. This term is somehow both complimentary and derogatory, implying that these women are as sleek and wild as mountain cats while also being predatory. 

Unfair as it is to judge women differently for behavior that men routinely get away with, you can't deny that the cougar stereotype is a major part of modern culture. Some older women, with their great looks and strong self-confidence, seem to embody the cougar image, intriguing their neighbors with their daring fashion, bold makeup, long nails and knowing air. Are you one of them?

In this quiz, we're going to diagnose just how cougar-like you are by asking you whether you'd date a bartender, how you'd go about hiring a pool boy and the exact number of leopard-print items you own. Through questions about your beachwear, big dreams and perfect theme song, we'll be able to figure out whether you're flirtier than Samantha Jones or more buttoned-up than a Sunday school teacher. 

Are you ready to find out if there's a cougar hidden inside of you? Stop watching "Desperate Housewives" and take this quiz!

Let's say you have a pool and can afford a pool boy. Which of these pool boys would you hire?

Sun's out, so you're going to the beach! What will you be wearing?

When's the last time you went to the club?

Hollywood is making a sitcom about your life. What should the theme song be?

Imagine a genie can give you perfect hair with a simple wave of his hand. What kind of hair do you ask him for?

Blushing, your son's 22-year-old best friend asks you if you'd "like to get dinner sometime." He looks like a young Brad Pitt. What do you say?

How much makeup do you wear?

You've just joined a dating app and are getting all kinds of messages. Which of these potential boyfriends do you reply to first?

Which celebrity's style resonates with you the most?

A very handsome man has moved in next door. How will you get his attention?

Be honest: what's your most "cougar-like" behavior?

Recently, many female celebrities have been dating younger men. What's your favorite cougar/younger man pairing?

What's the longest period of time that you've gone without a date?

Let's talk about big dreams. In the next five years, would you rather travel the world on your own, get married or experience unprecedented career success?

You're going to a costume party that will be attended by tons of hot divorced dads. Which costume will you choose?

Are you a Charlotte, a Samantha, a Carrie or a Miranda?

How many leopard-print items do you own?

Your BFF offers to set you up on a date. You could have dinner with an IT manager fifteen years older than you or a surfer/retail employee fifteen years younger than you. Who do you pick?

Do you like being cat-called?

It's a hot summer day. What are you drinking?

Which one of these guys sounds like the perfect boyfriend?

Would you rather babysit a room full of cranky toddlers, a room full of cranky dogs or a room full of cranky men?

Do you kiss on the first date?

You've invited an interesting man over for dinner. How do you add romance to your home?

Mae West was the original cougar. Which of these sassy Mae West quotes do you like best?

Let's say you meet a guy who's perfect in every way, except that he's significantly younger. What's the biggest age gap you would tolerate in a relationship?

To make yourself more beautiful, which of these actions would you be willing to take?

On a scale of one to ten, how comfortable are you with making the first move?

Which "Desperate Housewives" character do you identify with the most?

Would you rather be single forever but go on lots of dates, or be married to one person forever yet feel kind of bored with him?

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