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Good looks and youth bring an exciting life to Dorian Gray in a Victorian world of social etiquette and prudishness. That is until his ugly secret is discovered.

"The Picture of Dorian Gray," a novel by Oscar Wilde, begins with two characters who are admiring a painting. Who are they?

Henry Wotton is very interested in the subject of the painting, as is everyone who looks at it. The beauty of the actual man seems to be living in the artwork.


Who was Basil Hallward?

Basil is reluctant to disclose the name of the subject in the painting. "When I like people immensely, I never tell their names to anyone. It is like surrendering a part of them. I have grown to love secrecy," he says.


What is it about Henry that Dorian enjoys?

Wotton has the ability to look at the world with disregard, and speaks in a fashion that seems to fly in the face of what is proper. He lives vicariously through Dorian, and is a negative influence on him.


What reason does Basil give to Lord Wotton for not wanting to have a public showing of the portrait?

Basil explains to Lord Wotton he saw Dorian Gray at a social event and he grew afraid, as if fate had something terrible in store for him. Yet, he also tells him that he feels the need to see him every day.


Why doesn't Basil want Henry to meet Dorian Gray?

Henry indulges in immoral ideas and he would spoil the purity of what Basil sees in Dorian. Basil enjoys Dorian for his beauty on the outside and his innocence on the inside.


What does Henry tell Dorian about temptation?

There are no boundaries with Henry Wotton's suggestions to Dorian. He seems to enjoy his role in corruption.


What is it that Henry believes is worth having?

Wotton is fascinated with Dorian's for youth and beauty. As everyone around him ages, Dorian becomes even more intriguing for Wotton, who desperately wants to know his secret.


Henry's Uncle George knows Dorian's family history. What does he share?

His mother risked everything for her heart's passion. His father was a soldier who died soon after the marriage.


Who is Victoria?

Henry's wife meets Dorian for the first time while he is awaiting Henry's arrival in the library of her house. She and Henry live separate lives, which allows Henry to easily go out socially with Dorian to places of ill repute.


Who is Sibyl Vane?

Dorian saw Sibyl in a performance of Romeo and Juliet. He tells Henry that his voice and Sibyl's are the only ones he will never forget.


Who warns Sibyl to beware of Dorian?

Sibyl's brother, Jim, has heard she has an admirer at the theater every night. He threatens to kill Dorian if he ever hurts Sibyl.


Basil comments, "one pays a terrible price" for what?

Once Dorian has become morally corrupted by Wotton, he goes on an endless pleasure spree. Basil is disappointed in the changes he sees.


Dorian notices his painting seems altered. What is the first change he observes?

Dorian starts to regret having hurt Sibyl and reconsiders a marriage proposal. He is in disbelief that the portrait has transformed just prior to the news of Sibyl's suicide.


Basil wants the portrait. What does Dorian tell him?

Dorian realizes the painting reveals the devil in his soul. His immorality manifests itself and grows as Dorian devolves.


What does Henry give Dorian which seems to "poison" him?

Dorian becomes obsessed with the book of debauchery and has multiple copies with different colored covers. Your basic dirty book!


Basil runs into Dorian on a foggy night and wishes to share something with him. What is it?

Basil is concerned that word is getting around about Dorian's sexual behavior and indulgences. People even seem afraid and intimidated by him. When he enters a room, conversations are hushed.


To whom does Dorian finally show the transforming painting?

Basil has pressed Dorian far enough on the painting, and Dorian finally gives in. Basil is horrified to see the truth of Dorian's youth and beauty; the painting absorbs his evilness.


How does Basil die?

Dorian is overwhelmed with anger by the way Basil reacts to the painting. He finds a knife that had been left in the room and wildly stabs him to death.


Who does Dorian call on to help with Basil's body after he kills him?

Alan Campbell is an old, intimate acquaintance who is reluctant to see Dorian. Gray sends for him by letter.


Where does Dorian store the painting?

Dorian has unpleasant memories of the room from childhood. It is suggested his grandfather abused him there.


For what does Dorian blame Basil?

Basil was always complimenting and admiring Dorian's appearance. The painting was a curse that chronicled his fall from grace.


When Basil sees the portrait in its transformation, what does he suggest to Dorian should be done?

Basil realizes the painting is an abomination and they are likely both doomed. Praying seems like the only hope.


How is Dorian able to convince his reluctant and former acquaintance, Alan Campbell, to help him get rid of Basil's body?

Dorian asks Campbell to turn any evidence related to Basil into ashes. When Campbell refuses, Dorian slides a paper over to him and tells him he has a letter waiting to be sent. The reader never finds out exactly what Gray was holding over him, but Campbell reluctantly assists.


Dorian recalls the comment made by Lord Wotton, "To cure the soul by means of the senses, and the senses by means of the soul!" How does he apply this?

Dorian tries to forget his secret miseries by going to an opium den. He runs into Adrian Singleton, who he feels he has corrupted, and reflects on this influence.


Sybil Vane's brother, Jim, discovers Dorian after many years. How does this come about?

While on an opium bender, Dorian hears someone refer to him as "Prince Charming," and is assaulted by Sibyl Vane's brother, who recognizes the name of the man his sister loved. When Jim Vane threatens Dorian with a gun, Dorian convinces him that after18 years, if he were that man, he would be much older.


While on a social visit to the conservatory of The Selby, what causes Dorian to faint?

Since running into Vane the night of the opium den visit, Dorian has been paranoid of being found. He sees Vane's face through a window at a social gathering.


How did Jim Vane die?

Vane stalks Dorian at a hunting outing and is shot by Sir Geoffrey Clouston, who mistakes him for a hare.


Who is Hetty?

Dorian falls for Hetty, but breaks it off with her to spare her. He wants to avoid hurting her like hurt Sibyl.


What thing does Lord Wotton say cannot be explained away, aside from vulgarity?

Henry says this when he is discussing with Dorian the possibility that Basil is dead. He does not care to talk about it because death terrifies him.


What became of Alan Campbell?

Alan Campbell shot himself in his laboratory. The secret of his helping Dorian dispose of Basil's body died with him.


What prompts Dorian to return to look at the painting?

In his reflection of Hetty and his attempts to be a better person, he ponders the possibility of the painting. He thinks maybe it has improved.


Dorian is found dead, with the painting restored to its original splendor. He is unrecognizable, except for what?

The evil and ugliness of his soul has been transferred back to his body; the painting is restored to depict him in his youth and beauty.


What is ironic about the painting after Dorian is found dead?

The painting should have been damaged. It suggests that maybe the evil soul of the painting stabbed Dorian; he was found with the knife in his heart.


A 1945 movie version of "The Picture of Dorian Gray" starred which actress as Sybil Vane?

Lansbury earned a Best Supporting Actress Academy Award nomination for this role. Audiences know her for the lead in the television series, "Murder, She Wrote" and as the voice of the Mrs. Potts in Disney's animated "Beauty and the Beast."


Which actor played Lord Henry Wotton on screen in the 2009 movie?

Colin Firth also played in the onscreen version of another work by Oscar Wilde. Firth played John Worthing in "The Importance of Being Earnest." Dame Judi Dench played Lady Bracknell.


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