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"The Walking Dead" is a television series based on the comic series written by Robert Kirkman, Tony Moore, and Charlie Adlard. The show first aired in 2010 and stars Andrew Lincoln who plays the fictional character, Rick Grimes. In this American horror-drama, a police officer awakens from a coma and finds himself in a devastated, ruined world. On his quest to find his family, he encounters survivors who join his side.

The seventh season of the show, based on comic book issues number 110 to 114, aired on October 23, 2016, with a 16-episode duration. The season begins with the episode “The Day Will Come When You Won’t Be,” in which Rick Grime is abducted by Negan and threatened with his life aboard an RV. 

In the final episode of the season aired on April 2, 2017, Negan tries to fool Rick by bringing Sasha to him in a casket. Between those two scenes, how much do you remember? Can you name all the people who died? Do you know if Rick got revenge on Negan? Or did Negan enslave the Alexandria camp? We know you watched the gripping season, so test your knowledge here. Don't let Rick and us down!

What does Negan force Rick to retrieve in the middle of a horde of walkers after he throws it out of the RV?

Negan tells Rick that everything is his, including Rick, his people, and Rick's axe. To prove his point, Negan throws Rick's axe into a horde of walkers and forces Rick to retrieve​ the axe, saying that he wants his axe back.


What does Negan call his baseball bat?

Lucille is a baseball bat that Negan uses to induce fear in those around him. The bat has barbed wire wrapped around it, making it much more intimidating.


Negan uses Lucille on _____?

When Negan makes his choice, Abraham looks at Sasha, his lover, and flashes a final peace sign. Negan then proceeds to beat Abraham's head in, mocking the group in the process.


Who does Negan kill after Daryl punches him?

Negan decides that the group hasn't learned its lesson yet after Daryl punches him, so, with little warning, he smashes Glenn in the head with Lucille. Glenn tries to call out Maggie's name as Negan continues to beat him with the bat.


Who does Negan take with him to the Sanctuary after killing Abraham and Glenn?

Negan likes the fight in Daryl, so he wants to harness it to use it for himself. In order to break Daryl, he takes him back to the Sanctuary.


What does Negan tell Rick to cut off of Carl?

Even after Negan killed Abraham and Glenn, he believes Rick hasn't learned his lesson. So, he gives Rick an ultimatum; cut off Carl's arm or everyone in Alexandria dies.


Where does Maggie bury Glenn's body?

Maggie is distraught and needs medical attention when Negan and his men finally leave. However, she refuses to leave Glenn's body behind, so she takes it with her to Hilltop.


Where is Carol taken after she is shot at the end of Season 6?

Carol is out for two days after she gets shot by a Savior. When she finally wakes up, Morgan is there to greet her.


Who rules over the Kingdom?

The leader of the Kingdom is referred to as King Ezekiel by the residents. Ezekiel plays up the part, pretending to be royalty, but Carol isn't fooled when she meets him.


What kind of animal is Shiva?

Ezekiel met Shiva when he was working as a zookeeper before the Apocalypse occurred. During their time at the zoo, Shiva broke her leg and Ezekiel saved her. She has been grateful to him ever since.


What do people from the Kingdom feed to wild pigs?

Morgan accompanies the people from the Kingdom on a hunt of wild pigs. However, Morgan is skeptical when they feed a Walker to the pigs and asks Morgan to hide it from others at the Kingdom.


Who receives the wild pigs from the Kingdom?

The Saviors reign of terror reaches all the way to the Kingdom. If Ezekiel wants to protect his people, he must provide for the Saviors as other groups do.


Who is asked to train Benjamin?

Benjamin is a young, struggling fighter when Morgan first meets him. However, Morgan tries to change that by teaching Benjamin how to combat the walkers and people.


Who is the Savior in charge of meeting with the Kingdom?

Gavin is more laid back than some of the other lieutenants under Negan. Even though he is a little more level-headed, Gavin still requires the Kingdom to meet the Savior's demands, or there will be consequences.


Where does Ezekiel talk Carol into going after leaving the Kingdom?

At the start of Season 7, Carol is still distraught over her murderous past and decides to run away from the Kingdom once she's recovered. However, Ezekiel finds her and talks her into doing otherwise.


What does Dwight feed Daryl in the cell?

After Daryl is taken back to the Sanctuary, Negan has him thrown in a jail cell and orders Dwight to break him. Dwight attempts to accomplish this by stripping him naked, playing loud music, and feeding him dog food.


Who was Dwight's wife?

Sherry had a sister, Tina, who ran away from the Sanctuary with Dwight. Unfortunately, Tina was killed by Walkers.


Who burned Dwight's face?

Dwight and Sherry return to the Sanctuary after Tina is killed by Walkers. However, as punishment, Sherry has to marry Negan, and Dwight must have his face burned.


With whom does Rick start a relationship?

Michonne has trouble accepting what happened to Glenn and Abraham. This forces her to betray the deal with the Saviors by keeping a hidden rifle in the chimney.


Who does Negan force to hold Lucille while he tears Alexandria apart?

Negan comes to collect a tribute from Alexandria before the time he originally designated. When he arrives, he brings out Daryl who looks sick and battered.


What does Dwight order Rosita and Spencer to go find?

Rosita and Spencer start a relationship after Abraham leaves Rosita. However, Rosita is just using Spencer as a rebound and never shows any real feelings towards him.


What does Negan confiscate from Alexandria on his first visit?

When Negan arrives in Alexandria to take half of everything they have, Carl tries to stop one of the Saviors by holding him at gunpoint. This worries Negan, so he takes away everyone's weapons, leaving the residents of Alexandria with no way to defend themselves.


Who is hiding a missing gun in their house?

Spencer has problems with Rick that go back to the murder of Spencer's father. After Negan takes over Alexandria, Spencer starts questioning Rick's leadership.


What does Maggie drive over a car to stop the music that's playing inside?

The Saviors sabotage the Hilltop by opening the front gate and playing music from a car that's barricaded with metal. The music attracts nearby Walkers, so Maggie is forced to crush the car with a tractor to stop the music.


Which Savior is in charge of dealing with the Hilltop?

Simon is the Savior who lets the Walkers into the Hilltop community. When he meets with Gregory, the leader of the Hilltop, Simon tells him that he let the Walkers in to remind the residents that they are still a threat and that the Saviors provide valuable protection.


Who is in the back of the Savior's truck with a gun when they arrive back at the Sanctuary?

Carl catches a ride with the Saviors in an attempt to kill Negan once they arrive back at the Savior's base. Although Carl is able to kill a few of the Saviors, he doesn't kill his main target and is instead trapped with Negan.


What's unique about the group that Tara finds in the woods?

The women of the village once had husbands, brothers, and fathers. However, when those men decided to rebel against the Saviors, Negan had them all killed, and the women retreated into the woods to hide.


What do the women in the woods have that Tara needs?

Although the women have weapons, they are too afraid to take on the Saviors. In fact, they are so afraid that they refuse to allow Tara to leave, but she eventually escapes anyway.


What does Negan force Carl to do in the compound?

Negan brings Carl into his room where he asks Carl questions about his past, including the death of his mother. He then orders Carl to sing him a song, and Carl sings "You Are My Sunshine."


Who makes Rosita a bullet?

Eugene is known for his brains and not his brawn. This can make him a liability at times and very useful at other times.


What does Negan cook in Rick's kitchen?

Rick is away looking for supplies when Negan brings Carl back to Alexandria. Since he has spare time, Negan decides to inhabit Rick's home, which includes cooking spaghetti.


Who kills Benjamin?

When the Kingdom comes up one cantaloup short in their drop for the Saviors, Gavin orders Jared to kill one of them, assuming it will be Richard. However, Jared suddenly shoots Benjamin instead, leaving everyone stunned.


What does Simon give Gregory after he takes the Hilltop's doctor?

Negan kills his former doctor at the Sanctuary for betraying him, although he was actually set up by Dwight. Still, Negan needs another doctor, so he sends Simon to collect the one from the Hilltop.


How does Sasha die?

Negan wants to use Sasha to make bargaining with Rick easier. However, Sasha has other plans, so she kills herself using poison and, as a Walker, almost kills Negan when he opens her casket.


Who betrays Rick?

After Jadis betrays Rick, she takes him to Negan, who decides he will kill Carl in front of Rick. However, a coalition between the Hilltop and the Kingdom arrives to save Rick and the others before Negan can strike.


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