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The Little Colonel is a 1935 Shirley Temple movie that follows the adventure of a little girl named Lloyd, as she brings out the warmth in her grandfather's heart and her family back together. Think you know all about Lloyd's adventure? Take the quiz to find out!

What instrument did Elizabeth play at the beginning of the movie?

Elizabeth played the harp at the beginning of the movie, while singing for everyone in the room. Her father, Colonel Lloyd, was one of the members of the audience.


Who was sad to see that Elizabeth was leaving?

Mom Beck was upset when Elizabeth was getting ready to leave. Elizabeth was trying to keep her leaving a secret from her father and told Mom Beck not to cry because she would send for her as soon as she could.


Who did Colonel Lloyd find outside of his house one night?

Colonel Lloyd found Jack Sherman outside of his house one night when he went to investigate a noise that he heard. Elizabeth realized that Jack had been caught by her father and ran downstairs to clear things up.


What were Elizabeth and Jack going to do behind Colonel Lloyd's back?

Elizabeth and Jack were going to elope without Colonel Lloyd knowing. Elizabeth figured that if she had told her father that she wanted to marry Jack, he would have been angry since Jack was from the North.


What did Colonel Lloyd do when Elizabeth left with Jack, against his wishes?

Colonel Lloyd was angry that Elizabeth didn't respect his wishes and left with Jack. In his anger, he picked up the vase that was beside him and smashed it on the ground.


What is the name of Elizabeth and Jack's daughter?

Elizabeth and Jack's daughter's name was Lloyd Sherman. She was first seen in the movie when they announced her as the honorary colonel.


Where were Lloyd and Elizabeth planning to stay while Jack went away to search for gold?

Elizabeth and Lloyd were going to stay at a cottage that Elizabeth's mother had left behind while Jack was away searching for gold. They were wished a safe and uneventful trip.


What did Walker say he was going to tell the Colonel about?

Walker told the Colonel that he wanted to tell him about the cottage. The Colonel was interested in what Walker had to say about it, so Walker told the Colonel that someone was moving into it.


What did the Colonel bring to the family that had moved into the cottage?

The Colonel brought flowers for the family that he had heard moved into the cottage. He was surprised when a woman opened the door and he realized that it was actually his daughter!


Whose portrait was displayed above the fireplace in the cottage?

There was a picture of Colonel Lloyd that hung over the fireplace in the cottage. After Colonel Lloyd and Elizabeth saw each other again, Elizabeth's daughter Lloyd went to the picture and said, "You're a bad man to make my mama cry!"


What did Mom Beck call the Colonel, Elizabeth and Lloyd?

Mom Beck called the Colonel, Elizabeth, and Lloyd all stubborn when Lloyd asked why her grandfather wouldn't want to come in. Becky told Lloyd about her grandfather being angry that her parents got married.


What did Lloyd take from the table while Mom Beck wasn't looking?

Lloyd took some cookies from the table while Mom Beck wasn't looking. Becky turned around and said, "It's a good thing I didn't see you take them!"


What did Lloyd say that all Colonels have?

Lloyd said that all Colonels have a temper while walking with her friends. They agreed with each other because May Lilly said that any colonel they ever saw had a temper!


Where did Lloyd and May Lily make mud pies?

Lloyd and May Lily made mud pies in the Colonel's yard. The Colonel noticed that someone had picked his flowers and when he walked a bit farther, he found Lloyd, May Lily, and Henry Clay playing in the mud.


What did Lloyd do when the Colonel talked about her mother?

When the Colonel talked about Lloyd's mother she got upset and threw mud at him. She ran off and Colonel Lloyd chased after her in anger.


What were the "personal things" that Elizabeth mentioned, that were in the letter that Jack had sent her?

When Elizabeth was reading out her letter from Jack, she mentioned that there were some personal things that he wrote. The personal things were about their money situation and how they may be running low.


What was Lloyd's punishment for what she did to her grandfather?

Lloyd's punishment for what she did to her grandfather was taking a bath and going to bed right away. Mom Beck took her inside to take care of her.


Why didn't Jack want to buy the land from Swazey and Hull?

Jack didn't want to buy the land from Swazey and Hull because it was too pricey, but he couldn't pass up the opportunity. Little did he know that he was scammed by the two, who had fabricated the ore by shooting gold from a gun onto it.


Whose sheets did the children use to baptize themselves?

After watching a baptism with Becky and Walker, Lloyd decided she'd have a baptism with Henry Clay and May Lily. They used the Colonel's sheets to do it!


After dressing in her mother's old clothes, what did Lloyd want to do?

When Lloyd was covered in water from the baptism, her grandfather took her home to get her cleaned up. She put on her mother's old clothes and went to surprise her grandfather!


Who did Lloyd say that she wished was with her and her grandfather?

Lloyd said that she wished her grandmother was with her and her grandfather because she would make up with Elizabeth. Colonel Lloyd was a little upset about what Lloyd had said.


What did the Colonel and Lloyd fight about, while playing with some army figurines?

The Colonel and Lloyd fought over the proper way to salute while playing with the figurines. They were both taught different ways and each of them insisted that they were right!


What did the telegram that Elizabeth received say?

The telegram that Elizabeth received said that Jack would be returning home. Elizabeth was afraid to open the envelope but she was ecstatic to hear the news!


What was wrong with Jack when he got home?

Jack was sick when he finally arrived home. Elizabeth ran out to greet him and she was very worried when Jack almost fell down. She had the doctor come over right away.


What bad news did Jack bring when he arrived back home?

When Jack arrived back home he told Elizabeth that they had no money. This was a surprise to her, as she had been under the impression that they would be rich.


Where did the doctor suggest that Elizabeth should send Lloyd?

The doctor suggested that Elizabeth should send Lloyd to stay with her grandfather until her father was better. He was worried that she might catch his illness.


How did Walker get Lloyd to go upstairs?

Walker danced in order to get Lloyd to go upstairs. Lloyd was upset and wanted to go home, but it was time for her to be put to bed. Walker said he'd show her a new way to go upstairs and started dancing his way up!


Who did Walker try to hide from the Colonel when he unexpectedly left Lloyd's room?

Walker tried to hide Fritz from the Colonel. The Colonel asked Walker to put Fritz outside when he was making too much noise, but Walker decided to bring him back inside shortly after, without the Colonel knowing!


What did the Colonel ask Walker to buy on Saturday?

The Colonel asked Walker to go to town and buy little girl clothes for Lloyd. She had told the Colonel that she was wearing her best clothes, but he wanted to buy her better ones.


What did the Union Pacific Railway want to speak to Jack about?

A representative from the Union Pacific Railway wanted to speak to Jack about obtaining a right of way on his property. He gave Jack a great offer for the right of way.


Who did Lloyd go to find when she saw that her father was in trouble?

Lloyd went to find her grandfather after she saw that her father was in trouble. Swazey and Hull were holding him hostage until they got the deed to the property. She wasn't able to find her grandfather and asked Maria to help instead.


Who told the sheriff to go to the cottage?

Maria told the sheriff to go to the cottage after Lloyd begged her to help. They arrived just after the Colonel did and interrupted the so-called "business deal."


Why did Colonel Lloyd decide to help Jack?

The Colonel decided to help Jack because Lloyd said that she never wanted to see him again after he refused to help. He realized that they were all family and that they should be there for each other.


Who played the role of Elizabeth?

Evelyn Venable played the role of Elizabeth in the movie. She also acted in many other movies after this movie such as "Fright Night" and she voiced the Blue Fairy in Pinocchio.


Who played the role of Colonel Lloyd?

Lionel Barrymore played the role of Colonel Lloyd. He acted in other films, such as It's a Wonderful Life, and he has two stars that honor him on the Hollywood Walk of Fame. He was part of the famous Barrymore family of actors, which also includes Drew Barrymore.


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