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The story of sweet little Bambi had an unexpectedly tragic twist that left moviegoers in shock. How much do you remember about Bambi and his friends in this Disney movie classic?

Which of Bambi's family members is tragically killed?

Bambi's mother is tragically shot to death by a hunter. In a heartbreaking scene, Bambi calls out to his mother, with no response. The original screening audience was shocked into silence.


What year was Bambi released?

Bambi was released in 1942, and though it wasn't initially a hit at the time, it has become a Disney classic. Other movies released in 1942 include Casablanca, Arabian Nights, and Holiday Inn.


What kind of animal is Thumper, Bambi's friend?

Thumper is a grey and white bunny who develops a good friendship with Bambi. Though Disney never officially stated what breed of rabbit Thumper is, many fans have their own theories. One thing is for sure, his floppy ears and bushy tail are super cute.


What kind of animal is Flower, Bambi's friend?

Bambi discovers Flower by accidentally finding him sleeping in a bunch of flowers, hence the name Bambi calls him. Flower later falls in love with a female skunk named Bluebelle, and they have a baby skunk named after Bambi. Flower is also present in Bambi II.


In what city did Bambi first premiere?

Bambi first premiered in London, then in New York a few days later. Though critics reviewed the movie favorably, initial box office sales were less than impressive. However, the movie is now known as one of the original Disney classics.


What phrase was said to warn movie workers that Mr. Walt Disney was coming down the hall?

"Man is in the forest" was said around Disney animators when Walt Disney was coming down the hall to let them know they had to be on task. "Man is in the forest" also warns animals in the movie when humans are coming who may be hunters. With Bambi's mother being killed by a hunter, this phrase is an important warning.


What is the name of the actor who voiced Bambi?

Donnie Dunagan was the six-year-old actor hired in 1940 to voice the character of Bambi. He never did another movie and instead had a notable military career. He kept his participation in Bambi a secret to avoid teasing from the other members of the military, but they found out anyway.


What is Thumper known for doing?

Thumper is known for attracting attention by thumping his foot quickly up and down on the ground. Thumper and Bambi become great friends, with many heartwarming moments between the two animals. Thumper was voiced by Peter Behn.


Where does Bambi's mother tell him not to go?

Bambi's mother tells him not to go into the meadow, as that is where animals are the least safe. Later in the movie, Bambi's mother hears a hunter and tells Bambi to run. Sadly, Bambi's mother does not live. The phrase "Don't go in the meadow!" is one of the most memorable lines from the film.


Frozen water is called ice, but Bambi and his friends call it what?

Bambi and his friends call ice by the term, stiff water. When Bambi tries to walk on the ice, he slips and slides all over on his four spindly legs. Meanwhile, Thumper has a grand time and tries to help Bambi, to no immediate avail.


What is the name of the fawn that is mean to Bambi?

Ronno is a nasty fawn who is very mean to Bambi; in general, he can be considered a bully. When he is the first to start to grow antlers and lose his spots, he lords it over Bambi. When he grows up, his attitude isn't much different.


What animal is Flower afraid of?

Flower says he is afraid of turtles, which doesn't necessarily help Bambi learn to be brave. Later in the movie, Ronno is bitten by a turtle, which makes Flower feel justified in his fear of turtles. He says, "See, I told you turtles were scary."


What title does Bambi's father have?

Bambi's father is the Great Prince of the Forest. He is a protective, dignified deer. He is respected for his bravery and wisdom. Though he is intimidating in appearance, he is affectionate toward his family.


What scene did animators show to Walt Disney to convince him to make the film?

Bambi getting stuck on a fallen tree trunk was the test animation showed to Walt Disney that convinced him to make the film. Much of the animation used in Bambi was used in other Disney films as well, like Beauty and the Beast and The Rescuers. Most of the reused animation was environmental in nature, but some of the characters have appeared as well.


What did animator Marc Davis use as inspiration to develop Bambi's facial expressions?

Because deer don't have especially distinguishable facial features, it was hard for animators to create emotions for Bambi's face. By using a baby as the inspiration, animator Marc Davis was able to create adorable facial features for Bambi. Over a year was spent creating animation for Bambi and his friends.


What item in space has been named after Bambi and Thumper?

Two asteroids have been named after characters in Bambi - one after Bambi himself, and one after Thumper. Asteroids are usually small and made up of rocks. Typically, they don't ever get very close to Earth. However, scientists keep an eye out for them just in case.


What species of deer is Bambi?

Bambi was originally supposed to be a Roe deer, but Roe deer do not live in America. So, Bambi was changed to a white-tailed deer. White-tailed deer are generally more familiar to Americans, as well.


What is the name of Bambi's future mate?

Bambi's future mate is Faline. She is the daughter of a deer named Ena, and she and Bambi are friendly when they are young. As they grow older, they become mates and have baby deer named Geno and Gurri.


What season was Bambi born in?

Bambi and all the forest animals were born in spring. Baby animals are typically born in the spring because there is an abundance of food and water for new growing bodies. Increasingly warmer days help young ones grow and become strong.


How long is the film, Bambi?

The film, Bambi, is 70 minutes long, which clocks in at just over an hour. The sequel, Bambi II, is also 70 minutes long. Other Disney movies of the same length include 101 Dalmatians II: Patch's London Adventure, Tinker Bell, and Cinderella III: A Twist in Time.


Of what does Friend Owl warn Bambi and his friends?

A state of twitterpation, or being twitterpated, is a sense of infatuation or nervous energy that might be brought on by being in love or falling for someone. Friend Owl warns Bambi and his friends of twitterpation when they start to grow out of childhood. They all say they won't ever be in love, but they all end up finding mates.


What book was Bambi based on?

Bambi: A Life in the Woods is the book Bambi is based on. It was written by Felix Salten and was published in 1926. He was also the author of a rather salacious novel about a woman with many exploits.


Bambi was intended to be released as the second full-length Disney animated feature film, but it ended up being what?

Bambi was intended to be the second full-length Disney feature film, after Snow White and the Seven Dwarfs, but Walt Disney's perfectionism took time. Pinocchio, Fantasia, The Reluctant Dragon, and Dumbo all ended up being released before Bambi. As we know now, it was clearly worth the wait for such a Disney classic.


What year was the idea of making Bambi into a film first discussed?

The earliest talks about making Bambi into a movie took place in 1936, but no serious measures were taken to move the picture forward until 1938. The first animation was done in 1940, and the final scene in 1942. From musicians to writers to animators, a large number of Disney staff was involved with the production of Bambi.


What does Bambi learn to do when he meets his new friends?

Bambi's mother died when he was very young, so his friends are the ones who help him learn to talk. His careful learning of the words is part of what makes him so lovable and cute. Finding his skunk friend sleeping among flowers and naming him after them is a perfect example of his inexperience with words.


At one point in the movie, Faline is chased by what?

At one point, Faline is being pursued by hunters. Bambi's father tells Bambi to seek safety because Man is nearby, but Bambi first goes to find Faline and endangers himself. Bambi is shot while saving Faline, though he recovers in the film and all is well.


Bambi was controversial for some parents. Why?

The film was somewhat controversial because there were reports of children getting scared after discovering that Bambi's mother had been killed. One psychologist even said that children under 7 years old should not be allowed to see the movie. However, others might argue that the film teaches children to push through whatever challenges come their way.


Which group opposed the movie, Bambi?

Significant numbers of hunters were opposed to the movie, Bambi, mainly due to the way it portrays hunters as being evil without motive in their actions of killing wildlife. One hunter even reached out to Walt Disney to try to get some type of disclaimer put into the movie, perhaps before or after the film was shown, to no avail. Others, however, took the movie for what it was, just a movie.


Which of these is not a term generated by the film?

The Bambi factor, Bambi syndrome, and Bambi complex are all phrases used to describe a sympathetic attitude toward wildlife and, in general, an opposition to its removal or destruction. This phrase came about largely due to the movie, Bambi, and it's implicit anti-hunting message. In particular, deer have become viewed in a more sentimental light.


As a fawn, what color are Bambi's eyes?

As a fawn, Bambi's eyes are red like a harvest moon. He has an orange coat with light brown spots on his stomach, and a brown stripe that runs down his back. As he matures, he grows a nice set of antlers.


A fire breaks out in the forest, how?

A fire accidentally breaks out at Man's camp, and it quickly causes a raging wildfire. The animals have to flee from the forest to an island to figure out what to do next. This could be construed as another subliminal message; humans are destroying the Earth's forests.


What is the name of the main title song in Bambi?

Love Is a Song is the main title song from Bambi's soundtrack. Composed by Frank Churchill, Love Is a Song feature lyrics that are hopeful about the eternal nature of love. The song was performed by Donald Novis.


What does the name Bambi mean?

Bambi's Italian meaning is Little One, or bambino. Today's usage of Bambi as a slang term is sometimes used to mean sports players who are so new to the game they have no idea what they are doing, referring to Bambi learning to walk, talk, and more. In Italy, Bambi is more of a pet name than an actual name of someone.


Approximately how much dialogue is in the film?

There are about 1,000 words of dialogue in the movie. This is generally seen as being quite a small amount for a feature film, but given that the main characters are animals, it's not entirely surprising. In addition, Bambi's character learns to talk in the film; the majority of his words come later.


What time frame is Bambi set in?

Bambi is set in the present day, and it was only the second Walt Disney film to be that way. Dumbo was also set in the present day. Many of Walt Disney's earlier movies took place in a different time, such as Cinderella and Beauty and the Beast.


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