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"Ocean's 11" is a heist film from 1960, set primarily in Las Vegas. A remake with the same name was released in 2001 and was successful enough to have a trilogy created -- 11,12,13. What do you know about the original film? Find out by taking the quiz.

During which holiday did "Ocean's 11" begin?

"Christmas in Beverly Hills CA. A time when everyone thinks only kind, tolerant, generous thoughts."


How did the characters meet initially?

They met when the served in the 82nd Airborne Division during the war. The 82nd is an elite parachute infantry division that specializes in assault operations. The Army first formed the 82nd on August 5, 1917.


Which member of the team was in prison at the start of the movie?

"He's in prison, the electrician. Our master electrician is doing one to five!"


What was the stage name of Vince's wife?

"And now a sweet little bundle from Texas, sweet as chocolate candy: The tantalizing Honeyface." "…Is that her?"


Who played Danny Ocean's ex-wife?

Angie Dickinson (born September 30, 1931) played Danny Ocean's ex-wife in "Ocean's 11." She is also known for her starring television role in "Police Woman" and her supporting role in "Pay It Forward," but she has performed in numerous movie and television productions.


Finish the quote "I'll consider mistress, plaything, toy for a night, but I refuse to be___________."

"I'll consider mistress, plaything, toy for a night, but I refuse to be your mother. That's out."


Who played Jimmy Foster?

Peter Lawford (September 7, 1923-December 24, 1984) spent most of his adult life in the United States but was born in Great Britain. His relationship as a brother-in-law of President John F. Kennedy and his one-time friendship with Frank Sinatra as a member of the "Rat Pack," put him in the middle of a feud that Sinatra and Kennedy had when Kennedy canceled a stay at Sinatra's house on short notice, to prevent bad publicity.


What changed Tony's mind about joining the others?

"Look doc, give it to me straight. Is it the big casino?"


What was Josh doing for a living?

At the time of the movie, the Civil Rights Act was not in place. Many jobs in many states were still not available to people, based on the shade of their skin. Josh ended up being a garbage collector instead of pursuing his dream as a result.


What did Josh want to be?

"What happened to the ball playing? No hit?"


Who brought Jackson to the meeting?

Clem Harvey, who played Louis Jackson, had only a few bit parts in movies such as "State Fair," "One-Eyed Jacks" and "A Thunder of Drums." His character showed up with police officers because he was drunk.


Why did Jimmy want to go to the "picnic" with the others?

"I had so much mother love you'd of thought I was quintuplets… After the war, I tried to break away from her, but plenty of money's a hard habit to kick. That's why I'm going to our picnic."


Dean Martin played which character?

Dean Martin (June 17, 1917-December 25, 1995) first paired with Jerry Lewis, on the stage and then in movies. However, by 1958, he grew tired of producer Hal Wallis' cookie-cutter scripts and decided to go it alone. Although this initially did not work out well, when he became friends with Sinatra and began co-starring in movies like "Ocean's 11" with him, his career took off. He played Sinatra's wealthy friend, Sam Harmon, in "Ocean's 11."


What prank did Danny play on Spyros Acebos?

"This is the Los Angeles County Morgue… We have a couple of men down here. One is well muscled the other one is rather slender built… These two young gentlemen were traveling mighty fast in an automobile—looked like they were trying to keep an engagement somewhere."


Who ran into Danny Ocean at the Sands?

Danny Ocean ran into Adele at the Sands and gave her his room key. Patrice Wymore Flynn (December 17, 1926-March 22, 2014), who played the role of Adele in "Ocean's 11," married Errol Flynn.


By which point of view did Jimmy's mother tell him to judge Duke?

"Please don't judge him from that point of view." "Well, what point of view do you suggest?" "A woman's."


Where did Jimmy tell his mother he was going?

"I'm going skiing with Danny Ocean. We're going up to Squaw Valley." "Well, you won't miss the wedding?" "Mother! Have I ever missed one of your weddings?"


Who played the drunk lady who delayed Tony from getting to the electric box at the Flamingo?

In the dialogue between MacLaine and Dean Martin, they mentioned both Ricky Nelson and Perry Como. Dean Martin had been frequently compared to Perry Como in his younger years, and he had just finished co-starring in a movie with Nelson.


Who was the latest to arrive at the meeting in Spyros' house?

"It's after nine. Everybody's here but this Jackson. Shall we start the meeting without him?"


Who wanted to promote world peace with his money by buying out the Miss Universe contest?

Danny Ocean was a womanizer in the original "Ocean's 11." Although he had a sense of loyalty to his ex-wife, it was evident he had relationships with other women, which got him in trouble at times.


Which five casinos did they want to hit?

"This is our objective: Las Vegas, Nevada. Mission: to liberate millions of dollars. Now, these are the five casinos we hit: the Sahara, Riviera, Desert Inn, the Sands and the Flamingo."


What color was the handkerchief when it was spread out on the pool table with the list of casinos drawn on it?

Danny did a magic trick that turned a blue handkerchief into the yellow one he spread out on the pool table. This was the only scene in the movie where the entire eleven-man group (and Spyros) could be viewed in a single shot.


According to the movie, what was the name of the only road that ran into and out of Vegas?

"Is this the only road in or out of Vegas?" "Yeah, that's Route 91. Why?"


How did they get the money away from the casinos?

By tossing the money in the trash, they were able to get back in the casino quickly, and Josh was able to pick it up in the dump truck. Sammy Davis Jr. once said, "In Vegas, for 20 minutes, our skin had no color. The second we stepped off the stage, we were colored again. The other acts could gamble or sit in the lounge and have a drink, but we had to leave through the kitchen with the garbage." It wasn't until March 25, 1960, under the Moulin Rouge Agreement, that Jim Crow restrictions were lifted and desegregation began.


How much did the spare keys cost to make?

"I had the key made. Be careful with it. It cost me two bits."


In addition to a drum set and piano, which other instrument was playing in Sam's band at the Sahara?

The xylophone had a predominant part in the music and was played by Red Norvo. You could also hear trumpets playing, but there were no trumpets shown in the band. A saxophone player acted as if he were playing the trumpet parts.


How much time did Tony give himself to rewire the casinos?

"Well, five casinos, fifteen minutes each, that's seventy-five minutes. Traveling time twenty-five minutes, that's an hour and forty minutes. And that's when I'll rig them—one hour and forty minutes before we hit."


Who else was at the Sands that knew at least one of the crew?

Caesar Romano and Ilka Chase played Santos and Restes, respectively. Romano was a unique actor who began his career mostly in suave, Latin lover roles, but later was cast as bumbling criminals (including the Joker in "Batman," which originally aired on television from 1966-1968). Chase had a caustic personality in real life but seldom portrayed cutting females, except in supporting roles, such as the stepmother in Rodgers and Hammerstein's made-for-television version of "Cinderella."


What percentage did Duke ask Ocean for, to keep his mouth shut?

"I know you won't try anything cute. Fifty percent of something is better than one hundred percent of nothing."


What happened to most of the money?

Although cremation was growing in popularity in the 1960s and 1970s, even today it is rare for a cremation to occur in the same place as the funeral service. Also, the body is not cremated during the service, but either before or after it.


What number did they start the countdown to the New Year with at the casinos?

"All right ladies and gentlemen, it's almost midnight. So pucker up your lips, ladies. Twenty seconds to go."


What were the call numbers for the news station reporting on the crime?

KLAS-TV was still a television station in Las Vegas. Bought by Howard Hughes in 1968, it switched hands several times after his death. As of February 13, 2015, it was owned by Nexstar Broadcasting Group.


"There's only one thing you love, Danny: That's ________."

"There's only one thing you love, Danny: That's danger."


How did Tony die?

The doctor at the beginning of the movie sent a tissue sample for a biopsy, which would imply Tony potentially had cancer (although the X-ray shown was upside down). His death from a heart attack at the end of the movie would have been unrelated. Although some cancer treatments weaken the heart, it was unlikely for these to begin so quickly, especially with the holidays. Most cancer treatments begin a few weeks after the diagnosis.


How much money did Tony's widow get?

"It's for Tony's widow and his kid. It's only ten grand, Danny."


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