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Ed, Edd n Eddy managed to carve out a place on television during an era when animated series were peaking. Take this quiz and find out how much you remember about this cartoon!

How many Eds are there?

The basis for the show was formed around three characters with unique traits. Their clever schemes drive the action of the show.


On which network did the show premiere?

"Ed, Edd, n Eddy" was pitched to both Cartoon Network and Nickelodeon. Although both networks wanted the show, Cartoon Network won out.


Who created the show?

Danny is an animator from Canada. Some of his work includes "Lupo the Butcher" and "Cartoon Sushi."


How many seasons did the show run?

"Ed, Edd n Eddy" consisted of 69 episodes. There was also a television movie released in 2009.


Where did the show originate?

"Ed, Edd n Eddy" was the longest running animated show that came out of Canada. It ran for a span of ten years.


Who was NOT a main character?

The show creator, Danny, created the three Eds before he got the idea for the show. He found the characters so interesting that he thought they deserved more attention.


What is Edd's nickname?

Edd got the nickname Double D because he has two D's in his name and he was often confused with Ed since they are pronounced the same. Throughout the show, he is almost always referred to as Double D.


What is the age range for the main characters?

The story involves a set of preteen kids. Many of them have stereotypical personalities for school-aged children: the jock, the pretty girl, the smart kid, the nerd, etc.


Where do the characters live?

Most of the story is centered around the cul-de-sac where many of the characters live, including the Eds. This serves as a social setting for the kids to interact.


What town do they live in?

Although the children live in Peach Creek, the location of the town is never identified. The town does foster a suburban setting.


What is Edd good at?

Edd is the smartest of the Ed's. He is both inventive and book smart.


Who is dim-witted?

No one would call Ed the smartest of the bunch. However, he is loyal to those people that he cares about.


Who is the con artist?

Eddy is known for his schemes where he often tries to obtain money to buy jawbreakers. Occasionally, he even puts this desire above his closest friends.


What is the name of Jonny 2x4's imaginary friend?

Jonny carries around a piece of wood that is his closest friend. He conveniently named the wood "Plank."


Who is Ed's sister?

Sarah is Ed's younger sister. She is very aggressive and often argues with the Eds, even bullying them around from time to time.


Where is Rolf from?

Rolf often talks about where he comes from. However, he always refers to it as the Old Country, without identifying where it's at.


What is the name of the scouting group that Rolf leads?

Rolf leads a group of boys in a scouting group that resembles the boy scouts. Other members of the group include Jimmy and Jonny.


Who is Sarah's best friend?

Jimmy is often made fun of for being weak. His relationship with Sarah is a prime example of his weakness, as she usually bosses him around.


What often happens to Jimmy?

Jimmy has a habit of collecting injuries. He's seen from time to time wearing bandages over his wounds.


What does Jimmy bake at Christmas time?

Jimmy is rather fond of cooking. During Christmas, he even makes a special gingerbread village that is later eaten by Eddy.


Who are the boys attracted to?

Nazz is the pretty girl who all the guys are attracted to. However, most of the boys stumble over their words around her, so starting a conversation is difficult.


Who has a crush on Edd?

Marie is the smartest of the Kanker sisters. This makes her a good match for Edd.


Where do the Kanker sisters live?

There are three Kanker sisters, who serve as matches for the three Eds. They each have personalities similar to Ed, Edd n Eddy.


What color is Edd's hat?

Edd can be identified by the black hat that he always wears. He never takes the hat off throughout the series.


What feature is unique about Ed?

Ed has a few unique features. These features include his unibrow, his yellow skin, and his horse teeth.


Who is the strongest of the Eds?

Ed might be portrayed as dumb, but that doesn't mean he's useless. Throughout the show, he is often the workhorse of the group.


Who is the most popular kid?

Kevin is the typical jock who everyone admires. That is, of course, besides Eddy, who sees him as a rival.


What shape is Eddy's bed?

Eddy has an interesting bedroom arrangement. It includes both an out-of-date lava lamp and a round-shaped bed.


What does Eddy hate?

Eddy has a deep hatred for birds. In fact, he is seen several times throughout the show in direct confrontation with them.


What does Eddy love?

Eddy is always trying to obtain jawbreakers. Usually, he tries to get money by ripping people off. This way he can purchase the jawbreakers.


What class is Eddy good at?

Eddy is horrible when it comes to schoolwork. When he brings home his report card, it is filled with Fs and notes from his teachers.


What is Kevin's most prized possession?

Kevin is obsessed with his bike, which is his most important possession. Sometimes, the bike even takes precedence over Nazz, who Kevin has a crush on.


Where do the kids usually hang out?

The Lane is an alleyway where the kids spend most of their time. It allows the kids to access the playground from their cul-de-sac.


What color is Nazz's hair?

Nazz is portrayed as the dumb blonde of the group. Despite that, the guys are all still infatuated with her, and the other girls are jealous of her.


Who is the leader of the Eds?

Eddy might not make good grades in school, but he is still clever. For that reason, he is the leader of the Eds.


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