How Much Do You Like Boys?

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Tell us the truth. Are you boy-crazy? Do you have pictures of hunks taped to the inside of your locker? In the morning, do you hog the bathroom, primping and preening in case you run into a raging hottie later on? Is half your time spent sliding into the DMs of local singles? Wait a minute; we see your fingers moving — are you texting a cute boy RIGHT NOW? 

If this sounds like you, it's imperative that you take this quiz immediately. You owe it to the world to confront how very much you like boys. Whether it's a lot, a little or SO MUCH IT'S DRIVING YOU CRAZY, we can help diagnose the severity of your boy-craziness, as well as offer some practical action steps for hanging out with cute boys even more than you already do. 

We're going to solicit your opinions about so many boys, from Oscar Isaac to Zac Efron, Zayn Malik to Zachary Quinto. Would you be willing to go on a wildflower hike with Brad Pitt? If Timothy Olyphant asked you to ride horses with him on the beach, would you say yes or no? These questions and more are waiting for you, so hurry up and take this quiz!

OK, so please be honest. How many boys have you already flirted with today?

When did you first start liking boys?

Are boys actually made of snips and snails and puppy dog tails?

Have you ever worn a boy's letterman jacket?

Let's talk crushes. How many are you currently nursing?

What's the cutest thing that guys do?

Playing Spin the Bottle: heaven or hell?

You go to a party and spot an amazingly adorable boy. How do you get him to notice you?

Do you ever come down with "mentionitis," the inability to stop talking about a boy you like, even when the conversation has nothing to do with him?

What's the best thing about dating boys?

Have you ever signed up for a class just because a boy you liked was in it?

Do you have any guy friends? Are they really your friends or are they something more?

Would you be willing to go on a wildflower hike with Brad Pitt?

Who's your flirtation role model?

Who's the cutest smart boy in the world?

Have you ever changed the way you dress for a boy?

In the middle of class, your friend passes you a note asking whether you like a cute classmate. You turn around to see him looking right at you! What do you do?

How long did it take you to get ready for your first date?

Have you ever texted with a boy for three hours straight?

Imagine that you don't have a date to the spring dance. Is this a disaster or merely a dilemma?

If you could slide into the DMs of any "Star Wars" franchise boy, who would you choose?

You've just started seeing a boy when you discover he has three equally cute brothers. Do you keep dating him or steer clear of potential drama?

Do you blush when boys talk to you?

If you had an identical twin, would you two switch places all the time in order to date more than one boy at once?

What's the longest period of time you could survive without flirting with a boy?

When you shop for new clothes, do you keep your crush's preferences in mind?

Have you ever sneaked out of the house to go on a date with a bad boy?

In your opinion, which fictional teen couple had the most enviable relationship?

Which body language sign means that a boy truly likes you?

If Timothy Olyphant asked you to ride horses with him on the beach, would you say yes or no?

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