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Who wouldn't want to be able to drum up a spell to lose weight or catch the love of your life? Take this quiz about witchcraft to discover how much you know about witches and magic.

A practitioner of witchcraft keeps his or her magical incantations in a _____________.

Witchcraft started as an oral tradition. As witches were hunted and killed, it became apparent they had to meet in secret, in the shadows. An oral history shifted into a written, secret one.


What kind of magic will harm a person in some way?

Black magic is considered negative magic. This type of magic is used with curses or hexes to harm another person.


What is the traditional greeting for witches?

It's shortened form, Blessed Be," is used in the Initiation ceremony. The full blessing is five lines long. However, to say the short blessing is to imply the full version.


The popular idea of witches flying in the air on a ________ is known as transvection.

Witches were also known to fly through the air on pitchforks, shovels, poles and a variety of animals. The earliest illustration of a witch flying is Ulrich Molitor's 1489 engraving in the book, "De Lamiis."


A group of witches is known as what?

A coven is a group of witches who get together on a regular basis to practice their craft and religion. There are no set number of members in a coven. However, the meeting place tends to put a restriction on how many members a coven can accept.


What is sprinkled on food and can be used as a powerful defense against evil?

Salt represents life and it represents the earth. Because salt represents life, to spill salt means you are spilling blood and that it is why it's a bad omen.


The Witches' New Year is when?

It falls on October 31st and is known by non-witches as Halloween. This sabbat marks the time that witches believe the veil between the living and the dead is thin. Therefore it is easier to talk to the deceased.


What may also be referred to as an amulet or talisman?

A three-leaf clover and a rabbit's foot are both considered lucky charms. A charm is usually an object. However, it can also be words used in spells, incantations and chants.


What is a five-pointed star, usually with the single point at the top?

A pentagram is generally associated with life force. The five points represent the four elements - fire, water, earth and air - surrounded by spirit.


In __________, candles represent people, things, ambitions, emotions and influences.

Candle magic is a form of sympathetic magic which first appeared over 24,000 years ago. With candle magic, when a witch lights a candle and manipulates that candle, he or she manipulates whatever the candle represents.


If a farmer has a bad harvest, he or she may blame a witch for doing what to the crops?

Blasting is an old term used when witches caused a disruption in new crops, animals and humans. Witches were the scapegoat for anything that went wrong, when in truth, witches support fertility and encourage new crops, animals, and humans.


A ___________ does not belong to a coven.

A Solitary Witch initiates himself or herself, then worships and relates to the gods on their own. A Solitary is capable of doing magic alone.


Witches rub what on their bodies to help them fly?

According to lore, the main ingredient in flying lotion is the fat boiled off of babies that were not baptized. Other parts included wolfsbane, hemlock and belladonna.


Which country burned more "witches" at the stake than England?

Germany killed almost a hundred times more witches than England did. Germany also tortured and burned their witches, while England did not do either one. Germans were so intent on ridding the country of witches that instead of putting up stakes, the town of Neisse built an oven to kill more witches at a time.


In candle magic, what color represents fertility, finance, healing and luck?

In witchcraft, the color green is commonly used to attract money, abundance and fertility. Along with the candle, a witch might use the herb oak moss to draw more income or rose petals to conceive a baby of a love relationship.


What are the four elements?

The four elements correspond with the four cardinal points of a witches' magic circle. North is Earth, South is Fire, West is Water, and East is Air.


What is the power to control the weather?

Throughout history there are references to witches controlling the weather and wreaking havoc in their wake. For example, in the fifth century, Herodotus wrote about witches charming the winds in his "History of the Persian Wars."


For positive purposes, what kind of magic is used?

Magic to heal another person, animal or place is known as white magic. Love magic, as long as it does not infringe on another's free will, is also white magic, as is protective magic.


What does the outside world call a male witch?

The name Warlock comes from the Old English and Scottish name, "waerloga." A waerloga means a traitor or one who breaks oaths.


Before Hitler used it for his own purposes, what was known as a symbol of good luck and well-being?

The word "Swastika" is from the Sanscrit word "svastika," which means well-being or good luck. The Swastika symbol is based on the Wheel of the Year or the sun wheel.


Yule is another name for what?

The Winter Solstice is the shortest day of the year. It is the time of year when the Mother Goddess gives birth to a new Sun God.


What can be used to prevent pregnancy or bind two people together throughout time?

Knot magic was first recognized among the ancient Egyptians and witches in the Middle Ages. Knots are regarded as powerful magical weapons, as they can be included in a rite to stop a person or event, or they can be undone to release power.


Witches cast a protective __________ before using magic.

Witches can use any place they need to cast their magic circle. It can be a field, a room or a clearing in the woods. The circle gives the witch a sacred, protective place to do magic.


What took place in America in 1692?

The village of Salem is now known as Danvers. Before 1692 there were only twelve or so witch cases. Then in 1688, the Goodwin children accused their governess named Glover of putting a spell on them. The Rev. Cotton Mather took an interest in the case, and that's when the odds started to get stacked against witches.


What follows specific magical steps?

A Rite or Ritual is a religious or magical ceremony that follows specific steps, unique to that particular ceremony. Some witches break a ritual down into three parts: separation from the "normal" world, a transition between the worlds, and finally incorporating change into life.


Witch accusers used what to find insenstive spots on a witches' body?

To determine if a person was a witch and a servant to the Devil, persecutors would determine if a person had an insensitive spot, which would not bleed when pricked. This spot is where the Devil supposedly had touched a witch on his or her initiation. A pricker would be used to jab the body repeatedly until that "spot" was found.


The sacred cup witches use in rituals is called what?

A goblet holds consecrated wine. The wine may symbolize the element of water. Some witches call a goblet a chalice.


Magic that is neither positive or harmful is called what?

Gray magic is considered neither positive or negative magic. A binding spell is seen as gray magic as long as it neither helps nor harms the person. For example, if a binding spell stops a person from spreading gossip, then that person will be prevented from spreading gossip only. The magic would not affect him or her in any other way.


The first day of May is what Sabbat?

Beltane is the day to celebrate fire, abundance and fertility. It typically falls on May 1 or halfway between the spring equinox and the summer solstice.


What type of magic is simplicity at its core?

High magic is ceremonial, with carefully prepared instruments, evocations and conjurations. Low magic is the exact opposite, using ordinary objects like a spoon or a stick. Low magic takes its power from the Earth instead of words or power and Gods like high magic.


A _________ can be simple or highly complex.

A spell can consist of words of power, special instruments and a ritual. Spells can also be as simple as lighting a candle and imagining the desired outcome.


Aromatic plants used in witchcraft are called what?

Herbal lore has been handed down orally until the past few hundred years, when it became necessary to have the lore written. Hippocrates listed about 400 single herbs, while Dioscorides listed close to 600.


Magic that is based on "like affects like" is called what?

Image magic is a form of sympathetic magic. The earliest known example dates from 25,000 years ago, with clay models of bear and bison on the floor of a cave in France. The cavemen attacked the clay figures and thought that the bear and bison would die in the woods and all they would have to do was retrieve the bodies.


What major sabbat falls half way through the winter months?

Imbolc is on February 1, or about halfway between the winter solstice and the spring equinox. It is a time to celebrate the start of spring, when the Crone transforms into the Maiden.


The use of what as an anointing agent is ancient?

Oil is used in religious and magical rituals. Some covens anoint witches as they enter the magic circle. Oil can be placed on a person or an object, such as a candle or a stone.


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