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College football is one of the greatest sports in American society, and the University of Florida has one of the top college football programs in the entire country. How much do you know about the team, though? Here's a quiz where you can find out. 

Throughout the school's storied history, the University of Florida football program has attracted tons of top recruits from around the nation. Who wouldn't want to play in the warm weather near the beach, after all? These recruits and the legendary coaches who guided them along the way have helped Florida reach national prominence over the decades, which includes racking up both South Eastern Conference (SEC) Championships and National Championships, while also sending many of those players off to the National Football League where they had successful careers. 

Are you an expert on this school's storied history? Do you know which players won Heisman trophies or which coaches were the most successful while at the school? If so, then you'll probably enjoy this quiz. 

This quiz isn't for everyone, though. You had better know your Florida football before you get ready to take it. Otherwise, you just might find yourself on the losing end, but if you're up for the challenge, then go for it! 

Which conference does Florida play in?

The Florida Gators are part of the SEC, which consists of fourteen teams. Those fourteen teams are divided between two divisions, the East and the West.


Which team is Florida's rival?

The Florida-Georgia game is known among fans as "the world's largest outdoor cocktail party." The game is played on a neutral field in Jacksonville, Florida every year.


What is the nickname of Florida's stadium?

The Swamp was built in 1930 to host home games for the Florida Gators. The stadium is capable of holding over 90,000 fans.


When did Florida field its first official football team?

As of 2017, Florida is playing its 111th year of football. Over the course of that history, the program has a winning football record at 710-404-40.


Who was the first Florida Gator to win a Heisman Trophy?

Steve Spurrier went to Florida after the University of Tennessee, located in his home state, failed to offer him a scholarship. The Florida Gators better fit Spurrier anyways since he was a passer and preferred to throw the ball rather than hand it off, which was Tennessee's style of play.


When did Florida win its first National Championship?

In 1996, Florida played Florida State in the Sugar Bowl. Florida had already lost in the regular season to Florida State, but the team managed to win the Bowl game 52-20, capturing its first National Championship.


In which division does Florida play in the SEC?

Division play began in the SEC in 1992. That year, Florida played the University of Alabama in the first ever SEC Championship game.


Who is Florida's biggest in-state rival?

Florida State did not start playing major college football until 1955, and this rivalry did not become an annual game until 1958. However, since then, the two teams have played one another, with each side achieving major victories over the years.


What trophy is given out to the winner of the Florida-Georgia game?

The Okefenokee Oar was created by a fan in 2009. The oar is made from a cypress tree that grew in the Okefenokee Swamp.


Who was the first football coach for the University of Florida?

Jack Forsythe, also called "Pee Wee," coached Florida from 1906 until 1908. He finished with a winning record of 14-6-2.


Who is Florida's cross-division rival from the West?

Florida and LSU have played every year since 1971. From 2006 until 2008, the winner between these two teams played in the National Championship game.


When did Florida win its first Conference Championship?

In 1991, Florida went 10-2 overall and 7-0 in the SEC Conference. At the end of the season, the team played Notre Dame in the Sugar Bowl but lost the game 28-39.


Who did Florida play in the 1996 Conference Championship game?

Florida and Alabama played each other in four of the first five SEC Conference Championship games. Florida won three of those games.


What position did Danny Wuerffel play?

Danny Wuerffel played quarterback for Florida during its run to the National Championship in 1996. He would also win the Heisman Trophy that year.


Which coach has won the most games with Florida?

Steve Spurrier not only played for Florida, but he was also the coach with the most wins. He coached Florida from 1990 until 2001.


What was Steve Spurrier's offense called?

Even when Steve Spurrier was a player, he liked to throw the ball around. It makes sense that he used a passing style of offense when he became a coach.


Why did Steve Spurrier leave Florida?

Steve Spurrier left after the 2001 season with hopes of having a successful NFL career. However, he only lasted two seasons with the team in Washington before returning to college football.


Who took over after Steve Spurrier left?

Ron Zook had winning seasons every year he was at Florida. However, he never could get to ten wins, which the Gators were used to under Spurrier.


When did Florida win its second National Championship?

2006 was Urban Meyer's second year with the Florida Gators. His first season the Gators went 9-3 before playing the University of Iowa in the Outback Bowl.


Which team did Florida lose to on its way to the National Championship in 2006?

In 2006, Auburn beat Florida 27-17. The victory was in part thanks to a blocked punt for a touchdown in the second half of the game.


Who did Florida play in the National Championship game in 2006?

The Florida Gators went into the National Championship game an underdog to the Ohio State Buckeyes. However, the Gators dominated the game and won 41-14, starting an era of dominance for the SEC.


Which Florida Gator won the Heisman Trophy as a sophomore​?

Tim Tebow put up crazy statistical numbers in 2007 to help lead the Gators to a 9-4 record. He would be the first sophomore to ever win the Heisman Trophy.


Who coached Florida during its third National Championship year?

Before Urban Meyer came to Florida, he was the head coach at Utah. During the 2004 season, he coached Utah to an undefeated season before taking the job at Florida.


What's the only team Florida lost to in 2008?

After the loss, Tim Tebow vowed to never lose another game for the rest of the season. He kept his promise, as Florida finished 11-1 during the regular season.


What was Alabama ranked when Florida played them in the 2008 SEC Championship game?

Alabama and Florida came into the Championship game ranked number one and number two respectively. This was Urban Meyer's first meeting with Nick Saban, who coached the Alabama Crimson Tide.


Who did Florida play in the BCS National Championship game in 2008?

Oklahoma was coached by Bob Stoops, who was the defensive coordinator at Florida during their Championship run in 1996. Though the game was tied at halftime, Florida pulled away in the second half to win 24-14.


What was Tim Tebow's last year with the Gators?

Though Tim Tebow had a short pro career, his college career was filled with achievements. During his time at Florida, Tebow won two National Championships and a Heisman Trophy.


What was Florida's regular season record in 2009?

Florida managed to finish the 2009 regular season undefeated. The team's biggest win was against LSU in Baton Rouge.


Who did Florida play in the SEC Championship game in 2009?

Alabama and Florida met for the second year in a row in the SEC Championship game. However, this time Alabama came away with the victory.


What was Urban Meyer's last year at Florida?

In Urban Meyer's final year, the Gators finished with an 8-5 record. That included a bowl victory over Penn State in the Outback Bowl.


How many years did Will Muschamp coach Florida?

Will Muschamp was supposed to take the head coaching job at Texas after Mack Brown stepped down. However, Florida came calling first, and Muschamp was off to the Swamp.


What's the most wins in a season Will Muschamp got at Florida?

The Gators went 11-2 in the 2012 season. Unfortunately for Florida, a loss to Georgia kept them out of the SEC Championship game.


How many SEC Championship games did Jim McElwain lead Florida to?

Under Jim McElwain, Florida went to two SEC Championship games where they met Alabama both times. The Tide won those two games by a combined 52 points.


Who has the most rushing yards in a season for Florida?

Emmitt Smith rushed for 1,599 yards in 1989, setting the record for the Gators. After playing at Florida, he went on to win three Super Bowls with the Dallas Cowboys.


Who has the most rushing touchdowns in a season for Florida?

Despite being a quarterback, Tim Tebow rushed for 23 touchdowns in 2007. This was the same year he won the Heisman Trophy.


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